Discover the Euboea island

Euboea is the second largest island in Greece after Crete and is an ideal destination for holidays and trips all year round. With easy access, especially from the Chalkida bridge, which is only 1 hour away from Athens, Euboea is the ideal holiday destination but also excursions and pleasant weekends.

As you are in Euboea, there are plenty of suggestions to browse. Chalkis and Eretria in Central Euboea, Edipsos and Rovies in Northern Euboea and Karystos and Marmaris in southern Euboea.

The island belongs to the island of Skyros, which is located in the Northern Sporades. The natural mosaic of Euboea consists of green mountains with pine forests, fir and plane trees, gorges and waterfalls. It also has many beautiful beaches with turquoise clear waters, on its lacy coasts in the bay of Evoikos and the Aegean Sea. Remarkable archaeological finds, monuments and many museums, monasteries and hot springs complement the image and make Euboea a challenge for enjoyable holidays.

Euboea attractions

Visit the Chalkis Medieval Church of Agia Paraskevi, the Archaeological Museum, the Ancient Market and the Jewish Synagogue. The Ancient Theater of Eretria, which is also its most important monument. The Archaeological Museum (one of the most important in Greece), the Acropolis and the ruins of Ancient Eretria, scattered all over the city. The Virgin Mary of Hiliados, an important temple that was built in the 12th century by Empress Theodora. With marvelous frescoes, wood-carved iconostasis and stone relief of the Virgin Mary. The Cave and the Tholos Tomb in Aliveri. The Holy Monastery of St. John of Rosos in Prokopi, northern Euboea. In Karystos the Bourtzi Tower and the Oikos Dragon House. Admire the natural sights such as the Lichadonisia, the gorge of Agali at the foot of Mount Dirfis and the Drymona Falls in northern Euboea, after the village of Prokopi.

Waterfalls Dremon: They are located in Northern Euboea after the village of Prokopi. In an enchanting natural environment, at an altitude of 600 m the waterfalls fall into two small natural lakes. The route is quite easy, since there is a shaped path that passes through a forest of Elati, Black Pine, Oak and Koumari.

Popular preferences

Despite its unparalleled natural beauty, Euboea and especially its northern part have stayed away from mass tourism. It is considered by places that are suitable for quiet and enjoyable holidays. Of course, there are also cities that gather a lot of visitors, such as Edipsos, Chalkis, Politika, Karystos, Marmaris,

Holidays in Euboea

The beautiful Euboea is the second largest island of Greece after Crete. When you cross it, you forget that you are on an island, as it looks like a piece of mainland Greece. The main road entrance to the island from mainland Greece is Chalkida. From the bridge passes the traveler to Euboea, by car or motorbike. There are, of course, other accessibility suggestions, such as shopping cart and train, which communicate with various cities in Greece.
To the south of Euboea is the port of Karystos, where ferry boats are served from the port of Rafina in Attica. To the north of Euboea is Pefki, where from its harbor departs ferryboat to the port of Volos. Euboea is divided into three sections – North, Central, and South Euboea. Wherever you are, you will find beautiful and picturesque villages, seaside resorts and peaceful settlements to enjoy your holidays all year round with modern amenities and amenities. Euboea is a beautiful island and has many beautiful beaches. It has rich vegetation and its soil is fertile offering rich, agricultural products. Although Euboea is an island, many visitors miss this feeling and think that they are located in Mainland Greece, mainly due to its easy access and proximity to Central Greece. With the bridge of Chalkida, the traveler can go to Euboea by car or by local buses that operate regularly from and to many cities in Greece.
Euboea is also famous for its thermal baths located in Edipsos, the city famous for its spas since ancient times, is ideal for healing tourism in modern facilities and is now famous for its spa care centers.Spa and healing tourism is very popular in Euboea, and there are many hotels and beauty companies offering health, relief and beauty services, modern facilities with facilities and many amenities. Euboea has a very good tourist organization with many hotels and resorts offering modern comforts and amenities. Although it is a very popular destination, it does not have the traffic that the Cycladic islands have, for example, so avoiding the crowds and the noise that usually prevails in many places. Euboea is an island with natural beauty, great history, and very interesting sights. The visitor will find many suggestions for his entertainment and will have the opportunity to enjoy good food, hospitality and modern amenities and amenities that will make your vacation unforgettable.

Northern Eubea


Surrounded by the endless blue of the Aegean, the lush greenery of Lichadonisia. It is a complex of small islands with exotic color, probably created by volcanic eruptions. They start from Kavos, which is the northernmost tip of Euboea and are scattered in the Archipelago within walking distance. It is accessible by boat from Kammena Vourla, which is opposite to Kavos. The largest is Manolias, with a dense green landscape and a beach bar.


