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Greece News

The first Greek newspaper was published In Vienna in 1784 at the time of the dissemination of the ideas of enlightenment and in the area of ​​the Greek diaspora. The first official Greek newspaper is the "Efimeris". It is the oldest Greek newspaper of which issues have survived till today

Greek community newspapers

Greek News – USA

National Herald – New York

Eleftheria – UK

Greek  Tribune Australia

Daily Greek newspapers

I Kathimerini (Greek: Η Καθημερινή, pronounced [i kaθimeriˈni], meaning “The Daily”) is a daily morning newspaper published in Athens. Its first edition was printed on September 15, 1919. It is published in the Greek language, as well as in an abridged English-language edition.

Ta Nea (Greek: Τα Νέα; Translation: The News) is a daily newspaper published in Athens. It was owned by Lambrakis Press Group (DOL), which also published the newspaper To Vima. The assets of DOL were acquired in 2017 by Alter Ego Media S.A.

I Vradyni, or simply Vradyni (Greek: Η Βραδυνή), meaning “the evening (newspaper)”, is an Athens-based nationally published Greek newspaper. It has a liberal approach to the economy and is a traditional right-wing friendly newspaper in the country.

 It was founded in 1876 as a literary magazine and then in 1894 has been transformed into a newspaper, making it Greece’s oldest daily newspaper still in circulation. Hestia is widely regarded as right wing in terms of political alignment and most often referred to as “conservative” and “nationalist” and is readily distinguishable as the only Greek newspaper still employing the old-fashioned polytonic system of accentuation.


(‘The Victory’)- Political affiliation

Weekly Greek newspapers

Greek regional/local newspapers

Newspaper published in Ioannina, Epirus.

Aigio based weekly newspaper

Weekly newspaper serving western Greece

Weekly newspaper serving the northern Peloponnese

Dimotiko Mellon – Piraeus

Eleftheria – Larissa

Neoi Agones – Epirus

Evrytanika – Karpenisi

Kilkis Today

Enimerosi – Corfu

Mileika Nea – Milos

Nafpaktia News – Nafpaktos

Orizontes – Kastoria

Xronos – Komotini

Voria – Thessaloniki