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Discover the Fascinating World of Ancient Names

Ancient Greek Names

Are you curious about the intriguing world of Ancient Greece and the names that adorned its inhabitants? Whether you are an enthusiast of history, a parent seeking a unique name for your child, or simply curious about the origins of familiar names, exploring Ancient Greek names is an enthralling endeavor.

The Power of Ancient Greek Names

Ancient Greek names hold a mystique that captivates the imagination. They evoke images of mighty warriors, wise philosophers, and majestic gods.

From the majestic names of gods and heroes to the enduring legacy of philosophers and artists, these names carry with them a sense of grandeur, wisdom, and artistic brilliance. By exploring Ancient Greek names, we not only honor the past but also gain a deeper appreciation for the beauty and power of names themselves.

In Greece itself, the popularity of Ancient Greek names remains strong, with parents cherishing their cultural heritage by bestowing these names upon their children.


Baby Names Inspired By Greek Mythology

Are you looking for a distinct and captivating name for your child?

Look no further than ancient Greek names. These names possess a timeless charm and carry with them a rich history and mythology. Choosing an ancient Greek name for your baby is not only a unique choice but also a way to connect with the glorious past.

Below is a list of ancient Greek names for each use and especially as a genuine Greek choice of a name for your children that corresponds to the roots of your national tradition. The listed names correspond to gods, goddesses, heroes, philosophers, poets, and artists of ancient times (but also to everyday people sometimes) so that you can choose, in addition to their sound and rhythm, the quality that they convey through the people who valued them. But in addition to the sound (which in many names may not be familiar to you) and the quality that these names convey, most of them include a strong etymological value, which due to lack of space is not listed, but which is most often particularly enlightening. Remember, for example, the Laconic saying “either when or on …”. Now think of the name of that Spartan general who was called Epitadas … Aristotle, on the other hand, is the Excellent + Perfect, the Alkinous the Strong in the Mind, the Demosthenes who has the power of the people (or power in the people), Ersi, Drosia, Glauki, Galani, Steropi, Astrapi, etc. In the end, we quote a complete alphabetical list of the ancient Greek names of gods, heroes, and figures, separate for male and female names.

Unique Ancient Greek Names

Ancient Greek Names for Boys

Ancient Greek Names for Girls

Ancient Greek Female Warriors

In ancient Greece, the societal roles of men and women were distinctly defined, with men primarily associated with warfare and women confined to domestic duties. While male warriors often steal the limelight, there were also courageous and formidable women who left their mark on the battlefield. Let’s explore some of the notable groups and individuals who challenged the status quo and became revered as ancient Greek female warriors.

Amazons: The Fierce Female Warriors of Greek Mythology

One of the most iconic representations of ancient Greek female warriors comes from the mythical Amazons. These legendary warrior women were believed to dwell in far-off lands, existing beyond the realms of traditional Greek society. Known for their exceptional fighting skills and independence, the Amazons served as a symbol of female empowerment and resistance against patriarchal norms.

Spartan Women: Warriors of Discipline and Resilience

The city-state of Sparta had a unique society where physical strength and military prowess were highly valued. Spartan women, although not engaged in active combat, received physical training and education from a young age. Their physical fitness and resilience were considered vital for bearing strong Spartan children who would become formidable warriors.

Theban Sacred Band: A Union of Female Lovers and Warriors

The Sacred Band of Thebes, composed of 150 male couples, is well-known in ancient Greek history. However, lesser known is the existence of a female counterpart to the Sacred Band. These female warriors, who were also in same-sex relationships, displayed unwavering loyalty and courage on the battlefield. Their unity and shared love served as a driving force behind their victories.

Artemisia I of Caria: The Fearless Naval Commander

Artemisia I of Caria stands out as a prominent historical figure and an exceptional naval commander. She played a crucial role in the Persian Wars, leading her fleet with strategic brilliance and earning the respect of her adversaries. Despite the male-dominated nature of warfare, Artemisia’s tactical prowess and fearlessness propelled her to become one of the most revered ancient Greek female warriors.

Hypsipyle: The Brave Queen Who Saved the Argonauts

Hypsipyle, the Queen of Lemnos, played a pivotal role in the famous tale of the Argonauts. Upon arrival on the island of Lemnos, the Argonauts were met by a society of women who had committed the act of killing all the men within their community. Hypsipyle, however, defied this violent tradition and spared the life of her father, the rightful king. She aided the Argonauts on their perilous journey, showcasing her bravery, intelligence, and leadership skills.

Cynane: Alexander the Great's Fearless Half-Sister

Cynane, the daughter of King Philip II of Macedon and half-sister of Alexander the Great, defied societal expectations by becoming a skilled warrior. Trained in combat from an early age, Cynane fearlessly fought alongside her male counterparts and even led military campaigns.

Women in the Trojan War: Helen of Troy and Penthesilea

The Trojan War, immortalized in Greek mythology, involved a clash of mighty heroes. However, it also saw the involvement of exceptional women who left their mark on the battlefield. Helen of Troy, whose beauty was the catalyst for the war, had a complex role in the conflict. On the opposing side, Penthesilea, the Amazon queen, fought valiantly alongside the Trojans before meeting her tragic fate.

Thermais: The Female General of the Thessalian League

Thermais emerged as a prominent figure in ancient Greek warfare, serving as the female general of the Thessalian League. She led her troops with skill and determination, demonstrating her military prowess in battles. Thermais challenged societal norms and proved that women could excel in positions of leadership and command.

Eurypyle, Princess of Messenia

According to mythology, Eurypyle played a role in the story of the hero Heracles (also known as Hercules). When Heracles was performing his famous Twelve Labors, one of his tasks was to acquire the girdle (or belt) of Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons. Eurypyle was said to be a close friend of Hippolyta, and Heracles sought her help in obtaining the girdle.

Enheduanna of Akkad

She was the daughter of King Cteatus and Queen Messene, the rulers of Messenia, an ancient region in the southwestern part of the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece. According to mythology, Eurypyle played a role in the story of the hero Heracles (also known as Hercules). When Heracles was performing his famous Twelve Labors, one of his tasks was to acquire the girdle (or belt) of Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons. Eurypyle was said to be a close friend of Hippolyta, and Heracles sought her help in obtaining the girdle.

Greek sculptors

Agassias, Aggelion, Agisandros, Agorakritos, Aetion, Athinis, Athinogenis, Athinodoros, Alypos, Anthermos, Apollodoros, Apollonios, Aristandros, Aristoklis, Ariston, Archias, Asklipisikondonios Dimonios, Diothos, Bothos, Vryaxis , Dipinos, Dionysiklis, Dyllos, Dorykleidas, Endios, Ermoklis, Ermokreon, Evvoulidis, Efthikratis, Efkadmos, Eftelidis, Eftychidis, Efrafnor, Euchios, Zinodylmos, Thimosios Thkoimos Thesias, Theodoros, Theoklis , Kallistonikos, Kallon, Kanal s, Kanachos, Kantharos, Kifisiododotos, Kifisiododoros, Klearchos, Kleiton (andriantitopos), Kleomenis, Kleoitas, Kolotis, Kratinos, Kritias, Kriton, Krisilas, Kentenosytos, Lisikhos, Lisikmilis, Lafais, Lesvothe , Minodoros, Mikon, Mousos, Myrmikidis, Myron, Nafkidis, Nikodamos, Nikolaos, Xenokritos, Olympiosthenis, ‘Olympus, Onaithos, Onassimidis, Onatis or Onatas, Paionios, Panthias, Pasitelis, Patroklis, Pleistas, Piston, Polykleitos, Praxias, Praxitelis, Pithilonios Simbikos, Siompos, Pythagoras, Pythagoras, Pythagoras , Simmias, Simon, Skopas, Skylllis, Smilis, Stadievs, Stefanos, Stroggylion, Sydros, Synonon, Somis, Sosivios, Sosos, Solestratos, Telestis, Tilefanis, Feidimias Chiriositas, Chiromathos, Philotimos, Fylomachos.

“ What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.“


Agatharchos, Aglaofon, Aetion, Antifilos, Apellis, Apollodoros, Arigon, Aridikis, Aristidis, Aristolaos, Aristophon, Artemon, Asklipiodoros, Galaton, Gorgasos, Damofilos: Anxymyris, Epsimos, Evpios, Effantos, Ekfantos Kallifon, Kimonas, Kleanthis, Kleagoras, Kleanthis, Kratonas, Ktisiklis, Kydia, Mandroklis, Melanthios, Mikkion, Mikon, Nealkis, Nikias, Nikomachos, Nikofanis Nognitos, Olyssianos, Pansiadis, Panasias, Onasias, Pamfilos Protogenis, Saurias, Silax, Stadievs, Sosos., Telef screen, Timainetos, Timanthis, Timomachus, Filoklis, Hospitable, Filocharis.


Alkamenis, Antinor, Argyrakritos, Aristoklis, Exekias, Ergotimos, Efronios, Evdis, Thiriklis, Kifissodotos, Myronas, Nikosthenis, Paionios, Polykratis, Prasias, Feidias.


Deinocritus, Diogenes, Eupalinos, Iktinos, Hippodamos, Mandroklis, Mitihos, Mnisiklis, Polykleitos, Spintharos, Sostratos, Hersifron.


Ancient poets: Dimodokos, Evmolpos, Thamyris, Linos, Mousaios, Orpheas, Pamfos, Fimios, Fimonoi, Olin.


Antimachos, Apollonius the Rhodian, Aristeas, Arrian, Arctinos, Asia, Eugamon, Euphorion, Eumilos, Hesiod, Kinaithonas, Leschos, Homer, Panyasis, Peisandros, Rianos, Skopelianos, Sotirios, Chorios, Hersias.


Empedoklis, Xenofanis, Parmenidis.


Andromachos, Apollodoros, Aratos, Voios or Voio, Damokratis, Eratosthenes, Markellos, Menekratis, Nikandros, Nouminios, Oppianos, Pagratis.

Poetic Arts

Epimenides, Nikias, Zopyros, Onomakritos, Archilochus, Echembrotos, Thalitas, Thamyris, Ierax, Klonas, Leotrofidis, Mesomidis, Xenokritos, Olympus, Orpheus, Polymnistos, Sakadas, Terpandos.


Aeschylus, Alexander, Aristotle, Archilochus, Dionysios, Hermesianax, Ermoklis, Euphorion, Evinos, Theognis, Ion, Ioulos, Kallimachos, Kallinos, Kastorion, Kritias, Kimonaton, Sitonidis, Flanidis, Mimniosios Srmenos, Parthen Philodamos, Asios, Xenokratis, Parmenidis.


Archilochus, Simonides, Fokylidis, Archilochus, Hipponax, Agathocles, Alcaeus, Anacreon, Apollodorus, Bacchylides, Corinna, Myrtis (the), Lasos, Pindar, Praxilla, Sappho, Simonides, Timokreon, Telesilla, Irina.


Alkman, Arion, Ivykos, Stisichoros.


Vion, Theokritos, Moschos.


Arion, Thespis, Machon, Pratinas, Philemon, Phrynichos, Choirilos.


Formis or Formos, Epicharmos, Deinomachos.


Agathon, Aeschylus, Antiphon, Aristarchus, Ariston, Archias, Astydamas, Aphareus, Achaios, Vion, Dikaiogenis, Diogenes the Cynic, Dionysios, Euripides, Euphorion, Theodektis, Theorileonolonos, Ketos, Theodoros, Iofon Kratis, Lykofron, Melitos, Morsimos, Morychos, Moschon, Nikofron, Xenoklis, Polyeidos, Pythagelos, Python, Sophilos, Sophocles, Spintharos, Sosivios, Sositheos, Sosikikos Chilikolis, Fosifanis, Sosifanis, Timothei.

Mime artist

Sofron, Xenarchos, Heron.


Arhestratos, Geloos, Matron, Sopatros.




Vion, Kratis, Meleagros, Menippos, Sosadis, Timonas.

Epigram writers

Antipatros, Antifilos, Anyti, Asklipiadis, Vianor, Diogenis Laertios, Euphorion, Zonas, Idyli, Theokritos, Kallimachos, Krinagoras, Leonidas, Loukianos, Loukilios, Filimios Mileiamios, Fylonios, Ryros, Myro, Posis, Nossis.


Alexis, Alkimenis, Anaximandridis, Antifanis, Aristophanes, Aristophanidis, Ekfantidis, Ermippos, Evvoulos, Evpolis, Kallias, Kratinos, Kratis, Kratis, Myrtilos, Magnis, Menandros, Plato, Telekleidis, Ferekratis, Feronididis, Filonidis, Phryni, Phryni.


Axionikos, Apollofanis, Archedikos, Avtikratis, Dimocharis, Erifos, Evangelos, Evagis, Evnikos, Evxenidis, Efron, Epipos, Igelophos, Igimon, Thalitas, Thamyras, Theognnitos Polyzilos, Poseidippos, Sannirion, Simylos, Strattis, Sosikratis, Fileraitos, Filippidis, Filiskos, Filistion, Filoklis, Filostefanos, Filillios, Harikleidis.


Avlavios, Agathyllos, Agoranax, Akestor, Aratos, Aristeas, Aristodikos, Archevoulos, Vion, Viothos, Gnisippos, Damoxenos, Damareti, Diktis, Dionysodotos, Evlintinos Meinolintos, Kondinax, Igidianax, Theodoridas Mitrovios, Mikylos, Mimnermos, Moschina, Nafsikleidis, Nestor, Oroivandios, Pamfilos, Panolvios, Pranichos, Prodikos, Pyris, Pyrros, Pollianos, Savinos, Simos, Syrtavrios Yvynios, Stinos, T, Syrogros.