A coastal village with quite a lot of traffic in the summer months, but away from mass tourism. You will enjoy the fresh fish and seafood and other local appetizers literally next to the waves. There is a small beach next to the harbor, but also many other beautiful and clean beaches around for swimming in the crystal clear waters. From their harbor, many private sea taxis start for Volos, Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos etc


The spa town of Edipsos is well known for its valuable properties of thermal springs. Built on the coastline of northwest Euboea in a beautiful surrounding landscape with a combination of green and blue, with clean beaches and an excellent tourist infrastructure, it becomes a pole of attraction for hundreds of holidaymakers. From its harbor start ferries that connect it with Arkitsa Fthiotida. A little further north of the spa, lies the village of Edipsos, traditional, with its picturesque central square and surrounded by centuries-old shady plane trees.


A beautiful seaside town that retains its picturesque landscape and has an intense “Cycladic color”. Built on a hill, it has a beautiful view of the blue waters of Evoikos and is embraced by a lush landscape. Old mansions, paved alleys and the neoclassical architecture of the buildings give an insular image to the city. It is worth visiting the museum and the chapel of Zoodochos Pigi. The crystal clear sea, the quiet and the organized beach as well as the comfortable places to stay, cover all our requirements.


Built right next to the River Keira, the picturesque Mantoudi combines the deep green of the lush landscape with the sea, just 3 km away from the beach. Kymassi is a lacy sandy beach, set in the deep blue Aegean Sea. You arrive by taking a truly enchanting journey from Chalkis to Edipsos, leading by the river and passing through a forest of high plane trees, one of the most beautiful platan forrests of our country.


On the way from Chalkida to Northern Euboea you will meet Prokopi, well-known as a pilgrimage center, since there is the Holy Monastery of Saint John of Russia with its sacred relic.  Surrounded by beautiful natural scenery all over the surrounding area, with lots of greenery, mountain peaks and the plantain of Kerias river, as well as many other small chapels.


A small seaside town, Pelion is wrapped in an Aegean breeze. Shaded by the clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea, it attracts many visitors every year. It has a very long sandy beach, but also much smaller and quieter. In Pelion, there are modern hotel complexes, but also rooms to let, as well as many dining and entertainment areas thanks to its very good tourist infrastructure.


Very close to Edipsos (just 8 km) is the village Ilia. It is a small picturesque fishing village named after the Apollo Temple. On the beach next to the waves, springs sprawling on the coast with small streams. Part of a quiet holiday, since there are only a few rooms to let, and in the surrounding area we will find recreational areas.

Central Euboea


Chalkida is a commercial, administrative and intellectual center of the prefecture of Euboea and is its capital in the periphery of Central Greece. The city of Chalkida has the distinction of being divided into two parts with one being built in Central Greece and the other on the island of Euboea. It separates the Euripus Strait in which the unique phenomenon of the change of the direction of the waters of the Northern and Southern Euboic occurs. There is also the old drawbridge built in 1962 and from there, hundreds of visitors watch the rotation of Evripos “mad waters” as they have been characterized.


A well-developed tourist place, with its infrastructure constantly improving with more accommodation, dining, and entertainment. Politika is characterized by the harmonious combination of the traditional element, the green, and the sea. Stone houses, cobblestone streets, picturesque squares under cool plane trees and running water taps are the icon in the center of the settlement. Near the square, you will see the Venetian Tower and the chapel of Metamorphosis and the chapel of Agios Panteleimonas among the pine trees and the running waters. Their long, mostly pebbly beach is full of life.


It is known mainly for the excellent quality natural water that springs through a mountain source. The village is built on a green hillside, embraced by the pine trees, while on top of the mountain begin fir forests. It has a view of the Evoikos and offers a quiet holiday.

Nea Artaki

The attraction for many visitors from all over Greece, Nea Artaki is famous for its nightlife and entertainment at bars and beach bars. As for its beaches, which are bustling with life and the possibility of water sports. You can enjoy the seafood next to the waves in the traditional fish taverns.


It is one of the most popular winter resorts in Greece and is characterized by many running waters. The picturesque village is built on the verdant foothills of Mount Dirfy, surrounded by centuries-old plane trees. Many taps with running water adorn the paved square with traditional cafes and taverns with local appetizers. There are groomed small parks around. Places to visit in Steni are the mountain shelter, which is only 8 km away from the village and there are places for accommodation and food.


Its amazing and panoramic view of the Archipelago is the reason they call it Balcony of the Aegean. It combines in its landscape the dense green with the blue waters and the golden beaches. The ferry starts from the harbor for the island of Skyros. It has a remarkable tourist infrastructure in the accommodation and dining areas. You will enjoy fresh fish and other local delicacies in local restaurants and traditional taverns.

