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The island of long life

Ikaria is an island of the northeastern Aegean Sea and administratively belongs to the prefecture of Samos.

Ikaria at a glance

Most of it is mountainous and is characterized by dense vegetation, rivers, mountains (to the north) and steep rocky ravines (to the south). Other features of the island are the picturesque settlements, the many thermal springs and the beautiful and special beaches. Also worth mentioning are the relaxed lifestyles prevailing throughout Ikaria and perhaps this is one of the reasons why the island ranks among the world’s highest life expectancy.


Agios Kirykos

The capital Agios Kirykos is also the largest port of the island. The town is built in the southeast and near the place where the ancient city of Thermai was located. The traditional Ikarian architecture, the paved streets, the beautiful neoclassical buildings and the picturesque square will impress you. It is worth visiting the museums, Archaeological and Folklore, the chapel of Ag. Kirykou but also the church of Agios Nikolaos, located in the square. In Agios Kirikos you will find all the public services and banks, and there are several accommodations and dining outlets. You can swim at the beach by the harbor or take advantage of the nearby beaches, such as Lefkada, 2 km west and Anefanti beach, 8 km NE of the settlement.


At a walking distance (3 km), there are Therma, a seaside village, known for its hot springs, from which it took its name. Each year, thousands of visitors are brought to the three hydrotherapy facilities that operate today, with tourist facilities being at a high level. On the sandy beach next to the harbor, you will enjoy the sea, while you can have your coffee and eat at the cafes and taverns right above.


Approximately 45 km NW of the capital is built the coastal settlement of Armenistis, one of the most popular and organized tourist resorts of the island. This translates into many accommodations, restaurants, taverns, cafes and other shops, which promise a comfortable and pleasant stay. It has a beach with crystal clear waters and quite organized, while on the east and a short distance you can enjoy two of the most famous and beautiful beaches of Ikaria, “Livadi” and “Messakti”.


Armenistis is the seaside village of Karavostamo. Built amphitheatrically and within a lush landscape, it is characterized by dense vegetation and running waters. For your bath there is the “Aris” beach, which ends with the homonymous torrent, creating a landscape of amazing beauty. Other destinations on the island of Ikaria are Evdilos, the old capital and second port of the island, Kampos, the Faros village, very close to the airport, the seaside village of Manganitis, which gives you access to the exotic Seychelles beach, Xylosyrtis, with the thermal spring known as “Immortal Water” and others.