Athanas, Aeneas, Akousilaos, Amyntianos, Anaximenis, Antiochos, Apipianos, Aratos, Aristovoulos, Virossos, Glafkos, Damastis, Deinon, Dexippos, Diochos, Dionysios, Dionysios, Diosios Eodios Diodos, Alikarnasseus Ekataios, Elanikos, Enimeros, Evgaion, Eumenis, Ephoros, Herodotus, Herodotus, Herodianos, Thallos, Theokritos, Theopombos, Thucydides, Ieronymos, Ippias, Ippis, Epithenios, Mefisios, Kilidias, Kallisthenis, Kardis Neanthis, Xenophontas, Xanthos, Palaifastos, Parios, Haronevs, Polyaenos, Polyvios, Ptolemaios, Pythias, Stisimvrotos, Timaios, Ferekidis, Fileas, Filistos, Filochoros, Flavios Arrianos, Flegon, Fylaarchos, Harax, Haris, Haronas.


Aeschinis, Andokidis, Antiphon, Dinaarchos, Demosthenes, Isocrates, Isaios, Lykourgos, Lysias, Hyperides, Adamantios, Athinaios o Nafkratitis, Alkidamas, Andrianos o Tyrios, Antisthenis, Antonios Polemon, Artemidoros, Astrampsychos, Apsinis, Ailios Aristidis, Gorgias, Dimorachos animoris Anisimos Igios Themidis, Dimadios, Dionysios o Milesis Scopelianos, Isigonos, Kallistratos, Korakas, Logginos, Loukianos, Minoukianos, Menandros, Nikostratos, Makedon, Pelisias, Ptolemaios, Nafkratitis, Pytheas, Stratoklis, Teisianos Olonzios, Filograstos, Fleustos, Fleios are equal.


Athinodoros, Ailios Herodianos, Alexandros o Polystor, Alexion, Ammonios, Antigonos, Antipatros, Apollodoros, Apollonios o Alexandreus, Apollonios o Tyrios, Apion, Aristarchos, oikantiokitos, Aristinos Astrikhiski, Aristoklis o Ristoklis o Dimitrios, Dimitrios Falireus, Dikaiarchos, Dionysios o Thrakas, Dionysios o Alikarnasseus, Drakon, Ireneos, Epaphroditos, Eratosthenis, Zinodotos, Iliodoros, Iraklidis o Pontikos, Irakleon, Herodikos, Theon, Ixion, Istros, Kaikkilios, Kalaktis, Kallixinos, Klearchos, Kratis, Mallotis, Myrleanos, Nikanor o Alexandreus, Xenokratis, Pasitelios Alefimos, Silentos, Polydefkis Plevdakis, Poseidonios, Prisidios Tryfon, Fanias, Philemon, Filoxenos, Filochoros, Phrynichos, Chameleon, Chrysippos, Oros.


Dimonas, Zinovios, Klearchos, Loukios, Tarraios, Chrysippos.


Alkifron, Iliodoros, Loukios, Ninos, Parthenios, Takios, Chariton.


Alypios, Aristides o Koindilianos, Bacchios, Gavdentios Nikomachos the Gerasinos, Kleonidis, Nymfaios, Philammon.


Argas, Arifron, Diagoras, Kinisias, Lambroklis, Likymnios, Lasos, Melanippidis, Xenofantos, Polyeidos, Pratinas, Telestis, Timotheos, Filoxenos.



Ancient Greek mathematicians

Athinaios, Anaxagoras, Anatolios, Antifon, Apollonios, Aristaios, Aristarchos o Samios, Aristotelis, Archimedis, Archytas, Vryson, Geminos o Rodios, Damaskios, Damianos, Deinotimistromos Efandostos, Dioklitos Diokritos, Dikaiaarchos Eudoxus, Evkaros, Euclid, Eftychidis, Euphraios, Zinodoros, Zenon o Eleatis, Heron, Thales, Theaititos, Theudios, Theodosios, Theodoros, Theon o Alexandreus, Theon o Smyritis Ochropios Olepippas Ipapias Psipridas, Iamblichus Chios, Karpos, Kevis, Claudius Ptolemy (Cosmography), Cleomidis, Konon, Kriton, Ktisippos, Leodamas, Leo the Byzantine, Marinos, Menaichmos, Menelaos the Alexandreus, Miltas, Neocleidis, Nikomachos, Nikorichos, Geropsios, Papontos, Nikomidis Poseidon, Proclus, Pythagoras, Serinos, Simblikios, Sporos, Terpsion, Ypatia, Ypsiklis, Phaedrus, Phaedon, Philippidis, Philip the Opuntios, Philon, Harmantidis.

Ancient Greek Astronomers

Anaxagoras, Anaximenes, Anaximander, Apollonius, Aratos, Aristotle, Archimedes, Aristarchus the Samian, Aristyllos, Autolycus, Achilles Tatius, Geminus, Elicus the Cyzician, Heraklion Odysseus, Eledosthenes Eledosthenes the Euphrates Cyprian , Thalis, Theodosios, Theon the Younger, Iketas, Hipparchus, Kallisthenis, Kleomidis, Kalippos the Cyzicus, Konon the Samian, Meton, Xenophanes, Oinopidis, Plato (in “Timaeus”), Proclus, Ptolemy Claudius, Synesius of Cyrene, Sosigenes, Timocharis, Hypatia, Fainos, Philip the Opuntius.

Ancient Greek geographers

Agatharchidis, Agathymeros, Anaximandros, Artemidoros, Demokritos, Dikaiarchos, Ekataios, Eratosthenis, Evdoxos, Theofrastos, Klaudios, Marinos, Nearchos, Pausimachos Olytikos Othivitiosios, Sithesios Metheidonios, Poseidonios, Ptolemaios Timosthenes.

Ancient Greek ENGINEERS

Archimedes, Viton, Epimachos, Heron, Ktisivios, Ptolemy, Filon.

Ancent Greek DOCTORS - God of Medicine - MEDICAL PHILOSOPHERS

Avas, Agathinos, Agnodiki, Athinaios, Athinippos, Aigimios, Aigli (daughter of Asklipiou), Egyptian, Aeneios, Akeso (daughter of Asklipiou), Alexanoras, Alkamenis, Alkmaion, Amydos Ostylios, Andreas, doctor of medicine, Anaxago Apollonides, Apollonius, Apollo (god, father of the god of Medicine Asklipiou), Aretaios, Aristotle, Archigenes, Ariston, Archagathos, Asklipiadis the Prusaeus, Asklipios (god of medicine), Bacchion, Galinos, Glaukias, Gnossidikos, Gorgasos, Dardanos, Dexippos, Dimitrios, Dimokidis, Dimokritos (philosopher), Dievchis, Dioklis, Dioikimos, Erasmiklis Euseblis, Dioscoridis, Dracon , Evinoras, Eustochios, Zenon the anatomist, Heraclides, Herodikos, Herodotus, Herophilos, Themison the Laodicean, Thessalos, Theodoros, Thrasimachos, Iaso (Asclepius’ daughter), Ikesios, Ikesios, Hippocrates, Hippolochus, Hippolochus, Callianax, Calligraphy, Calligrapher, Calligrapher Asklipiou, Melambous, Melanthios, Menekratis, Minodotos, Minodoros, Minokritos, Mnimon, Mnisitheos, Mnisimachos, Nevros, Nikandros, Nikitas, Nikomachos, Ninyas, Nousinios, Xenofontas of Koos, Ortagoras, Palladios, Panakeia (daughter of Asklipious), Petronas, Pittalos, Pleistonikos, Podaleirios, Polemokratis, Polykleitos, Polykritos, Praxagoras, Pythagoras (philosopher), Pythoklis, Portaimotos, Typhotos, Sfos, Roufos, Serapion or Theophrastus (father of botany), Health (daughter of Asclepius), Phaetas, Philoxenis, Filinos, Filoumenos, Filistion, Filotimos, Chrysis, Chrysippos.


Anaximander, Anaximenes, Thalis, Xenophanes, Parmenides, Zenon, Melissos, Democritus, Leucippus. Anaxagoras, Archelaus, Diogenes, Empedocles, Heraclitus, Pythagoras.


Antiphon, Gorgias, Thrasymachos, Ippias, Prodikos, Protagoras.


Alkmaion, Dimokidis, Herodikos, Hippocrates.


Pythagoras’ father was Mnisarchos, his mother Pythais, his wife Theano, his son Arimnistos or, according to others, Tilavgis and his daughters Myia and Arignoti (or Aishara).

Avaris, Avrotelis, Ageas, Ageladas, Agisidamos, Agisarchos, Agylos, Athamas, Athosion, Aigon, Aitios, Aimon, Aeneas, Akmidas, Akousiladas, Aliochos, Alkias, Alkitimathos, Aristimedis Antigenis Angethionis Andis, Alopekos Arkeas, Aristokleidas, Aristocratis, Aristomenis, Aristangelos, Aristeas, Arkeas, Archemachos, Archippos, Archytas, Aristippos, Aritos, Asteas, Astylos, Avtocharidas, Vathilaos, Vouthiros, Vouthos or Vouthios, Voulagoras, Vrontinos, Vryas, Vryson, Glykinos, Gyttios, Dakidas, Damoklis, Damotagis, Damarmenos, Deinocratis, Dikonikon Dimonikis, Dikitheos, Deinarchos, Dimosthes Dymas, Iriskos, Ekfantos, Elandros, Elikon,

Elorippos, Elloris, Empedoklis, Empedos, Enandros, Endios, Episylos, Epifron, Epicharmos, Eratos, Estiaios, Evandros, Evanor, Evdikos, Evelthon, Evetis, Evthosion, Efthyklis, Efthynos, Efthynous, Evmiros, Evrykratis, Evrymedon, Evrytos, Evryfimos, Efimos, Echekratis, Zalevkos, Zamolxis, Zopyros, Theodoros, Thrasseos, Thrasydamos, Thrasymidis, Thimaridas, Ikkos, Ipparchidis, Ippasos, Ipparchidis, Ippomedon, Ipposthenis, Ippostratos, Hippon, Italianos, Ionas Eleonis, Oleanieronoleidonas, Klyvanrotos, Kallivrotos, Karafrot Kleon, Kranos, Kriton, Kalais, Keramvos, Lakritos, Lakon, Lafaon, Leontes, Leo, Leptinis, Leokidis, Leanax, Leofron, Leokritos, Leokidis, Lithagos, Lykon, Lyramnos, Lysiadis, Lysivios, Mallion, Melisias, Melanippos, Melissos, Menestor, Menon, Metopos, Meton, Miltiadis, Milon, Mimnomachos, Mnisinokitosdistos, Xaeae Nain, Millias Xenophanes, Xenofantis, Xenophilos, Xentas, Xenon, Odios, Okkelos, Okkilos, Onatas, Onatos, Orestadas, Oresandros, Opsimos, Paktion, Parmenidis, Parmiskos, Peisikratis, Peisirrodos, Poliadis, Polemarchos, Polykleitos, Polyktor, Polymnastos, Proklis, Consul, Consul, Proros, Ptolemaios, Pythodoros, Pyrron, Rixivios, Rodippos, Sthenonidas, Sillos, Simos, Smilias, Stratios, Sosthenis, Sostistratos, Sostratios, Timisianax, Timosthenes, Timaris, Timasios, Timaios, Timaretos, Tyrsinos, Faidon, Fainikios Filiukidis, Fidon, Filotamos Charondas, Cheilas or Hilas, Chrysippos, Okelos.


Avrotelia, Vavelyka, Vitali, Voio, Vryo, Ekkelo, Echekratia, Theano, Kleaichma, Kratisiklia, Lasthenia, Mia, Nistheadousa, Okkelo, Peisirrodi, Tymyla, Tyrsinnis, Filtis, Hilonis.


Apollonius the Tyanean, the orator Philostratus who wrote his biography, Moderatos, Nikomachos and Nouminios.


Aeschinis, Alexinos, Annikeris, Antisthenis, Antipatros, Ariti, Diodoros, Evvolidis, Euclides, Evimeros, Igisias, Theodoros, Menedimos, Xenophon, Pleistanos, Platon Stilpon, Faidon


Athinaios, Aidesios, Aidesia, Albinos, Ammonius, Ammonios Sakkas, Amelios, Andronikos o Rodios, Antiochos, Apoulios, Aristonimos, Arkesilaos, Arpokration, Asklipiodotos, Attikos, Gaios, Damaskios, Diogenis, Dexippos, Dion, Elikon, Hermias, Ermias, Erennios, Eulalios, Eunapios, Eusebius, Efraios, Evandros, Eudoxus, Evdoros, Igisinos, Igias, Iraklidis o Pontikos, Theaititos, Themistios, Theodoros, Thrasyllos, Theon, Hierocles, Julian, Isidore, Iamblichus, Carneadis, Kleitomachos, Krantor, Kronios, Kassios Logginos, Kelsos, Lakidis, Marinos, Maximos, Menaichmos, Nouminios, Xenocratis, Olympiadoros, Plutarch (son of Nestorius), Plutarch (student of Ammonius), Plotinus, Polemon, Porphyrios, Priskianos, Proklos, Seviros, Simblikios, Speusippos, Syrianos, Sopatros, Tilikleas, Timotheos, Ypatia (daughter of the mathematician Theon who was killed by the furious Christian mob that kept her alive), Filistion, Filippos o Opountios, Philon, Havrias, Chrysanthios, Origenis.


Agrippa, Aeneididimos, Evvoulos, Euphranor, Heraclides, Nafsifanis, Ptolemaios, Pyrronas, Sarpidonas, Sextos the empiricist, Timonas, Favorinos.


