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Point Greece

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Greece is beyond question one of the most interesting European countries. Its culture, history, tradition, and geography attract visitors from all over the world. It is here that ancient European culture emerged, leaving many remains that still can be seen nowadays. Sunny beaches, picturesque olive groves, and extremely scenic coastlines, with numerous fabulous islands and beautiful mountains, are other reasons why tourists flock here every season.

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Roadtripping Greece

In Greece, there’s always something new and special to discover. Venture out on an adventure-filled exploration of the unspoiled natural surroundings and unique culture of Greece, set off to the mountains and get to know the friendly locals and their customs. You’re about to experience exiting new adventures.

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The heart of Greece

Discover a piece of paradise

Enjoy and relax in clear, turquoise colored waters of Mediterranean sea, explore the authentic and exquisite cuisine, where it is only a step from the farm to the table, and go for a ramble in green nature.

Mainland Greece seems to gain interest, with holidaymakers make this year their summer vacation without having to enter the ship

A journey through the centuries

Things you didn’t know about Greece

Greece at a glance!


Greek currency, the drachma, as of the year 2002, was used for 2650 years. It is also the oldest currency in Europe. In 2002, drachma was replaced by the euro.


In addition to Greek, English is the most widely spoken foreign language. English is the dominant foreign language spoken in the business world of Greece and also taught in the schools.

Arriving in Greece

Most visitors to Greece arrive by air, which is the fastest and cheapest option. Greece has four main international airports that take chartered and scheduled flights.


Did you know that there is no place in Greece that is more than 85 miles (137 km) away from the sea?

Food and Wine !

Our unique food and wine tours connect you to the region’s most coveted locales and craftsmen for a truly behind-the-scenes experience. Our tastings come alive with the curious stories and culture backing them for centuries.

Greece is full of castles and towers. Altogether there are more than 800 ancient and medieval castles, fortresses and towers scattered all over the Greek territory.

Religious tourism is not a trend, it is an alternative form of tourism that stems from the need of believers to experience the majesty of their faith and to come closer to their religion.

Do you want alternative holidays? Camping in Greece is always the best option.

The easiest and fastest way to get to Greece is by airplane.

A guide to Greek wine

Greece can be entered by car from any of its land neighbors