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Greek Names

Greek Names

Is your name Greek?

Do you really know what Greek Names mean?

Greek names have spread globally as a result of the inspiration of the Ancient Greek culture, mythology,  regarding the Ancient Greek origin names, but also as a result of the spread of Christianity.

Like the Greek language itself, its words and names have not been created accidentally. Unlike naming in most Western countries, Greek names – even those of modern Greece – almost always mean something.  Remember the proverbs involving at least one “Giannis” – that often certain people have a specific name and that, eventually, our baptismal or popular name is a seal of our very existence.

Tradition, religion, and even fashion are some possible explanations for why some names appear more often than others. Greek names are often taken from Christian saints, especially those of the Eastern Orthodox tradition. Ancient Greek names are also used. What we are interested in is to know what it means, according to the Greek language, to tell someone George or Michael, or some Katerina or Christina. Why; To get to know each other better. We all want to know more about ourselves!

Origin of Names

One of the most important things about speaking any different language is knowing the Origin of Names. Names are much different from the words that you are using. You are going to want to think very closely about the Origin of Names when you are naming a baby, or when you are developing a character for a story or another project. The Origin of Names is something that most people hardly ever think about. However, the fact remains that each of the names has a specific origin, and each of the names has a meaning that is very important. The Origin of Names has a lot to do with the various meanings of the names, and this means that you want to be sure that you know the Origin of Names in order to fully understand the meanings of the various names.
The Origin of Names is something that you should easily be able to find in several different sources. The main source that you should look at for the Origin of Names would be the main dictionary for the different types of names. This will tell you where the name came from at the start, and how you can best put the name to use in your own life. There are several parts of the Origin of Names that you have to remember to think about, and these are the meaning of the name, how you pronounce the name and the country or language that the name came from in the first place.

Etymologies are an important aspect of language. An etymology answers the question about the origin of words. Etymologies add meaning to the words and names you use in daily life.

What, according to dictionaries, is the etymology of some widespread Greek names?

If you are searching for the ideal Greek name for your baby you will find here a wide selection of Greek boy names and Greek girl names. Click on a letter to read the meaning and pronunciation and other useful information.

These are the most common Greek names and their meaning.