Alexander the Apostate, Anatolios, Andronikos the Rhodian, Aristocles, Aristoxenos, Ariston, Galinos (doctor), Dimitrios the Falireus, Dikaiarchos, Ermippos, Evdimos the Rhodian, Themistis., Theophrastus, Claudius Ptolemy (astronomer), Clearchus, Critolas, Wolves, Straton, Soti, Fania or Phenia. Straton was influenced by Aristarchus the Samian (who discovered the heliocentric system), Archimedes through Aristarchus, Eratosthenes who wrote the geodetic surveys of Straton, the engineer Ktisivios and the doctor Fascistratos.


Alexander the Apostate, Anatolios, Andronikos the Rhodian, Aristocles, Aristoxenos, Ariston, Galinos (doctor), Dimitrios the Falireus, Dikaiarchos, Ermippos, Evdimos the Rhodian, Themistis., Theophrastus, Claudius Ptolemy (astronomer), Clearchus, Critolas, Wolves, Straton, Soti, Fania or Phenia. Straton was influenced by Aristarchus the Samian (who discovered the heliocentric system), Archimedes through Aristarchus, Eratosthenes who wrote the geodetic surveys of Straton, the engineer Ktisivios and the doctor Fascistratos.


Apollodoros, Vion (hedonistic cynic), Dimitrios, Dimonax, Diogenianos, Diogenis, Dion, Hermarchos,, Zenon, Theagenis, Kerkidas (hedonistic cynic), Kolotos, Kratis, Leonidas (hedonistic cynic), Loukritios, Meleagros (hedonistic cynic), Menedemos (hedonistic cynic), Menippos, Mitrodoros, Oinomaos, Horatios, Peregrinos (Capital), Plotina (wife of Trajan), Polyaenos, Polymintos, Idontikos, Poseidonus Cynus , Phaedrus, Philonidis, Philodimos, Finikas (hedonistic cynic).

Naval Commanders

Agathostratos, Agisandridas, Agisimvrotos, Akesimbrovtos, Anaxivios, Aristeus, Aristonymos, Asonidis, Deiniadas, Evnomos, Iripipidas, Thrasymilidas, Ierax, Ierophon, Ierikiokiomidiopidios, Lapikratidas Kallikptidas, Kleipradis Patroclus, Pigris, Warlord, Polis, Praxinos, Prainos, Proteas, Stesiklis, Socrates, Timanor, Philoklis, Haireas, Hariklis, Harminos.

Military Strategists

Avreas, Agasimos, Aggaios, Agisippidis, Agitas, Aimnistos, Athinoklis, Aithidas, Ailianos, Alexiklis, Amistris, Amyntas, Anaxippos, Anion, Antiklis, Antipatros, Aratos, Aristeas, Aristovoulos, Aristogenis, Aristoklis, Aristocratis, Aristomenis, Aristofantos, Arpalos, Arhestratos, Asopodoros, Attalos, Avtoleon, Valagros, Vrasidas, Gylippos, Daifantos, Derkylidas, Dimainetos, Dimodokos, Dimofilos, Ditrefis, Diomedes, Diopeithis, Difridas, Elixos, Epamineondas, Epikydidas, Epitadas, Erasinidis, Erigios, Ermokratis, Ermofantos, Ermon, Eteonikos, Evainotos, Evalas, Evalkidis, Evvoulos, Evetion, Efthikratis, Efklis, Efktimon, Evmaios, Eumachos, Evmenis, Evryalos, Evryanax,

Evryviadis, Evridamas, Evridamos, Effamidas, Igisandridas, Igisandros, Themistoklis, Thiramenis, Thivron, Thrasyllos, Thymaharis, Ipponikos, Ipponoidas, Isokratis, Ishagoras, Ifikratis, Kallimachos, Kimon, Klearchos, Kleomidis, Kleofon, Koinos, Konon, Kottyfos, Krateros, Kritolaos, Lachis, Leagros, Leontatos, Leontiadis, Leokratis, Leon, Leosthenis, Lysimachos, Mantitheos, Melanthios, Melissandros, Menedimos, Menis, Migdon, Miltiadis, Minasippos, Myronidis, Nafklis, Nafsiklis, Neoptolemos, Nikanor, Nikostratos, Xanthiklis, Xanthippos, Xenoklis, Xenophon, Onomaklis, Parmenion, Pasitelidas, Pasion, Pausanias, Pachis, Pelopidas, Penthylos, Perdikas, Perigenis, Pleistainos, Polyanthis, Polyarchos, Polyviadis, Polyspermon, Polystratos, Polytropos, Polyfron, Protomachos, Pyrrias, Skironidis, Smikris, Sofainetos, Stasanor, Stisilaos, Stravax, Stratoklis, Socratis, Sopolis, Tavrio, Teleutas, Temasion, Tlipolemos, Tolmidis, Falakos, Fanomachos, Fanosthenis, Filisios, Filokratis, Filopoimin, Filotas, Formion, Fryniskos, Grynon, Fokion, Haris, Haridimos, Chirisofos.


Agisimachos, Androleos, Voutas, Damasias, Damoxenos, Dasmon, Diopobos, Epikradios, Evvotas, Evvotas, Efthynos, Eftychidas, Herodikos, Theagenis, Kleandros, Krison, Klymmas, Polymia, Orikos, Milon, Nikodoros, Xandros Sophilos, Timainetos, Ypsiklis, Haireas.

Greek Olympians

Agemachos, Agimon, Agisias, Agisidamas, Ainitos, Aesypos, Akesilaos, Alexivios, Androsthenis, Aristokleidas, Astylos, Asopichos, Damarchos, Deinis, Dioxippos, Doryttimotos, Ertervlis, Epikour Eftos Applicable, Ephoudius, Theognitos, Theochristos, Thrasis, Ieronymos, Ipposthenis, Kapros, Kleitomachos, Kleogenis, Kyniskos, Lavax, Lastratidas, Leontiskos, Marion, Melisias, Meneptolemos, Nelaidas, Nikasylos, Xenodamos, Xenodokos, Xenophon, Oivotas, Pantarkis, Pataikos, Peisidoros, Politis, Polymfythios Siovithios, Prothalis, Protolaos, Protomanis, Sodamas, Tavrosthenis, Telemachos, Ismon, Ferenikos, Ferias, Filitas, Filinos, Philon, Frastor, Frikias, Phrynon, Harinos, Harmidis.

Dactyls (healing magicians)

Akmon, Arkesidas, Damnameneus, Epimedis, Hercules, Iasos, Kelsis, Paionaios.


Aegli, Antiope, Evandra, Evryvia, Hippolytus, Ifinomi, Melanippi, Molpadia, Otri, Penthesilea, Smyrna, Phoebe.


Anchios, Aritos, Dimoleon, Dorylaos, Sryalos, Evrynomos, Evrition, Klanis, Mimas, Nestos, Ureios, Petraios, Pefkeidis, Roikos, Ylaios, Folos, Chiron.

Greek mythology

TITANES (Children of Heaven and Earth of the first Divine Couple)

MEN: Iapetos, Keios, Kreios, Kronos, Yperion, Oceanos. WOMEN: Thea, Themis, Mnemosine, Tethys, Rhea, Phoebe, Vriareos, Kottos, Gyis.

CYCLOPES: Vrontis, Steropis, Argis.

GIANTS: Agrios, Alcyoneus, Gratian, Egelados, Nightmare, Evrytos, Thoon, Hippolytus, Clytus, Pallas, Polyvotis, Porphyrion, Typhoea.

WATER DEITIES: Ocean Nymphs: Admiti, Akasti, Amfiro, Asia, Galaxavri, Dioni, Dorida, Evdori, Evrynomi, Europe, Zevxo, Electra, Thoi, Idia, Ippo, Ianeira, Ianthi, Kallirroi, Kalypso, Kerkiis, Klimeni, Klytia, Menastho, Milovisis, Mitis, Xanthi, Ourania, Pasithoi, Peitho, Persisi, Petraia, Plixavri, Plouto, Polydori, Prymno, Rodia, Styga., Telesto, Tychi, Chrysiis, Okyrroi.

NEREIDS: Agavei, Aktai, Alia, Alimidi, Amfitriti, Avtonoi, Galatia, Galini, Glafki, Glaukonomi, Dynameni, Dorida, Doto, Erato, Evagori, (Evarni), Evdora, Efkranti, Evlimeni, Euniki, Evpobi, Iioni, Themisto, Thetis, Thoi, Ippothoi, Ipponoi, Kymatoligi, Kymodoki, Kymothoi, Kymo, Laomedeia, Liagori, Lysianassa, Meliti, Menippi, Nimertis, Nisai, Niso, Panopia, Pasithea, Ploto, Polynoi, Pontoporia, Pronoi, First Instance, Proto, Sao, Spio, Ferousa, Psamathi.

Apollodorus mentions 45 Nereids and different names: Diro, Dioni, Eumolpi, Ianeira, Ioni, Kalypso, Kito, Kranto, Limnoreia, Nafsithhoi, Neomiris, Plixavra, Polynomi and Pontomedousa.

Daughters of Zeus and the oceanic Evrynomis:

Aglaia, Efrosini and Thalia. Homer also mentions Pasithea. Still others mention Peitho and Pasithea or Klita and Faenna (in Sparta) or Hegemony and Avxo or Thalo, Avxo and Karpo (in Athens).

THE SINGLE MUSES (daughters of Zeus and the Titanic Mnemosine)

Klio (Muse of History), Efterpi (protector of the double flute), Thalia (at the beginning of Voukolian poetry and later of Comedy), Melpomeni (of Tragedy), Terpsichore (of Lyric poetry), Erato (of Erotic poetry (Poly)), Poly represents the quality of learning and remembrance, but in Roman times it became the Muse of Mimicry and Pantomime), Urania (of Astronomy) and Calliope (of Epic poetry and eloquence).

THE THREE MOIRES (Daughters of Zeus and Titanida Themida, personification of Justice),

Klotho, who represents the Present, Lachesis, who represents the Future and Atropos, who represents the Past.

THE SEVEN PLEIADES (Daughters of Zeus or Atlanta and Oceania Plioionis).

Maia, Taygeti, Electra, Steropi, Kelaino, Alkinoi and Meropi.


Agkaios (of Lykourgos), Admitos (of Feritos), Akastos (of Pelion), Aktor (of Ispasos), Amfiaraos (of Oikli), Argos (of Frixos), Askalafos and Ialmenos (of Aris), Asterios (of Komitos), Atalantis (of Schoineos), Avgeas (of Helios), Autolykos (of Hermes), Voutis (of Teleontos), Erfinos (of Poseidon), Evryalos (of Mikisteas), Evrytos (of Hermes), Efimos (of Poseidon), Zetis and Calais (of the North), Hercules (of Zeus), Theseus (Aegeas), Idas and Lygaios (Aphareas), Ifiklis (Navavlou), Ifiklos (Thestiou), Keineas (Koronou), Kastor and Polydefkis (Zeus with Leda), Kifas (Aleou), Laertis (Arkeisiou), Meleagros (Oinea), Menoutios (‘Actor), Orpheus (of Oiagros), Palaimon (Hepheastion the Aetolian), (Nilea), Poias (Thaymakou), Polyfimos (Eleatou), Telamon and Pileas (Aiakou), Tifis (Agniou) and Fanos and Stafylos (Dionysos).


Ankyora, Aegean, Aimona, Akondi, Alifiro, Arpalea, Arpalyko, Archevati, Voukoliona, Genetora, Elika, Evaimona, Eumiti, Evmona, Zoklea, Ireaea, Thesprotontaio, Lithonino, Kinthos, Kautyro, Karterona , Lykio, Mainalo, Makarea, Makedno, Mantinea, Melainea, Mikistea, Nyktimo, Oinotro, Oplea, Orchomeno, Pallanta, Pefketio, Platona, Policho, Porthea, Porthyosio, Ftasaea, Ftyfalo, Tilevo.

50 DANAIDES (daughters of Danaus, sons of Velos)

Agave, Adianti, Aditi, Aktaia, Amymoni, Anaxivia, Anthyleia, Asteria, Automati, Autonoi, Vryki, Glauki, Glaukippi, Gorgi, Gorgophoni, Dioxippi, Dorion (Dora), Erato, Evippi, Evridiki, Electra, Theano, Hippodameia, Hippodike, Hippomedusa. Ifimedousa, Kallidiki, Kelaino, Kliti, Kleodora, Kleopatra, Mnistra, Nilo, Oimi, Pirini, Podarki, Pelargi, Rodi, Rodia, Stheneli, Skai, Stygni, Yperippi, Ypermnistra, Farti, Chrysippi, Okypeti.


Agaptolemos, Aginor, Aegios, Egypt, Alkis, Alkminor, Arvilos, Argios, Archelaos, Vousiris, Vromios, Daifron, Diokokrystis, Dryas, Egelados, Ermos, Evridamas, Evrylochos, Efchinor, Idas, Idmon, Imbros, Hippocrates, Hippocrates, Hippolytus, Istros, Kerketis, Kisseus, Kleitos, Lambos, Lixos, Lygeas, Lykos, Menalkis, Menemachos, Oineas, Pandion, Peristhenis, Perifas, Polyktor, Potamon, Proteas, Sthenelos, Ypervios, Fantis, Haitos, Chalkodon, Chthonios, Chrysippos.


Aglaia, Aischriis, Antheia, Anthippi, Antiopi, Argeli, Asopis, Elachia, Elikonis, Epilais, Erato, Erythra, Evia, Evvoti, Evryvia, Evryopi, Evripili, Evriteli, Isichia, Ioni, Ippokrati, Ifis, Kalamitis, Kapili, Kerthi, Laothoi, Klytippi, Lysi, Lysidiki, Lysippi, Marsi, Menippida, Milini, Niki, Nikippi, Xanthis, Olympouusa, Orei, Panopi, Patro, Praxithea, Prokris, Pyrrippi, Stratoniki, Telogora, Tifisi, Toxokrati, Filiis and Chrysis.