Aggolis Gorge: At the foot of Mount Dirfis is one of the most beautiful accessible gorges of Greece, that of Agali, in the village of Agios Athanasios (Steni). On its verdant slopes there are steep rocky rocks, waterfalls and running waters, while its dunes lie between dense vegetation and plane trees.

South Euboea


Holiday center and the most popular tourist destinations in southern Euboea, Marmari, which together with Karystos, which is only 12 km away, contribute to the tourist development of the region. The settlement is built amphitheatrically in a picturesque bay with Petalion’s island complex opposite to it. Near Marmari you will find beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, one of the most beautiful in southern Euboea. Ideal destination and for short escapes, since its port is connected with daily services with Rafina in Attica.


The most southern town of the island of Euboea, an urban center but also an important tourist destination. The picturesque harbor enjoys the shade given by the many mulberry trees along the coastal road that is full of ouzeries, tavernas, cafes and restaurants and vibrates by life not only in the summer, as the traffic is increased all the time. Many sights are in town and in the surrounding area. The public neoclassical buildings, the mansions and the Archaeological Museum, the Bourtzi Tower and the Dragon House in the surrounding area.

New Styra

The bay of the homonymous community (Styra) is the seaside tourist village where the harbor connects Euboea with Agia Marina of Attica. Next, to the harbor, there is an organized beach, which is washed by the clear blue-green waters of the South Euboea. It is a sheltered beach with relatively shallow waters and golden sand. There is a beautiful view from the hill overlooking the coast and the small island of Styronissi with the chapel of St. Constantine and Helen.

Cavo Doro

The legendary Cape of Kafireas (Cavo Doro) is located at the southeastern end of Euboea. It is known from the very strong winds that blow on this point and make the waters of the Archipelago almost always tinged. Many shipwrecks have been done there, due to the difficult circumstances. Behind the imposing mountains, while on a hill above is the chapel of Agios Gregorios and in the rocky island of Arapi the small light that illuminates the tumultuous sea.

The beaches

The most famous beach is Potami, a bay embraced by stunning cliffs, ponds and small sand hills formed on the long sandy coast. There is organized beach, the west beach next to the harbor with sun beds and beach bar, and the opportunity for water sports such as surfing and jet skiing and the eastern beach of Psili Ammos with sand. Cycling and horse riding are two other activities that are offered.

Dragon House

It is an ancient building made up of huge boulders and situated below the highest peak of Ochi. It is believed to have been a place of worship, without being completely clarified. Surrounded by bare gray-colored rocks and stones, it remains wrapped in myths and legends that have been created around it.

Useful Information


By Sea:

Rafina – Karistos.
Rafina – Marmari (information from the Rafina Port Authority, Tel. 0294/23.300.
Arkitsa – Edipsos (information from the Arkitsa Port Authority, Tel. 0233/91.290 and Edipsos Port Authority, Tel. 0226/22.464).
Glifa – Agiokambos (information from the Glifa Port Authority, Tel. 0238/51.389).
Agia Marina – Nea Stira and Agia Marina – Almiropotamos (information: Agia Marina, Tel. 0294/63.491).
Oropos – Eretria (information 0221/62.201, Eretria Port Authority).
Volos – Kimi (by the steamer of the Sporades islands coastal service).
Kimi is also linked to the following ports: Agios Efstratios, Alonissos, Skopelos, Skiros, Kavala, Skiathos and Limnos. Information from the Kimi Port Authority, Tel. 0222/22.606.

By Road:

Athens- Halkida Athens- Aliveri
Athens- Edipsos Athens – Amarinthos
Athens – Kimi Athens – Eretria
Information from the KTEL Terminal Office in Athens, Tel. 8317.153.

By Rail:

Athens to Halkida. lnformation from the OSE Larissis Railway Station, Tel. 8213.882 and the OSE Head Office at 1, Karolou Str. in Athens, Tel. 5222.491 and at No 6, Sina Str., Tel. 3624.402/6.

Tourist Police Stations

In Halkida, Tel. 0221/83.333, 24.574, 22.100.
At Edipsos, 3, Okeanidon Str., Tel. 0226/22.456.


Water skiing: There is a water skiing training centre at Halkida at the junction of Karaoli and Dimitriou Str. No 1,Tel. 0221 /26.456 and 25.227, 22.331 (Offices of the Halkida Maritime Club).

Winter Sports — Mountain Climbing:

At Liri, on Mt. Dirfi, 42 km from Halkida and at an altitude of 1150 m there are ski lifts and a rest hut organized by the Greek Alpine Club.
Information: Halkida, Tel. 0221/25.230,
Rest Hut, Tel. 0288/51.285 and from the
Hellenic Alpine Club at 7, Karagiorgi Servias Str.,
Athens, Tel. 3234.555.

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