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Chios region

Chios region

Holidays on the Island of Shipowners

The prefecture of Chios consists of the island of Chios and the Oinousse. Chios is an island of the eastern Aegean Sea and the fifth largest in the country, while it is very close to the coast of Asia Minor.

Chios at a glance

Its territory is mostly mountainous and only to the south and east there are lowlands. The existence of the island is lost in the depths of the centuries, as there are finds from the prehistoric times, the Neolithic age and the copper age. This is evidenced by the many archaeological sites, castles and entire settlements of the island. The island of shipowners is known for the famous mastic, which only thrives on the territory of Chios (the species), oil, figs, etc. It is the place of birth of great personalities of antiquity, but also of modern times, such as the mathematicians Hippocrates and Oenopidis and the incomparable Mikis Theodorakis, while claiming the title of Homer’s birthplace.

The city of Chios

The capital and most important port is the city of Chios, which is the commercial and administrative center of the island. There are all public services and banks and all kinds of shops. Also, several hotels, restaurants, cafes and entertainment centers, while a short distance from the city (7 km) is Chios airport. The destination is not only the capital since on the island there are 65 villages and settlements, each with its own, special interest. Some are tourist resorts and some others have archaeological and historical interest. Some are renowned for the landscape of natural beauty that surrounds them, and there are settlements known for their customs and traditions.


These are the villages where the mastic trees are thriving. Pyrgi, Emborios, Armolia, Elata, Kalamoti, Lithi, Mesta and Limenas are just some of these villages that have linked their name to the island of Chios. The largest settlement, after the capital, is the coastal town of Vrontados. It is known for the famous rocket warfare, during the Anastasios operation, between the parishes of Saint Mark and Panayia of Erythani. The captain’s village has excellent tourist infrastructure and receives many visitors, especially during the summer months.

Other Destinations

Other villages are Volissos, located about 40 km northwest of the city of Chios, and gives you access to the pilgrimage of St. Markella and Kardamyla with its marvelous marina. Karyes full of plane trees, the square and the fountain with crystal clear water, the Avgonima with the amazing view, etc. Also, a visit to the homeland of Konstantinos Kanaris, Psara and the green Oinousses with its beautiful settlement and stunning beaches must be on your schedule.


Visit the city of Chios and the Castle of Chios that is still inhabited today. Museums, Archaeological, Byzantine and Nautical and the Library of Korais. The village-monument Anavatos and the village Pyrgi. The Temple of Athena in Emborios and Nea Moni (11th century), near Avgonima. The Holy Pilgrimage of St. Markella near Volissos and the Castle in the same settlement, the many monasteries scattered on the island, etc.


Agia Fotia, Agia Markella, Agia Dynami, Karfas, Megas Limnionas, Tigani, Trachilia, Managros. Mavra Volias, Kato Fana, Yiona, Vroulidia, Vlychada, Gyaliskari, Lithi, Didyma, Agios Isidoros, Kambia, Makronos Ammos, Elinda and others.