Alokratis, Alopios, Amistrios, Antiadis, Antileon, Antimachos, Antifos, Archedikos, Archemachos, Astyanax, Astyvias, Atromos, Voukolos, Vouleas, Dynastis, Entelidis, Erasippos, Eumidis, Evrykapys, Evripylos, Evrytos, Threpsippas, Ixalos, Iovis, Ippes, Ippodromos, Ippozygos, Ippotos, Keleustantanor, Kleolaos, Creon, Laomedon, Laomenis, Lefkipos, Lefkonis, Lygaios, Lykourgos, Mentor, Nifos, Nikodromos, Oistrovlis, Olympus, Omolippos, Onisippos, Patroklos, Polylaos, Telis, Terpsikratis, Tigasis, Falias.


From Megara, Dimikoon, Tirimachos and Kreontiadis. From Dianeira, Glinos, Ktisippos, Oniitis and Illos. From Omphali, Angelaos. From the daughter of Euripylos Chalkiopis, Thessalos. From his daughter Augeia Epikasti, Thestalos.


Amphiaraos, Amphilochus, Amphilitos, Anios, Arixion, Aristandros, Aristeas, Artemidoros, Astyfilos, Achaikaros, Vakis, Galevsi Galeos (Galeotai family of fortune tellers in Sicily), Difonos, Dimofon, Dioklis, Diopeithis, Elenos, Ennomos, Epivolos, Epimenidis, Efthyfron, Euclides, Euklos, Evryklis, Effrantidis, Herophytos, Thalitas, Theainetos, Themisteas, Theoklos, Theoklymenos, Thaymantis, Theonoi, Thuriomantis, Iamos (Iamidai family of fortune tellers in Ilida), Idmon, Ieroklis, Ippomachos, Kallias, Kalchas, Karnos, Kassandra, Kleandros, Kleomidis, Klytiadis (Klytiadai, genus of fortune tellers, descendants of Klytios, descendant of Amphiaraos), Lampon, Lysistratos (usufructuary), Mantios, Manto, Megisteas, Melambodas, Melanippi (daughter of Chiron), Melissagora, Mopsos, Onomakritos, Orthagoras, Ofionevs, Peithagoras, Peripoltas, Polyidos, Polyfeidis, Silanos, Skiros, Stilvidis, Tiresias, Tellias (Teliadai family of fortune tellers in Ilida), Tilemos, Tissamenos, Tomori (priests of the oracle of Dodoni), Trophonios, Phineus, Ferekidis the Syrian, Frasios, Charimenis.



Avaris, Avas, Avlavios, Avreas, Avrotelis, Avron, Avronyhos, Avydinos, Agatharchidas, Agatharchos, Agathymeros, Agathinos, Agathoboulos, Agathodaimon, Agathoklis, Agathosthenis, Agathostratos, Agathothithos, Agathyllos, Agathyrnos, Agathyrsos, Agathon, Agathonymos, Agaios, Agakleis, Agamemnon, Agamidis, Aganos, Agapaios, Agapinor, Agaptolemos, Agasthenis, Agasias, Agasiklis, Agassimenis, Agasimos, Agassamenos, Agastrophos, Agavos, Aggaios, Aggelion, Agenidas, Ageas, Ageladas, Agelaos, Agelos, Agelochos, Agemachos, Agestratos, Agimon, Aginor, Agisandros, Agisias, Agisidamos, Agisilaos, Agisilochos, Agisimachos, Agisimvros, Agisipolis, Agisippidas, Agisistratos, Agitos, Agis, Agion, Agkaios, Agior, Aglaion, Aglao Kreon, Aglaopis, Aglaos, Aglaosthenis, Aglaofamos, Aglaofon, Agnaptos, Agniadis, Agnias, Agnodoros, Agnosthemis, Agnoklis, Agnophilos, Agnon, Agnonidis, Agoneas, Agoraklis, Agorakritos, Agnodoros, Agnosthemis, Agnoklis, Agnophilos, Agnon, Agnonidis, Agonias, Agoraklis, Agorakritos,

Agylaios, Agyrios, Anchialos, Agchimolios, Anchios, Anchipylos, Anchisis, Adaios, Adamantios, Adeas, Adeimantos, Adiatomos, Admitos, Adrastos, Adonis, Aethlios, Aimnistos, Aerias, Aeropos, Aetios, Aetion, Aitis, Athamas, Athambilos, Atheras, Athinagoras, Athinadas, Athinaios, Athinippos, Athinion, Athinogenis, Athinodoros, Athinoklis, Athinokritos, Athlias, Athosion, Aiakos, Aiani, Aia, Aegean, Aigesti, Aigeus, Aegean, Aegialis, Aegilos, Aegios, Aegisthus, Aegistheas, Aegion, Egypt, Aegon, Aeitis, Aeitius, Aithalidis, Aithidas, Aethikos, Aetiolas, Aethion, Aithos, Ailianos, Aimonios, Aimos, Aimon, Aineas, Aenetos, Aeneas, Aeneas, Aeneos, Aeneus, Aeneid, Ainiadis, Enikos, Ainitos, Aixon, Aeolos, Aipytos, Aesakos, Aisanias, Aisimos, Aesios, Aesion, Aisonas, Aesypos, Aescheas, Aeschinis, Aeschylus, Aeson, Aesop, Aetolos, Akadimos, Akamas, Akanthos, Akarion, Akastos, Akakitos, Akamas, Akanthos, Akarnan, Akelis, Akesias, Akesidas, Akesilaos, Akesimbrotos, Akestodoros, Akestor, Akiratos, Akonteus, Akondis, Akoumenos, Akousilaos, Akragas, Akrias, Akrisios, Akrokomos, Akroneos, Akrotatos, Akron, Aktaios, Aktaion, Aktis, Aktor, Alalkomenis, Alastor, Alevion, Alexenor, Alektor, Electryon, Alexandros, Aleksanor, Alexarchos, Alexiaris, Alexias, Alexivios, Alexikakos, Alexiklis, Alexinos, Alexion, Alexon, Aleos, Alevas, Alissios, Althaimenis, Althipos, Alimidis, Alifiros, Alkathos, Alkaios, Alkamenis, Alkandros, Alkanor, Alketas, Alkinor, Alkiviadis, Alkidamas, Alkimedon, Alkimenis, Alkimidis, Alkimos, Alkinoos, Alkis, Alkisthenis, Alkifron, Alkmaion, Alkman, Alkmeon, Alminor, Alkyonevs, Alkon, Almops, Alxion, Alokratis, Alopios, Alikos, Alypitos, Alypios, Alypos, Alyrios, Aloves, Amatheus, Ambrax, Embryon, Amenias, Amenoklis, Amipsias, Amerias, Amestrios, Aminon, Amistrios, Amiantos, Aminias, Ammeas, Amianos, Ammonios, Ammopharetos, Amopaon, Ambykos, Abyx, Amythaon, Amyklas, Amykos, Amynandros, Amynias, Amyntas, Amyntor, Amynon, Amiris, Amfiris, Amfialos, Amfianax, Amfiaraos, Amfias, Amfidamas, Amfidikos, Amphidorus, Amphitheimus, Amphitheus, Amphiklis, Amphiclos, Amphikratis, Amphitryon, Amphilochus, Amphilitos, Amphimarus, Amphimachos, Amphimedon, Amphimnistos, Amphineus, Amphinomos, Amfios, Amfissos, Ampistratos, Amphitryon, Amphion, Both, Amythaon, Amyklas, Amykos, Amyntas, Amyntor, Anakreon, Anaktor, Anaxagoras, Anakandridis, Anaxandros, Anaxarchos, Anaxivios, Anaxidamos, Anaxis, Anaxikratis, Anaxilaos, Anaximandros, Anaximenis, Anaxinos, Anaxippos, Anapias, Andis, Andokidis, Andraimon, Andreas, Andreus, Androgeos, Andromas, Androkleida, Androklis, Androklos, Androkratis, Androkydis, Androleos, Andromachos, Andromedis, Andromenis, Androsthenis, Androtion, Anthas, Antheas, Anthemion, Antthermos, Anthippos, Anigros, Anikitos, Anios ,, Anikkeris, Anippos, Antagoras, Antaios, Antalkidas, Anteas, Antias, Anderos, Antinor, Antiadis, Antigenis, Antigonos, Antidotos, Antidoros, Opposite, Antiklis, Antileon, Antilochos, Antimachos, Antimenis, Antimnistos, Antimiros, Antinous, Antiochis, Antipatros, Antisthenis, Antifanis, Antifas, Antifatis, Antifimos, Antifilos, Antifos, Antifon, Anticharis, Anytos, Anogon, Axionikos, Axiochos, Apion, Apollodoros, Apollokratis, Apollofanis, Apollonidis, Apollonios, Apollon, Arakos, Araros, Aras, Aratos, Arvilos, Argaios, Argalos, Argennos, Argestis, Argis, Argos, Ardalos, Aresias, Arestor, Aretaios, Aretaon, Arres, Arithios, Ariilikos, Arios, Aritos, Aris, Arideos, Arimnis, Aristangelos, Aristagoras, Aristainetos, Aristaios, Aristandros, Aristarchos, Aristas, Aristeas, Aristides, Aristeus, Aristippos, Aristion, Aristoboulos, Aristogeiton, Aristogenes, Aristodemus, Aristodicus, Aristocles, Aristocrat, Aristocritus, Aristotle, Aristotle, Aristomachos, Aristomenis, Aristomidis, Aristomnistos, Aristonikos, Aristonos, Aristoxenos, Aristotle, Aristos, Aristotimos, Aristophanes, Aristophanos, Aristophilos, Aristophon, Aristonymos, Ariston, Ariffradis, Arifron, Arion, Arkas, Arkeas, Arkeisios, Arkesilaos, Arktos, Armatidis, Armodios, Armokyidis, Arpalos, Arpalykos, Arrianos, Arrias, Arrivaios, Arrivas, Arsinos, Artemidoros, Artylas, Arrymbas, Arysis, Arytos, Archagathos, Archogoras, Archandros, Archevatis, Archevoukos, Archedimos, Archdeacon, Archelaus, Archilochus, Aghemachos, Archemoros, Archeptolemos, Arhestratos, Archetimos, Archias, Archivios, Archidamos, Archidimidis, Archilochos, Archimedes, Archinos, Archippos, Architelis, Archytas, Archonides, Aesios, Askalafos, Askanios, Asklipiodoros, Asklipios, Asteas, Asteios, Asterios, Asterion, Asteropaios, Astir, Astraios, Astyalos, Astyanax, Astyvias, Astygonos, Astydamas, Astylos, Astymachos, Astynomos, Astynomos, Astyochos, Asonidis, Asopidis, Asopios, Asopichos, Asopodoros, Asopolaos, Atarvis, Atlas, Atlitis, Atreus, Atromitos, Atromos, Atron, Attaginos, Attalos, Attis, Atymnios, Avas, Avgeias, Avson, Avtesion, Autodoros, Avtoklis, Autolaos, Avtoleon, Autolikos, Automedon, Automenis, Autonomous, Autosthenes, Autocharidas, Afareus, Afeidas, Afthonios, Achaikaros, Achaios, Achilleus, Asefion.

Vavrias, Vathyrtas, Vavys, Vathippos, Vathiklis, Vathilaos, Vathon, Vaios (Vaios), Vakis, Vakhis, Vakchylidis, Valagros, Vargylos, Vattos, Vaton, Velleros, Vellerefontis, Veris, Betion, Vianor, Vias, Bithynos, Vithis, Vikelos, Vitos, Viton, Vion, Vilos, Vlepaios, Vlysson, Voithos, Voios, Voiskos, Voreas, Voudios, Vouthiros, Vouthios, Voukolion, Voukilos, Voukolos, Voulagoras, Voulevs Voulis, Vounos, Voutas, Voutis, Vrasidas, Vrasilas, Vravron, Vrentos, Vrettis, Vryaxis, Vriareos, Vroseus, Vrontinos, Vroteas, Vryaxis, Vryas, Vryson, Vyzinos, Vykelos, Vykkon, Voros.

Galatis, Galaton, Galevs, Galinos, Ganymedis, Garamas, Gavanis, Gelanor, Gelonos, Geminos, Genetor, Gerastos, Geranor, Gerin, Gigon, Gillos, Glauketis, Glaukias, Glaukidis, Glaukippos, Glaukios, Glafkos, Glaukon, Glineus, Glinos, Glykinos, Glykon, Gnisippos, Gnosidimos, Gougylos, Gonatas, Gorgasos, Gorgias, Gorgion, Gorgothionas, Gorgos, Gorgython, Gorgopas, Gordys, Gration, Gryllos, Grynos, Grittos, Gygis, Gyis, Gygis, Gylippos, Gyridas, Gyrton.

