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Discover a piece of paradise

Greece has a large number of islands. More than 6.000 islands and islets are scattered in the Aegean and the Ionian Sea. Only 227 are inhabited and offer archaeological sites, architectural heritage and fascinating local traditions. With so many islands, one can find the favorite spot, an island forgotten by time or a cosmopolitan one with luxuries and parties. Many prefer to island hop in search for the perfect island.

The Greek islands are one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world and are the perfect setting for holidays full of sun and sea.
Everyone who has visited one of the many Greek islands has witnessed the immense natural beauty and admits that something similar has not met anywhere else in the world.

Although all Greek islands have an unforgettable charm and beauty, every island is unique without looking like any other. By choosing the Ionian Islands you will feel the Venetian influence intensely while visiting the Cyclades will overwhelm the traditional style that prevails everywhere in the atmosphere.

If you really want to spend your holidays on the Greek islands, you have many choices. Wherever you go you will find what you are asking because all the islands offer something for everyone, even for the most discerning visitors. Be sure that these holidays will be unforgettable.

The Cyclades Islands are the most famous holiday destination in Greece. There are 39 islands, of which 24 are habitable, all known by the whitewashed churches that dominate majestically in every tourist print, creating a contrast to the deep blue of the sky and the sea.

Among them are Mykonos, Santorini, Naxos and Paros, among the most popular islands of Greece and foreign tourists.

Apart from the remarkable points of interest that can be visited, they offer guests, many entertainment venues such as bars, cafes, restaurants, clubs as well as the opportunity to develop any kind of activity.

The Dodecanese is located at the northeastern edge of the Aegean Sea and constitutes another popular tourist destination. The islands of the Dodecanese Islands offer great destinations for enjoyable holidays. The Islands of Rhodes, Kos, Symi, and Karpathos are among the largest and most famous islands of the Dodecanese, which attract a large number of visitors in the summer.

With beautiful beaches and interesting sights to visit, the islands offer something special to their guests.

The Dodecanese combines natural beauty with a remarkable history and offers the visitor unique touristic scenery as well as many options for quiet or intense holidays.

Although many of the islands are relatively well known, all of them are an ideal holiday destination with a Greek character. Among them are Chios, Lesvos, Samos, islands with immense beaches, crystal clear waters and unique natural landscapes.

Each island has its own beauty and charm and offers its guests an alternative proposition, against the crowds and a wide variety of suggestions that have the biggest and popular islands.

These are the most popular islands of Greece, where the visitor can enjoy a peaceful holiday, and relax away from the stress of everyday life.

At the western end of the Greek Sea are the Ionian Islands or else the Ionian Islands where everywhere the Venetian element is strongly dominated. The architecture of the buildings is a characteristic example of the Venetian domination in the past, mainly in the old town of Corfu, which is one of the most important sights of the island.

Apart from Corfu, all the Ionian Islands, such as Zakynthos, Kefalonia, and Ithaca, have their own scenery that differs completely from the Cyclades.

The stunning natural beauties of the Ionian Islands, such as endless beaches with blue-green waters and golden sandy beaches, are unforgettable images for every visitor.

The Argosaronic islands are one of the busiest tourist destinations with easy access as they are very close to the port of Piraeus and the coast of the Peloponnese. Aegina is the largest island of Argosaronikos and the closest to the port of Piraeus, while Spetses, Poros, and Hydra are farther but the distance between them is small.

The islands have wonderful beaches ideal for summer excursions and not only. Whatever of the Saronic Islands and visit, be sure to enjoy your every moment there as each has its own distinct beauty and magic.

Guests who travel to central and northern Greece have the opportunity to visit the beautiful Sporades Islands. These include Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and Skyros, which are destinations of unique natural beauty and tranquility.

Surrounded by rich vegetation, they offer the visitor moments of relaxation and quiet away from the intense rhythms of everyday life.

Skyros belongs to the Sporades and is located in the northeast of Evia. It is a beautiful island, with authentic character, natural beauties and excellent tourist organization ideal for enjoyable holidays of calm and relaxation.

Floating in the Mediterranean, a stop in front of Africa, you arrive in beautiful Crete, the largest island of Greece. Crete itself is a small state where each region has something special to showcase. In Crete, the visitor can find the holiday that he dreams depends on the area he chooses.

Elsewhere there are complete calmness and elsewhere intense life and fun. If you love adventure, Crete is the ideal destination for exploring and wandering even on the most rugged points of the island. Just dare it.

Euboea(Evia) is the second largest island in Greece after Crete and is an ideal destination for holidays and trips all year round. With easy access, especially from the Chalkida bridge, which is only 1 hour away from Athens, Euboea is the ideal holiday destination but also excursions and pleasant weekends.

As you are in Euboea, there are plenty of suggestions to browse. Chalkis and Eretria in Central Evia, Edipsos and Rovies in Northern Evia and Karystos and Marmaris in southern Euboea.

In Euboea, you will find beautiful beaches, green mountains, and many interesting sights, as well as museums of varied themes, archaeological sites and many churches and monasteries worth visiting.