Daedalion, Daidalos, Daithos, Daimenis, Dais, Daifantos, Daifron, Damagitos, Damagon, Damaratos, Damarmenos, Damarchos, Damas, Damasias, Damasithymos, Damasippos, Damasistratos, Damasichthon, Damaskos, Damastor, Dameon, Damithalis, Damindas, Damnameneus, Damnippos, Damitas, Damokleida, Damoklis, Damoxenos, Damostratos, Damotagis, Damotimos, Damofilos, Damofon, Damyllos, Damysos, Damon, Danaos, Daochos, Dardanos, Daris, Daskylos, Dasmon, Davnos, Dafnis, Dafnos, Dinaarchos, Deiniadas, Deinias, Deinis, Deinocratis, Deinolochos, Deinomachos, Deinomenis, Deinostratos, Deinon, Dekellos, Dexemenos, Dexiadis, Dexitheos, Dexippos, Dexifanis, Derdas, Derdenis, Derkylidas, Derkyllos, Derkynos, Defkalidis, Defkalion, Diikoon, Deileon, Deilochos, Dimachos, Diiokis, Dionyeus, Diopitis, Diochos, Deipylos, Dipyros, Difontis, Difofos, Dion, Diliadis, Dimagetos, Dimadis, Dimainetos, Dimaratos, Dimeas, Dimitrios, Dimogenis, Dimodokos, Dimokleidis, Dimoklis, Dimokonon, Dimokratis, Dimomelis, Dimokritos, Dimoleon, Dimonikos, Dimopolis, Dimtoptolemos, Dimos, Dimosthenis, Dimostratos, Dimotelis, Dimotion, Dimofantos, Dimofilos, Dimofon, Dimocharis, Dimylos, Dimon, Dimonax, Diritis, Diadoumenos, Diadromis, Diaios, Diakritos, Diaktoridis, Zeus, Gemini, Merchant, Divide, Dinekis, Dietrefis, Dikaiarchos, Dikaiogenis, Dikaioklis, Dikaios, Dikaios, Dikanos, Diktis, Diogenianos, Diogenis, Diognitos, Diodotos, Diodoros, Dioklis, Diokorystis, Diomedon, Diomidis, Diomilos, Diomos ,, Dionysidis, Dionysiklis, Dionysios, Dionysodotos, Dionysodoros, Dionysoklis, Dionysos, Diopeithis, Diopobos, Dios, Dios, Diotimos, Diotrefis, Diofantos, Diochthonas, Dipinos, Dyllos, Difilos, Difridas, Dipsakos, Dion, Dionadas, Dioxippos, Dioris, Dmitor, Doias, Dolichos, Dolopion, Dolops, Dolon, Dontas, Dorkis, Dorikleida, Doryklos, Dorylaos, Douris, Drakontidis, Drakontios, Drakyllos, Drakon, Dromichaitis, Dromokleidis, Dryalos, Dryas, Drymon, Dryops, Dymas, Dyspontios, Dodon, Dorievs, Dorichos, Dorotheos, Doros, Dosiadis, Dotadas, Dotos.

Ethalion, Ekataios, Ekaton, Ekatonymos, Ekvasos, Ekdikos, Ekkritos, Ekpripis, Ekfantos, Elasos, Hector, Elatos, Elatreus, Eleatis, Eleios, Elenos, Eleftherios, Elefthir, Elefinor, Elikon, Elix, Elanikos, Ellanor, Ellin, Elpinor, Elpinis, Elymos, Eloris, Empedocles, Empedos, Emperamos, Empodos, Empylos, Enaisimos, Endios, Enymion, Enikevs, Enipeas, Enomos, Enoudos, Entelidis, Edimos, Enevs, Exainetos, Examyas, Exarchos, Exixestidis, Exikestos, Epamineondas, Epaphos, Epigeus, Epios, Epivolos, Epiratos, Epiritos, Epigenis, Epidamnios, Epidavros, Epithersis, Epikleidas, Epiklis, Epikouros, Epikradios, Epikratis, Epikititos, Epikydis, Epikydidas, Epikomos, Epilaos, Epimenis, Epimenidis, Epimidis, Epimitheus, Episthenes, Epistrofos, Epistor, Epitadas, Epitelidas, Epifron, Epicharis, Epicharmos, Epokillos, Epohos, Epapopeus, Erasinidis, Erasinos, Erasixinos, Erasippos, Erasistratos, Eratokleidis, Eratos, Eratosthenis, Erginos, Ergoklis, Ergotelis, Ergofilos, Eretmeus, Eretrievs, Efthalithalion, Erechtheus, Erivotis, Erigios, Erigon, Eritimos, Erifos, Erichthonios, Ermagora, Ermaionda, Ermapion, Ermeia, Hermes, Hermesianax, Hermesileos, Erminos, Ermippos, Ermogenis, Ermodoros, Ermoklis, Ermokratis, Ermokreon, Ermolaos, Ermolikos, Ermotimos, Ermofantos, Ermon, Ermonax, Erxias, Erxikleidis, Eryalos, Erythras, Erythros, Erymanthos, Erymas, Eryx, Eryxias, Eryximachos, Erixis, Erysichthon, Erythrios, Erytos, Esperos, Eteoklis, Eteoklos, Eteonikos, Eteonevs, Eteonos, Etoimoklis, Etymoklis, Evangelos, Evagis, Evagoras, Evagros, Evathlos, Evaimon, Evainotos, Evaion, Evalas, Evalkis, Evalkidis, Evamerion, Evandros, Evanthis, Evanor, Evarchippos, Evarchos, Evvios, Evvotas, Evvoulevs, Evvoulidis, Evvoulos, Evvotas, Evdaimon, Eudamidas, Eudamippos, Evdane, os, Evdimos, Evdikos, Evdoxos, Evdoros, Evelthon, Evetis, Evetion, Evigoros, Evimeros, Evinios, Evinos, Evinor, Eviris, Efthiros, Efthias, Efthymimos, Efthydikos, Efthiklis, Efthykratis, Efthykritos, Efthimenis, Efthymos, Efthynos, Efthys, Efthyfron, Evippos, Efkadmos, Evkaros, Eukambidas, Euclid, Euclis, Euclos, Eukosmos, Eucratis, Eucritus, Euchemon, Eumathis, Eumathios, Eumeos, Eumachos, Eumeidis, Eumenis, Eumidis, Eumilos, Eumitis, Evmolpos, Evmon, Eunios, Evnikos, Evnomos, Evnostos, Evxanthios, Evxenippos, Efxenos, Evxitheos, Evodeus, Evpidas, Efpalamos, Efpalinos, Eupator, Eupeithis, Eupinitos, Evpolis, Euripides, Evryadis, Evryalos, Evryanax, Evryvatis, Evryvatos, Evryviadis, Evryvios, Evryvatos, Evridamas, Evridamidas, Evridamos, Evridimos, Evrithemis, Evrykapis, Evrykleidis, Evryklis, Evrykratis, Evryleon, Evrylochos, Evrymachos, Evrymedon, Evrimenis, Evrymos, Evrynomos, Evryptolemos, Evripylos, Evripon, Evrysakis, Evrysthenis, Evrystheus, Evrytimos, Evritios, Evrition, Evrytos, Evryfamos, Evryfon, Evropos, Evrotas, Evrops, Efsthenis, Efstochios, Efstrofos, Evsoros, Eftelidas, Eftychis, Eftychidas, Eftychidis, Efafis, Effamidas, Effanis, Efimidis, Efimios, Efimos, Evitis, Efiflitos, Evforvos, Evforion, Efraios, Efrafnor, Efronios, Efron, Evcharidis, Eucharistos, Eucheiros, Efchinor, Evonymos, Evopis, Applied, Ephesus, Horseman, Ephoudius, Echeklis, Echeklos, Echekratis, Echekratidis, Echelas, Echembrotos, Echemos, Echemon, Ehenios, Echepolos, Ehestratos, Echetlos, Echetomidas, Echetos, Echefron, Echios, Echion, Eosforos.

Zalevkos, Zamolxis, Zevxidamos, Zevxidas, Zeuxippos, Zeuxis, Zeus, Zefyros, Zithos, Zilaarchos, Zilas, Zelos, Zeneus, Zinodotos, Zinodoros, Zinothemis, Zinophanis, Zenon, Zitis, Zoilos.

Igeleos, Igelochos, Igemon, Igestratos, Igimon, Igisandros, Igisianax, Igisias, Igisivoulos, Igisiklis, Igisileos, Igisippos, Igisistratos, Igiis, Idylos, Iofon, Ietion, Ionevs, Ileios, Electrion, Iliadis, Elianax, Iliodoros, Ilios, Imathion, Imitheon, Iniopeus, Inops, Ipytos, Ir, Ireivis, Heraclides, Heraklion, Heraklion, Hercules, Heraklion, Eripipida, Herodikos, Herodotus, Herod, Heromenis, Heropythos, Herostratos, Herofantos, Herophilos, Herodas, Herod the Atticus, Herodian, Heron, Hesiod, Isichios, Hepheastion, Hephaestus.

Thalis, Thalitas, Talpios, Thamyra, Thannyra, Tharrix, Tharrops, Thassos, Thavmakos, Thaumas, Theagenidis, Theagenis, Theagis, Theainetos, Theaititos, Thearidas, Thearion, Theasidis, Theiaios, Theiodamas, Theiodas, Thelxion, Themistagoras, Themistios, Themistogenis, Themistoklis, Themison, Theogenis, Theognitos, Theognis, Theodamas, Theodektis, Theodosios, Theodotas, Theodotos, Theodoridis, Theodoros, Theoklis, Theoklos, Theoclymenos, Theokosmos, Theokrinis, Theokritos, Theolitos, Theomandros, Theomistor, Theomnistos, Theoxenos, Theopombos, Theotimos, Theofanis, Theofilos, Theofrastos, Theochristos, Thermon, Thersagoras, Thersandros, Thersilochos, Thersios, Thersippos, Thespios, Thesprotos, Thessalos, Thestalos, Thestios, Thestor, Theon, Theodoros, Thiramenis, Thereus, Thiriklis, Trimarchos, Tirippidis, Thiris, Thiron, Theseus, Tivron, Thoas, Thornax, Thodimos, Thodippos, Thuklis, Thucydides, Thaymantis, Thourimachos, Thuriomantis, Thufanis, Thofrastos, Thourios, Thoon, Thootis, Thrasios, Thrasyalkis, Thrasyvoulos, Thrasydaios, Thrasyklis, Thrasylaos, Thrasyllos, Thrasylochos, Thrasymachos, Thrasymithhis, Thrasymilidas, Thrasymilos, Thrason, Thrasonas, Thrasonidas, Threpsippas, Thiestis, Thymaridis, Thymbris, Thymilos, Thymoklis, Thymocharis, Thymondas, Thyreas, Thyos, Thyreus, Thyrsos, Thorikion.

Iadmon, Iakhos, Ialeos, Ialmenos, Ialysos, Iamvlichos, Iamemenos, Iamos, Iakos, Iapetos, Iapix, Iaisios, Iasion, Iasos, Iason, Iatroklis, Ivykos, Idaios, Ides, Idomenos, Idomeneus, Ierax, Ieroklis, Hieromne, Hierofon, Priest, Ieronymos, Ikateros, Ithakenis, Ithamenis, Ithaca, Ithaca, Icarus, Ikaros, Ikesia, Iketas, Iketas, Iketis, Ikmalios, Iktinos, Iclenos, Iles, Ilioneus, Illyrios, Icleos, Iberios, Imbrios, Imereos, Imerios, Imeysimos, Inachos, Ixalos, Ixion, Iovatis, Ioves, Iokastos, Iolaus, Iofon, Ipps, Ippagoras, Horseriding, Ippocarinos, Ippoarchides, Hippocrates, Horseman, Horseman, Horseriding, Horseriding, Hippodamas, Hippodammos, Hippodromos, Isadas, Isaios, Isandros, Isanthis, Isanor, Isarhos, Isias, Isidoros, Ismaros, Isminios, Isminodoros, Isminos, Isocrates, Isolochos, Isos, Istiaios, Istros, Ishagoras, Ishanos, Ishenos, Ischepolis, Ischolaos, Ishis, Itylos, Itis, Itonos, Iphes, Ifidas, Ificles, Ificlos, Ifikratis, Ifiments, Ifinos, Ifis, Ifition, Ifitos, Iolkios, Ion, Isadas, Isaios, Isandros, Isanthis, Isanor, Isarhos, Isias, Isidoros, Ismaros, Isminios, Isminodoros.

Kanthos, Kavas, Kadmos, Kakos, Kalais, Kalamis, Kalamitis, Kalamitis, Kalas, Kalisios, Kalitor, Kallas, Kalliandis, Kallianax, Kalliarchos, Kalliarchos, Kallikratos, Kallikratidas, Kallimachos, Kallimedon, Kallimorfos, Kallinikos, Kallinos, Kallixenos, Kalipos, Kallisthenis, Kallistonikos, Kallistratos, Kallitelis, Kallifon, Kallon, Kaineas, Kalydnos, Kalydon, Kalchas, Kalchos, Kamiros, Kamilos, Kanachos, Kandalos, Kanthalos, Kantharos, Kantharos, Kapanevs, Kapetos, Kappis, Kapros, Karanos, Kardis, Karmantidis, Carmanor, Carmentis, Karrotos Katreus, Kaustrios, Kafavros, Kafisias, Kevis, Kevrin, Kevrionis, Kekalos, Kekrops, Kelaineus, Kelainos, Keleas, Keleos, Kelefstanor, Keleftor, Kelmis, Keramon, Kerdon, Kerkafos, Kerkestis, Kerkidas, Kerkyon, Kerkops, Kestrinos, Kefalion, Kefalos, Kidalion, Kidodis, Kidon, Kinis, Kiryx, Kytheus, Kifissos, Kifox, Kifes, Kifys Kinadon, Kinaithon, Kineas, Kinisias, Kinyras, Kios, Kissseus, Klanis, Kleagoras, Kleadis, Kleainetos, Kleanax, Kleandridas, Kleandros, Kleanthis, Kleanthis, Kleimanoridis, Kleiratos, Klearatos, Klearetos Kleinagoras, Kleippidis, Klenias, Kleinomachos, Kleippidis, Kleisthenis, Kleitarchos, Kleitelis, Kleitomachos, Kleitos, Kleiton, Kleitor, Kleovis, Kleovoulos, Kleogenis, Kleogenis, Kleomodioleioleio, Kleidamos Kledamos, Kleodimos Kleosthenis, Kleostratos, Kleotimos, Kleofantos, Kleofon, Kleochos, Klevotos, Klevdamos, Klevis, Kleon, Kleonis, Kleonymos, Klison, Klonios, Klymenos, Klysonymos, Klynitos, Klytiodis, Klytios, Klytios Kodros, Koinos, Koios, Kolainos, Kolotis, Komatas, Komitas, Komitis, Komion, Konisalos, Konnidis, Konnos, Konon, Koragos, Korax, Korethon, Korinos, Koriskos, Koryvas, Korydon, Korythos, Koronos, Kottos, Kottyfos, Kotis, Kouris, Koon, Krambis, Kranaos, Krantor, Krataimenis, Krateas, Krateros, Kratis, Kratisiklis, Kratisippidas, Krationfreus, Kratinos, Kratinos, Kratippos Kritheus, Krithon, Kris, Kriassos, Krinagoras, Krinakos, Krinippos, Krios, Krisos, Krison, Kritias, Kritovoulos, Kritodimos, Kritolaidas, Kritolaos, Kriton, Krokitilos, Krototos, Krakato, Kronios, Kronios, Kronos Ktisivios, Ktisiklis, Ktisilaos, Ktisippos, Ktisifon, Kyanippos, Kydia, Kydon, Cycle ys, Kyklon, Kyknos, Kylaravos, Kyllin, Kylon, Kynageiros, Kynaithos, Kynaritos, Kyneas, Kynis, Kyniskos, Kynortas, Kynos, Kynoulkos, Kynouros, Kyno, Kyparissos, Kyrnos, Kyrsilos, Kytheiros, Kypsiros, Kich, Kyfos, Kyfos Kokalos, Komias.

Lavax, Lavas, Lavdakos, Lavotas, Lagetas, Lagos, Ladas, Ladokos, Laerkis, Laertis, Laertios, Laias, Laias, Laios, Lakedaimonios, Lakedaimon, Lakratis, Lakratidas, Lakratidis, Lakriminis, Lakemon, Lakritos, Lakidis, Lakidis Lamios, Lamos, Lampis, Lampichos, Lambos, Lamprias, Lambroklis, Lambromachos, Lambros, Lampon, Lamynthios, Lamfilos, Laogonos, Laogoras, Laodamas, Laodokos, Laothois, Laoponisios, Lassemis, Laomedon, Laomenis Lastratidas, Lasyrtas, Latramis, Lafais, Lafanis, Lafaon, Lafilos, Lacharis, Lachis, Laon, Leagros, Leadis, Leandros, Learchos, Leiodis, Leiokritos, Lelek, Leontatos, Leontes, Leontiadis, Leontiskos, Leontichos, Leontomiskis, Lefstis, Leptinis, Leptinis Letreus, Lefkipos, Lefkolofidis, Lefkos, Lefkon, Lefkopeus, Lefkonis, Lechis, Leovotis, Leogoras, Leodamas, Leodokos, Leokidis, Leokratis, Leokritos, Leokynidis, Lefkiomidis, Leon, Leonidas Leonidas, Leonidis Lithos, Litos, Lebanon, Livon, Ligyron, Lithagos, Likymnios, Limnaios, L hymn, Lindos, Linos, Lixos, Lichas, Lovon, Lygaios, Lygeus, Lykamvas, Lykathos, Lykanthos, Lykaritos, Lykarios, Lykastis, Lycaon, Lykeas, Lykidis, Lykios, Lykis, Lykiskos, Lykomidis, Lykos, Lykourgos, Lykofron, Lyktios, Lyktos, Lykon, Lykopeys, Lykopis, Lykoreus, Lyrnos, Lysagoras, Lysitis Lysikios, Lysithios Lysidris, Lysandros, Lysanros Lysinomos, Lysippos, Lysis, Lysistratos, Lysos, Lyson.

Magnis, Mainalos, Naisadis, Maison, Maion, Makareus, Makarios, Makedonos, Makistos, Makrovios, Malis, Malgis, Malchion, Malchos, Mandroklis, Mantitheos, Mantineus, Mantios, Maximos Marksias, Marinos, Marmos, Marion, Marion Mastor, Matreas, Matris, Matron, Mahatas, Mahaon, Μαχων, Μεγαίνετος, Μεγακλείδης, Μεγακλής, Μεγακρέων, Μεγαλαγυρος, Μεγάλαρτος, Μεγαλοφάνης, Μεγαμήδης, Μεγαπένθης, Μεγαρεύς ,, Μεγαρος, Μεγας, Μεγας, Μεγασθένης, Μεγης , Mekiadis, Meilanion, Melangros, Melaineus, Melamnidas, Melambos, Melambous, Melambgos, Melanes, Melantheus, Melanthios, Melanthos, Melanippos, Melanion, Melandas, Melantis, Melanopos, Melas, Meleagros, Meleas, Meledimos, Melis, Melissagoras, Melissandros, Melissias, Melissippos, Melikertis, Melissandros, Melissias, Melisson Melissonis, Melissos, Melissos, Meliteus Membliaros, Memnon, Menalkis, Menedaios, Menedimos, Menekleidis, Meneklis, Menekratis, Menekolos, Menelaos, Meneptolemos, Menesaichmos, Menestheus, Menesthis, Menesthios, Menetienios, Menipenos Menenor, Menetor, Menether, Meneche Mermeros, Mermon, Messapo, Metavos, Metagenis, Metalkis, Metopos, Meton, Midios, Midokos, Midos, Midosadis, Midon, Mikiskedas, Milovios, Minogenis, Minodotos, Minodoros, Minofanis, Minofilos, Mirionis, Mistor, Mitiochos, Mitichos, Miticho, Mition, Mitras, Mitrovios, Mitrodoros, Mitrokiklis Mikikos, Migdon, Migdon, Mimos, Midamos, Midas Mikon, Miltos, Miltas, Miltiadis, Milias, Milon, Mimas, Mimnermos, Mimnomachos, Mindaros, Minyas, Minos, Misgolaidas, Misgolas, Misinos, Mytis, Mnasalkas, Mnaseas, Mnissigeton, Mnisinos, Mnisippos, Mnason, Mnason, Mnimon, Mnisagoras, Mnisarchos, Mnistheas, Mnisidimos, Mnisitheos, Mnisiklis, Mnisileos, Mnisilochos, Mnisimachos, Mnisiptolemos, Mnisifilos, Moiriadis, Moiris, Moirichos, Moiroklis, Molion, Molombros, Molos, Molossos, Molpis, Molon, Permanent, Morichos, Morsimos, Morson, Morris, Morychos, Morpheus, Moschion, Moschos, Moulios, Mousaios, Mousos, Mousonios, Mopsopos, Mopsos, Mygdon, Mydon, Mycenae, Myis, Mylis, Mylinos, Mylios, Millias, Mynis, Myrmikidis, Myrmidon, Myros, Myrsilos, Myrsos, Myrtilos, Myrtis, Myron, Myronianos, Myronidis, Mys, Myssios, Myskellos, Mysson, Myton, Molos.

Navis, Naxos, Naoklos, Narkaios, Narkissos, Narykidas, Nasamon, Nastas, Nastis, Navolos, Nafkloidas, Nafklis, Nafklos, Navkratis, Nafkidis, Nafkydis, Nafsyikidis, Nafsikis Nafsigenis, Nafsithos Nafsinos, Neachmos, Neanthis, Neanthos, Nearchus, Nevrofonos, Nelaidas, Neokleidis, Neoklis, Neokritos, Neolaidas, Neoptolemos, Nestos, Nestor, Nefalion, Nefos, Nikorikas, Ninokos, Nileus, Nireus, Nireus Nikasos, Nikasylos, Nikator, Nikiratos, Nikitis, Nikiadis, Nikias, Nikippos, Nikodamos, Nikodimos, Nikodromos, Nikodoros, Nikoklis, Nikocratis, Nikokreon, Nikolaidas, Nikolaos, Nikolochos, Nikomachos, Nikomidis, Nikomidis, Nikostratos, Nikotelis, Nikofanis, Nikofimos, Nikofon, Nikon, Nireus, Nisos, Noimon, Nomion, Nouminios, Nykteus, Nyktimos, Nymfaios, Nymphodoros, Nyssos, Nonakris, Norax.

Xanthi, Xanthias, Xanthiklis, Xanthippos, Xanthos, Xenagoras, Xenainetos, Xenaris, Xenarkis, Xenarchos, Xeniadis, Xenias, Xenodamos, Xenodokos, Xenokleidis, Xenoklis, Xenokratis, Xenokritos, Xenofanis, Xenophanes, Xenophanos, Xenophilos, Xenofron, Xenophon, Xenon, Xouthos.

Volume, Ogkistos, Odoidokos, Odysseus, Oiagros, Oiax, Oivalos, Oivotas, Oedipus, Oikipus, Oiklis, Oileus, Oineus, Oinovios, Oinomaios, Oinopion, Oinotos. Olympiosthenis, Olympus, Olyntheus, Olynthos, Oloros, Homer, Homolip, Homologous, Onaithos, Onaros, Onassis, Onassimidis, Onatas, Onatos, Onitis, Onisandros, Onisikritos, Onisilos, Onisimos, Onisippos, Onitor Oxyporos, Opleus, Opplis, Opous, Oppianos, Orgis, Oreivasios, Oreios, Oresandros, Orestheus, Orestis, Orthagoras, Orikadmos, Orikos, Ormenos, Orneus, Prnytion, Ornitos, Oroviantios, Oroidos, Orsilochos, Orsippos, Orpheus, Orfonadas, Orchomenos, Otreus, Ouranos, Ureios, Ophelistis, Ofeltas, Opheltis, Ofeltios, Ofionevs, Ofion, Opsimos.

Pagratis, Pagreon, Pagondas, Paeion, Paion, Paionios, Paktion, Palaimonios, Palaimon, Palaifatos, Palaichthon, Palamidis, Pales, Pallas, Palmis, Pamenis, Pammenis, Pamfanilos, Pamfamos, Pammilos, Pammon, Pammon Panainos, Panairos, Panaitios, Panaretos, Pandareos, Pandaros, Pandion, Pandokos, Pandrosos, Pandoros, Panemos, Panigoros, Panthias, Panthoidas, Panthos, Panitis, Panolvios, Panionios, Panolvios, Panopeus, Pantagnotos, Pantaklis, Pantaleitis Panteleion, Pantachis, Pantaris, Pantarkis Paxamos, Pappos, Parathemidas, Paravavatis, Paraivios, Paralos, Parisadis, Parthenios, Parthenopaios, Paris, Parmenidis, Parmenion, Pasha, Pasithemis, Pasiklis, Pasimachos, Pasimilos, Pasippidas, Pasitelidas, Pasion, Passion, Patakion, Pataikos, Patisiadis, Patreus, Patrokleidis, Patroklis, Patroklos, Pausanias, Pausias, Pausimachos, Pausippos, Pachis, Peithagoras, Peithias, Peithon, Peiraios, Peiranthos, Peirantas, Piraeus, Peirin, Peirithos, Peiros, Peisandros, Peisinor, Peisias, Peisidoros, Peisikratis, Peisistratos, Peisos, Peison, Pelagon, Pelasgos, Pelias, Pelias, Pellin, Pellis, Pelichos, Pelopidas, Pelopidis, Pelops, Pelor, Pentheus, Penthilos, Penthylos, Pereithos, Pergasos, Perdikas, Peregrinos, Pereus, Periandros, Periapis, Perigenis, Periris, Perikleidas, Periklis, Periklymenos, Perilaos, Perileos, Perillos, Perimidis, Perimos, Pernthos, Peripoltas, Peristhenis, Perifas, Perifimos, Perifitis, Perseus, Perseus, Persia, Peteos, Petraios, Pefkeidis, Pefkestis, Pefketios, Pegasus, Pidasos, Pilegon, Pileus, Pinelleos, Pidokos, Pidytis, Pietlos, Pititios, Pistatas, Pindaros, Pistos, Pistos Pleisthenes, Pleistinetus, Pleistainos, Pleistarchus, Pleistonax, Pleistolas, Plevron, Plimnaios, Plixippos, Plutarchos, Ploutiadis, Plotinos, Podaleirios, Podanemos, Podarkis, Podis, Poias, Polemarchos, Polemocratis, Polemon, Poliagros, Poliliarchos, Polishis, Poliochos, Politis, Politis Polyaenos, Polyanthis, Polyarchos, Polyas, Polyviadis, Polyvios, Polyvos, Polyvotis, Polygnotos, Polygonos, Polydamas, Polydamidas, Polydectis, Polydefkis, Polydoros, Polyeidis, Polyevktos, Polyzilos, Polyidos, Polykaon, Polykleitos, Polyklis, Polykratis, Polykritos, Polyktor, Polylaos, Polymedon, Polymidis, Polymistor, Polymnistos, Polymnis, Polyneikis, Polynikos, Polyxenidas, Polyxenos, Polypedis, Polypeithis, Polypoitis, Polyprepon, Polysthenis, Polyspearchon, Polystratos, Polytropos, Polyfeidis, Polyfimos, Polyfondis, Polyfradmon, Polyfron, Polycharis, Polycharidas, Polycharmos, Porthaon, Portheas, Porphyrion, Poseidippos, Poseidon, Poseidon, Possis, Potamon, Prainestos, Pranichos, Praxagoras, Praxandros, Praxiadis, Praxias, Praxivoulos, Praxidamas, Praxiergos, Praxileos, Praxinos, Praxitas, Praxitelis, Pratinas, Pravlos, Ambassador, Praggenis, Priamos, Priapos, Prias, Priasos, Priolas, Prion, Proenos, Prodikos, Prothoinor, Prothoos, Prothonon, Proitos, Proklis, Proklos, Prolaos, Prolochos, Promathion, Promachos, Promeus, Promitheus, Promithos, Provonos, Pronoos, Proxenidas, Consul, Propis, Propodas, Prumnis, Prousias, Prymneus, Pronax, Proreus, Proros, Protagoras, Protarchos, Proteas, Protesilaos, Proteus, Protogenis, Protolaos, Protomachos, Protos, Protofanis, Pteleon, Pterelaos, Ptolemaios, Ptolichos, Ptoos, Pygmalion, Pythagelos, Pythagoras, Pythainetos, Pytharetos, Pythaarchos, Pytheas, Pythermos, Pythios Pythytos, Pythotos Pythothod, Pythis, Pythogenis Pythostratos, Pythosoros, Pythofanis, Pythonax, Pyladis, Pylaimonis, Pylaios, Pylartis, Pylas, Pylaon, Pylos, Pyraichmis, Pyrassos, Pyrgion, Pyris, Pyrilampis, Pyripnos, Pyrandros, Pyrrias, Pyrrichos, Pyrrion, Pyrrolochos, Pyrros, Pyrron, Pyatilos, Pollianos, Polos.

Radamanthis, Radios, Raros, Rixinor, Rixivios, Risos, Rigmos, Rinthon, Rodippos, Rodon, Roikos, Roufos.

Savinos, Sakadas, Sakas, Salagos, Salaithos, Salmoneus, Salynthos, Samvas, Samvavlas, Samippos, Samolas, Sandis, Sandokos, Sandokis, Sandon, Sannion, Sannirion, Sarampos, Sarpidon, Saron, Satyrion, Satyros, Saon, Sevros, Sethon, Seilinos, Seleadas, Selefkos, Sellos, Senekas, Senthis, Simos, Sirambos, Sthenelaidas, Sthenelaos, Sthenelas, Sthenelos, Stathis, Sthenonidas, Sivyrtios, Sithon, Sikinos, Silanion, Silanos, Silinos, Simaggelos, Simaristos Simmias, Simon, Simplikios, Simylos, Simon, Simonidis, Sipylos, Siromos, Sisyphus, Skaios, Skamon, Skellias, Skerdilaida, Skefros, Skiros, Skironas, Skiton, Skopas, Skythinos, Skyllias, Skyllis, Skymnos, Skyrios, Smerdis, Smikris, Smikrion, Smikythis, Smikythion, Smikythos, Smilis, Solon, Soos, Sousarion, Sofainetos, Sofilos, Sofios, Sophocles, Sophon, Sparadokos, Sparton, Sprthias, Speusippos, Spintharos, Spittalos, Stadievs, Stasanor, Staseas, Stasinas, Stafylos, Stentor, Steropis, Stefanos, Stisagora, Stisandros, Stisinor, Stisiklis, Stisilaos, Stisimbrotos, Stisichoros, Stilvidis, Stilvis, Stilpon, Stomios, Stravax, Stratarchas, Strabo, Stratios, Stratovatis, Stratodimos, Stratoklis, Stratolas, Stratonikos, Straton, Strepsiadis, Stroggylion, Strofakos, Strymodoros, Stymfalos, Styfon, Syagros, Sydaras, Syvariadis, Collectors, Syloson, Synoron, Sfairos, Sfilos, Sfittos, Sfyros, Schedios, Schinouse, Sogenis, Sodamas, Sodammos, Sokleidis, Soklis, Sokos, Socrates, Socrates, Somis, Sopatros, Sopolis, Soranos, Sosthenes, Sosias, Sosivios, Sosigenis, Sositheos, Sosiklis, Sosikratis, Sosilos, Sosimenis, Sosimos, Sosinomos, Sosipatros, Sosis, Sosistratos, Sosifanis, Sosos, Sostratios, Sostratos, Sotadis, Sotiridas, Sotirichos, Sotion, Sofanis, Sofilos, Sofroniskos, Sofron.

Talaos, Talthyvios, Talos, Tantalos, Targitaos, Tarkynios, Tavreas, Tavrio, Tafios, Evros, Tegyrios, Tiresias, Telamon, Teleas, Teledamos, Telenikos, Telesarchos, Telesas, Telesiadas, Telesias, Telesikratis, Telesinikos, Telestagoras, Telestas, Telesforos, Telechogoras, Teleftas, Pileleftias, Teleon, Telis, Telli, Tellias, Tellis, Tellos, Telhin, Tenaros, Terpandos, Terpiadis, Terpsias, Terpsiklis, Terpsikratis, Terpsion, Teuthras, Tefkros, Teftamyas, Teutamos, Teutiaplos, Technon, Teideus, Televoas, Telegonos, Teledamos, Telekleidis, Teleklis, Tileklos, Telemachos, Tilemos, Telefanis, Tilefos, Timenos, Tireus, Tiris, Tigasis, Tithonos, Timagenis, Timagoras, Timainetos, Timaios, Timalkos, Timandridas, Timandros, Timanthis, Timanoridas, Timanor, Timaratos, Timaris, Timarchis, Timarchos, Timasarchos, Timasitheos, Timasion, Timachidas, Timas, Timigenidis, Timisianax, Timisitheos, Timisios, Timodimos, Timotheos, Timoklis, Timocrates, Timocrates, Timokritos, Timolaos, Timoleon, Timomachos, Timoxenos, Timosthenes, Timostratos, Timocharis, Timofanis, Timocharis, Timon, Timonax, Tisagoras, Tissamenos, Tissandros, Tisiadis, Tisias, Tisikratis, Tisimachos, Tisifonos, Titakos, Titan, Titanos, Titios, Typhis, Tlipolemos, Tlisias, Tiolos, Tolmaios, Tolmidis, Toxeus, Torilaos, Trichos, Trikolonos, Triopas, Triptolemos, Triton, Trifylos, Tryfon, Tros, Tydas, Tydeus, Tymnis, Tyndareos, Tyndarichos, Tunnichos, Tyndonas, Tyrannos, Tyrtaios, Tyrtamos, Typhous, Typhon, Tychios, Tychon.

Yples, Ylos, Ymenios, Ymen, Ypatis, Hypatodoros, Yperinor, Yperis, Yperidis, Yperion,, Ypermenis, Yperochos, Yperfas, Yrievs, Ismon, Ypsyus, Ypsinor, Ypsiklis, Ypsikratis.

Fagros, Phaethon, Phaidimos, Phaedrias, Phaedros, Phaidon, Phaidonas, Faneas, Fainippos, Fainops, Faistos, Phaitos, Faion, Falakos, Falanthos, Falaris, Faliros, Falias, Falinos, Falios, Falkis, Fanagoras, Fanis, Fanias, Fanodimos, Fanoklis, Fanokritos, Fanomachos, Fanos, Fanosthenis, Fanostratos, Fantis, Anyway, Faris, Farsalos, Fassos, Phaseon, Failos, Faon, Feidas, Feidias, Feidippidis, Feidippos, Feidolas, Feidon, Feraklis, Fereklos, Ferekratis, Ferekidis, Ferenikos, Fereus, Feris, Ferias, Figeus, Fimios, Fthios, Filagrios, Filaimon, Filaios, Filalithis, Filammon, Filaon, Fileas, Fileraitos, Filimon, Filisios, Filitas, Filitas, Filiadis, Filinos, Filippidis, Filippos, Filiskos, Filistion, Filistos, Filogenis, Filodimos, Filoitios, Filokleon, Filoklis, Filokratis, Filoktitis, Filokion, Philolaos, Philomilos, Philomnistos, Filonikos, Philonomos, Philoxenos, Philopimen, Philoponos, Filostefanos, Filostorgios, Filostratos, Filotimos, Filoumenos, Filofanis, Filoharis, Filocharidas, Philochoros, Phyllios, Philon, Filonas, Filonidis, Filotas, Phineus, Fintias, Dintylos, Flegias, Flegon, Flias, Flogidas, Fovos, Phoividas, Phoivos, Fotios, Folas, Foleidis, Foleas, Folos, Forvas, Forvos, Forkis, Formis, Formion, Foronevs, Frasias, Frasidamos, Frasikleidis, Frasimos, Frasias, Frasios, Frastor, Frikias, Frikios, Frikon, Frixos, Frontidas, Frontis, Frynis, Fryniskos, Frynichos, Frynon, Fykiadas, Fylakos, Fylaarchos, Fylas, Fyleus, Fyllis, Fylomachos, Fylonomos, Fyromachos, Fyssios, Fytalos, Fokidis, Fokion, Fokos, Fokilidis.

Haireas, Hairedimos, Hairekratis, Haireleos, Hairestratos, Hairefanis, Hairefilos, Hairefon, Hairimon, Charisileos, Chairidas, Chairon, Chaironas, Haitos, Chalkodon, Halkon, Chameleon, Harax, Haris, Chariadis, Charidimos, Charidas, Charidimos, Harikleidis, Hariklis, Charilaos, Harinadis, Harinos, Harikinos, Harippos, Charisandros, Charitimidis, Chariton, Harmantidis, Harmidis, Harminos, Harmippos, Harmis, Harmolaos, Charmos, Charoiadis, Haropinos, Haropos, Harops, Chartas, Charonda, Cheilon, Heimon, Heirisofos, Chiromachos, Chiron, Hersias, Hersidamas, Hersikratis, Hersis, Hersifron, Hilas, Hileos, Hilon, Chionis, Chion, Choirilos, Chremis, Chremon, Chremonidis, Christodimos, Christodoros, Chromis Chromios, Chromon, Chrysaor, Chrysermos, Chrysis, Chrysippos, Chrysogonos, Chrysothemis, Chrysos.

Ogyus, Okeanos, Okelos, Okialos, Okitos, Olenias, Olin, Orion, Oros, Otos, Ops.


Ava, Avro, Avroti, Agathokleia, Agamidi, Aganiki, Aghanippi, Agaristi, Agavi, Aggelia, Agisistrati, Aglaia, Aglais, Aglaoniki, Aglaopi, Aglaofimi, Aglaiopia Agnio, Agravlos, Agravlos, Agnagora, Agnagora , Achirroi, Agonis, Adea, Adianti, Adiatomos, Aditi, Admiti, Adrasteia, Adristi, Aditi, Aella, Aello, Aellopou, Aeria, Aeropi, Aetia, Athena, Athinais, Athino, Athini, Aiaia, Aiai, Aegean, Aegean, Aegli, Aegliis, Aodesia, Aido, Aetheria, Ethylla, Aethusa, Aithra, Aimylia, Ainareti, Ainiti, Ainioni, Aeoli, Aeolia, Aero, Aisalika, Aikris, Aischrilis, Aeschylus Akallaris, Akanthis, Akasti, Akesso, Akmi, Akriti, Aktaia, Aktis, Aktoris, Alexandra, Althaia, Alia, Alimidi, Alifiraia, Alkathoi, Alkandri, Alkiokini, Adkime Alkidiki, Alkithoi Alkithoi Alopi, Alphesivia, Amadryas, Amazon, Amaryllis, Ambrosia, Amoini, Ambelis, Amykla, Amymoni, Amphithea, Amphitheimis, Amphithoi, Amphikleia, Amphinomi, Amphirroi, Amphitrite, Anaxivia, Anaxirroi, Anaxis, Anaxo, Andromachi, Andromeda, Anthiis, Antheia, Antitio, Antitilia Antikleia, Anthippi, Antia Axiokersa, Apothysini, Argeia, Argeli, Argi, Argiopi, Arethousa, Areia, Arigonis, Arias, Arini, Ariti, Ariadni, Arisvi, Aristodimi, Aristomachi, Aristoniki, Arki, Armonia,  Arni, Arsinoe, Artemis, Archeanassa, Archediki, Archia, Archidiki, Asia, Askri, Aspasia, Asteria, Asterodeia, Asteropia, Asteropia, Asteropia, Astraanassa, Astyanassia, Astydamia, Astylantitia, Astyos, Astynomimi, Astyomi Avgi, Avdata, Avxo, Avri, Automati, Automedousa, Autonoi, Aphrodite.

Bacchis, Varketis, Vassilo, Vatia, Vatis, Vavo, Vevryki, Velistichi, Venthesikimi, Vereniki, Veroi, Via, Vithy, Vilistichi, Vistonis, Vitali, Vrisia, Vraryki, Vrosi, Voui, Vombyki, Vmouki Vrylli, Vryo, Vrymo.

Gaia, Galatia, Galini, Ganymede, Garamandis, Genetyllis, Geististrati, Glafki, Glaukippi, Glafkothea, Glaukothoi, Glaukonomi, Glaukokopis, Glykera, Glyki, Gnathena, Gongyla, Gorgi, Gorgofoni, Gorgyra, Gorgo, Grammi, Grimaia, Gyrina.

Daira, Damia, Damno, Damo, Danai, Davlis, Dafni, Deinomachi, Deino, Dexameni, Dexithea, Despina, Dianeira, Deidameia, Diopeia, Dioopi, Deipili, Deifovi, Dimaeneti, Dimareti, Dimitir, Dimodiki, Dimoniki, Dimofili, Dimocharis, Dimo, Dimonassa, Diro, Zeus, Dido, Diki, Dindymi, Diogenia, Diokleia, Diomedia, Diomidis, Dioni, Dionysia, Diopi, Diotima, Dirki, Dionassa, Dioni, Dioxippi, Drimo, Drossi, Drosilla, Driopi, Dryopi, Dynameni, Dodoni, Dora, Dorippi, Dorei, Dotia, Dotis, Doto.

Edothaia, Eidothea, Ethodaia, Eidomeni, I See, Eileithia, Irini, Ekavi, Ekakergi, Ekali, Ekamidi, Ekati, Elais, Elara, Elatia, Eleni, Eleftho, Eliki, Elikonis, Elli, Elpiniki, Enareti, Endidis, Enipo, Endediki, Enio, Exoli, Epikasti, Epilais, Epipoli, Erasiklia, Erato, Erivia, Erithakis, Eristhenia, Eritimos, Eritimi, Erifili, Eriopis, Ermioni, Ermippi, Ermodili, Erpyllis, Ersi, Erytheia, Erythra, Erymanthi, Eryxo, Erysiki, Espera, Esperis, Etaira, Eteoklymeni, Estia, Evagori, Evadni, Evaichmi, Evandri, Evanthi, Evardi, Evareti, Evarni, Evia, Evvouli, Evvoti, Enoti, Evdora, Evinia, Evinini, Eviri, Efthymia, Evippi, Efkranti, Evlimeni, Eumeidi, Evmolpi, Euniki, Evnomia, Evxanthi, Evpobi, Evryali, Evryanassa, Evryvia, Evridami, Evridiki, Evri Themis, Evritoi, Evri, Evrykleia, Evrykydi, Evrymedi, Evrymedousa, Evrynomi, Evripili, Evryteli, Evriti, Evryfaessa, Europe, Evroto, Efterpi, Efimi, Efimia, Efrosini, Evopis, Echekratia.

Zevxippi, Zevxo, Zenobia.

Ivi, Hegemony, Igeria, Igisandra, Igisipyli, Igitoria, Idyli, Hetioni, Iioni, Electra, Electryoni, Ilias, Imithea, Iniochi, Ipioni, Hera, Irigoni, Irina, Herophili, Iro, Hesioni, Isychia, Hephaestine, Echo, Ioni, Eo.

Thais, Thalassa, Thalia, Thalolo, Thanaki, Theano, Aunt, Theiantis, Theiantini, Thelxinoi, Thelxipia, Thelposa, Themis, Themistonoi, Themisto, Theodotis, Theoklia, Theonoi, Theopi, Theofani, Theofano, Therapni, Thespia, Thespias, Thetis, Thebes, Thoi, Thoosa, Thrassa, Thrya, Thyia, Thymaridi, Thyoni.

Ino, Iera, Iambi, Anasa, Ianthi, Iaso, Iachi, Idaia, Eidi, Idia, Ieroklia, Ieromnimi, Ilaiera, Ino, Iodamia, Ioessa, Iokasti, Ioli, Ioni, Iopi, Ippareti, Ippodameia, Ippodiki, Ippozygos, Ippothoi, Ippokrati, Ippolyti, Ipponi, Ipponoi, Ipponomi, Ipppo, Iris, Irra, Isaia, Isis, Issini, Ismenia, Issinia, History, Powerful, Itaia, Itoni, Iyx, Ipherim, Ifianassa, Ifianeira, Iphigenia, Ifimedia, Ifimedusa, Ifimethia, Iffenoe, Ifinomi, Ifis, Io.

Kaveira, Kalaithis, Kalamitis, Kaliandi, Kalianassa, Kallianiera, Kallidiki, Kallithoi, Kallikriti, Kallinia, Kallixena, Kalliopi, Kallirroi, Kallisti, Kallistrati, Kallisto, Kallifania, Kalyki, Calypso, Kalchinia, Kamarina, Kameiro, Kanaki, Kanaki, Kampili, Karmi, Karpo, Kassandra, Kassiopeia, Kassiopi, Kassifoni, Kassotis, Kastalia, Kastianeira, Keghros, Kelaino, Kerdo, Kerthi, Kerkiis, Kito, Killa, Kirki, Kirra, Kissitha, Kissisi, Klearisti, Klisi, Kleisidiki, Kleitagora, Kliti, Kliti, Kleito, Klio, Kleovoia, Kleovouli, Kleodiki, Kleodoxi, Kleodora, Kleola, Kleoniki, Kleopatra, Kleofili, Cleocharia, Cleoni, Klisidiki, Kliso, Klonei, Klonia, Klymeni, Klytaimnistra, Klytia, Klytippi, Klytodora, Klotho, Koia, Kandis, Koisyra, Kokkalini, Kolymbas, Komatho, Corinna, Koronis, Kottyto, Kranai, Krnaichmi, Kreousa, Krino, Kristi, Kroessa, Krokali, Ktisylla, Ktimeni, Kiani, Kyveli, Kydippi, Kyllini, Kymatoligi, Kimi, Kymodomi, Kymodoki, Kymothoi, Kymopolia, Kymo, Kyna, Kyniska, Kynna, Kino, Kironi, Korikia.

Maia, Myra, Makaria, Makko, Makris, Malthaki, Mania, Manto, Marpissa, Marsi, Megara, Megalostrati, Megamidi, Meganeira, Megara, Megilla, Meglito, Medontias, Medoutisa, Methalpanthi, Melaina, Melana, Melantho Melia, Melivoia, Melili, Melini, Melinno, Melikso, Melissa, Melistichi, Melitia, Meliti, Melpia, Melpomeni, Memphis, Menestho, Menippi, Meropi, Messini, Metaneira, Metopi, Midesikasti, Medea, Mithymna, Milobosis, Mistra, Mita, Mitiadousa, Mitis, Mitichi, Mideia, Miltos, Minyas, Mnemosyne, Mnisareti, Mnisimachi, Mnisifilos, Mnistra, Molpadia, Molpia, Monimi, Morfo, Moschoina, Motyi, Mia, Mycenae, Myrinia, Mirtiria, Myrmidoni, Myrni Myrtoessa, Myrto, Myro.

Nais, Naias, Nanno, Navsithoi, Nafsika, Neira, Nevrophoni, Neda, Neititis, Nemeas, Nemesis, Neovouli, Neomiris, Nefeli, Nilo, Nimertis, Niris, Massai, Niso, Nikogora, Nikandra, Nikareti, Nikasipolis, Niki, Nikippi, Nikovouli, Nikodiki, Nikothoi, Nikostrati, Nikotelia, Nikilla, Niko, Niovi, Nomia, Nosis, Nyssa, Nisiis, Nycheia, Nonakris.

Xanthi, Xanthippi, Xanthis, Xantho, Xenea, Xenodiki, Xenoklia, Xenokriti, Xenilla.

Othrisi, Oia, Ovi, Oimi, Oinoi, Ompali, Oinoni, Olympias, Olympousa, Omphali, Opora, Orei, Ortheia, Orsediki, Orsiis, Orsinomi, Otriri, Ourania.

Pakati, Pamfili, Pamphyli, Panakeia, Pandaia, Pandei, Pandrosos, Pandora, Panthalis, Pannychis, Panopi, Panteidia, Pantika, Paria, Parthenia, Parthenis, Parthenopi, Parthenos, Pasithea, Pasitho, Pasito, Pasiphae, Patro, Pedias, Peitho, Peirini, Peisidiki, Peisinoi, Pelargi, Pelopia, Pelopia, Penthesileia, Perialla, Periapis, Perivoia, Periklymeni, Periktioni, Perimenei, Petairiti, Perimeli, Pesi, Periniki, Percy Piro, Pieria, Pitani, Pityis, Plathani, Plagon, Plakia, Pleiada, Plioni, Plixavri, Pluto, Podargi, Podarki, Polargi, Polyvoia, Polydamna, Polydora, Polykasti, Polykleia, Polymidi, Polymili, Polymnia, Polynoi, Polyxniki, Plixraxi, Paxraxo, Proxo, Pontoporia, Pragoria Prokris, Promenia, Pronoi, Prosymna, Prymno, Protogenia, Protomedia, Protomedousa, Proto, Pythioniki, Pylargi, Pyrallis, Pyrgo, Pyrini, Pyrippi, Pyrra.

Radini, Rea, Rigilla, Rini, Rodia, Rodi, Rodia, Rodippi, Rodokleia, Rodopi, Rhodes, Rodopis, Roio.

Seisara, Salpi, Sappho, Satyra, Sao, Seilini, Sirin, Selana, Selani, Selini, Semeli, Sthenevoia, Stheneli, Stheno, Sibylla, Sigi, Sidi, Sidiro, Sidirotha, Simaitha, Simepi, Simihoi, Sinoi, Sinoi Stilvi, Stratoniki, Stryvili, Strymo, Stygni, Styx, Sosandra, Soso.

Taygeti, Teleshoth, Telesilla, Teledogora, Terpsikrati, Terpsichori, Tithys, Telediki, Telegoni, Telefasa, Tiridai, Tirisa, Tiasa, Tisamori, Tilfousa, Timia, Timoniomiomia, Timancra, Tiramra, Timareti, Timareti Titani, Tifisi, Toxokrati, Toudo, Trito, Tryfaina, Tryfera, Tyria, Tyro, Tychi.

Yada, Yakinthos, Ygia, Yeli, Hymns, Hypatia, Hyperipi, Hypernistra, Hyperochi, Yrmini, Yrnitho, Ypsipyli.

Phaethousa, Faina, Phaedra, Fainagori, Fainareti, Faino, Fanostrati, Fano, Farti (Fari), Fereniki, Feretimi, Ferousa, Fimonoi, Fino, Fthia, Fila, Fileineti, Fileinis, Filiratis, Filini, Filina, Filista, Philodamia, Filodiki, Filomachi, Filomedousa, Filomila, Filonoi, Filonomi, Filoxeni, Filyra, Filo, Filonis, Filotera, Fovi, Foivis, Phoebe, Fori, Forroni, Fronimi, Phryni, Filiis, Fyllis, Fylonoi, Fylo, Fyi, Fysadia.

Harestrati, Chalkiopi, Hariklia, Hariklo, Haris, Harisia, Charito, Harmion, Harmioni, Chnothophyli, Chioni, Chloe, Chlora, Chromia, Chrysanthis, Chrysarion, Chrysi, Chrysiis, Chrysilla, Chrysippi, Chrysogenia, Chrysogonis, Chrysothemis, Chrysopeleia, Chrysorthi.

Psamathia, Psamathi, Psofis.

Ogygia, Okalia, Oceanini, Okythoi, Okypeti, Okyroroi, Oreithyia.


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Popular Ancient Greek names in English include Alexander, Helen, Sophia, and Nicholas. These names have historical significance and continue to be widely used today.

Cool old Greek names can vary depending on personal preferences, but some examples include Achilles, Odysseus, Persephone, Pandora, and Theseus. These names have a strong historical and mythological significance, which adds to their cool factor.

You can explore ancient texts, mythology, and historical sources to find unique Ancient Greek names for your baby. Websites and books dedicated to Greek mythology and history can provide valuable resources for name inspiration.

Ancient Greek names often have deep meanings rooted in mythology, religion, or cultural significance. For example, the name “Athena” is derived from the Greek goddess of wisdom, while “Apollo” is associated with the god of music, poetry, and light.

While many Ancient Greek names have distinct gender associations, some names can be considered gender-neutral. Examples include Alexios, Kallias, and Panagiotis, which can be used for both boys and girls.

Absolutely! Ancient Greek names have transcended their original cultural boundaries and are widely used by people from various backgrounds. As long as you appreciate the historical and cultural significance, you can choose an Ancient Greek name for your child regardless of your heritage.

  1. What are some popular Ancient Greek names translated into English?

    • Some popular Ancient Greek names translated into English are Alexander, Helen, Sophia, and Nicholas. These names have maintained their popularity and cultural significance throughout history.

To find English equivalents of Ancient Greek names, you can refer to historical texts, mythology books, or online resources dedicated to Ancient Greek naming conventions. These sources often provide translations or adaptations of Greek names into English.

Ancient Greek names in English often carry historical and mythological significance. They reflect the rich cultural heritage of Ancient Greece and can be seen as a way to honor the past and embrace the enduring influence of Greek civilization.

Yes, there are gender-specific Ancient Greek names that have translations in English. For instance, names like Aphrodite, Persephone, and Artemis are associated with female figures in Greek mythology, while names like Zeus, Apollo, and Hermes are associated with male figures.

Absolutely! Using an Ancient Greek name in English for your child is a personal choice. These names have transcended their original language and cultural context and can be embraced by anyone who appreciates their meaning and historical significance.

Popular names in ancient Greece varied over time, but some common names included Alexander, Ares, Apollo, Demeter, Helen, Jason, and Persephone. These names often reflected the mythology, culture, and values of ancient Greek society.

Zeno is a Greek name that means “gift of Zeus” or “God’s gift.” It is derived from the Greek name Zenon, which has roots in ancient Greek mythology and philosophy. Zeno was also the name of a renowned philosopher, Zeno of Citium, who founded the Stoic school of philosophy.

Yes, Paris is a Greek name. In Greek mythology, Paris was a prince of Troy and a key figure in the Trojan War. The name Paris has its origins in ancient Greek literature and remains popular in various cultures today.

Beauty is subjective, but some Greek names often considered beautiful include Sophia, Aurora, Ariadne, Callista, and Evangeline. These names not only sound melodious but also carry a sense of elegance and grace, making them popular choices for many parents.

One rare Greek name is “Xanthippe,” which means “yellow horse.” Another rare name is “Melanthios,” which translates to “dark flower.” These names are not as commonly used as some others, making them unique and distinctive choices.

The ancient Greeks referred to their own land as “Hellas” (Ἑλλάς) and themselves as “Hellenes” (Ἕλληνες). These names were used to identify the country and its people in ancient times.

The Greek name for angel is “Άγγελος” (Ángelos). It is derived from the Greek word for “messenger” or “messenger of God.” In Greek mythology and religious context, Ángelos is used to refer to heavenly beings or messengers from the divine realm.


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