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Kassandra is the most popular peninsula in Halkidiki, being close to Thessaloniki in comparison with the other two peninsulas, Sithonia and Mount Athos. Visitors can enjoy a charming place, well-known for its quality accommodation, hotels, apartments and studios for rent.

If you are looking for entertainment, Kassandra is the right place for you. The nightlife in Kassandra attracts people who can choose a lot of bars and clubs for spending their time. The Greek traditional taverns are all over the place and the combination of sandy beaches with crystal blue sea offers you a memorable holiday.

Guests can get information regarding the sightseeing in Kassandra from the hotels, having the possibility to visit, as the area offers a lot of sites and monuments, such as the Ancient Settlement in Afitos, the Sanctuary of Poseidon in Possidi, the castle and the canal in Potidea, the ancient ruins in Polygyros and many others.

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Cassandra or Kassandra

Was a daughter of King Priam and of Queen Hecuba of Troy in Greek mythology.

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Lake Mavromba Polychrono Three kilometers west of Polychrono, at an altitude of 300 m, this lake is of great ecological interest. It is a monument of nature (since 1997) and a unique wetland with two rare species of waterfowl. Around the lake there are hiking trails, springs and rare wild vegetation. Museum of Fishing Boats and Tools It is located in Nea Moudania, where ancient anchors, cotton nets, hooks for sea urchins and hooks are exposed. There are three-dimensional representations of fishing techniques, boat models and rich iconography.

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The rich pine forests of Halkidiki give honey of unique quality. The area also produces oil and olives, while in different villages you will find jams and sweets.

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HELKIDIKI KTEL: Athens: (210) – 8225148, (210) – 8226345 or (210) – 5152548, Thessaloniki: (2310) -316555, (2310) -316565, (2310) -316575, Polygyros: (23710) , Nea Moudania: (23730) -25055, (23730) -21228, KTEL-Kallitheas Station: (23740) -22214, (23740) -23714

TAXI: Nea Fokea: (23740) -81503, 6944 338931, Taxi Taxi Nea Fokea: (23740) -91200, Taxi Kallithea: (23740) – 91200 & 91333, Cassandra Taxi Services: (23740)

HOSPITALS – HEALTH CENTERS: General Polygyros Hospital: (23713) -50100, (237100-22130, Kassandria Health Center: (23743) -50000, New Moudania Health Center: (23733) -50000, N. Fokaas Regional Office: -81203

PHARMACEUTICALS: (Nea Fokea): (23740) -81900

Police Station of Kassandria: (23740) – 22204, Kassandra Fire Brigade: (23740) – 22199, Kassandra Forestry Office: (23740) – 22218

Kassandra is the peninsula of luxury and cosmic life, without being deprived of many natural beauties. You can choose between cosmopolitan and crowded tourist resorts such as Kallithea, Polichrono, Pefkofytos, dream locations such as Glarokavos and Posidi, or beautiful settlements such as Nea Fokea, Siviri, Agia Paraskevi, etc.

Between the peninsulas of Kassandra and Sithonia, there is the seaside settlement of Gerakini and the village of Agios Mamas with beautiful sandy beaches and a magnificent view of the Toroneos Gulf.

Kassandra is famous for its enchanting beaches, many of which have dense vegetation, golden sand and blue waters. The first beach is the beach of Nea Potidea with the turquoise waters and on the eastern side of the peninsula is the beach of Nea Fokea, organized beach of Afytos with sand and turquoise waters, the seaside settlement of Kallithea, the beach of Kriopigi Pigadakia) with white sand, Polychrono beach, the sandy beach of Hanioti and the enchanting beach of Pefkohori with the blue-green waters. At its southernmost end you will find Chryssi Ammos, Alonaki, Xina, Avlaki and Agios Georgios. On the southwest side are the wide sandy beach of Nea Skioni and the Mona Kalyva beach with pebbles and sand. On the west coast, finally, the most beautiful beaches are Posidia, Fourka, Siviri and Sani.

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East Coast


Possidi is a touristic village situated on the west coast of Kassandra. Being overlooked by the castle of Mende, Possidi is a peaceful place where you can find recreation.

Visitors can enjoy sunbathing on the sandy beach and swimming in the crystal water.

Pefkochori - Pefkohori

South East Coast


Pefkohori is a village located in the southeast of Kassandra peninsula. The name “Pefkohori” came from the pine trees that are everywhere in the mountains.

Pefkohori has a long boulevard and beach and what it’s the most interesting is that tourists can see the traditional taverns on one side and the magnificent view of Kassandra’s Gulf on the other side.
The Aegean Sea is all around the mountainous area of Pefkochori offering a splendid sight.

Nea Moudania

Norhern Coast

Nea Moudania

Nea Moudania is a popular holiday resort and it is located 60 km South of Thessaloniki and 27 km to the east of Poligyros. The beach is linked to Nea Moudania by a motorway. Tourists can enjoy the great sandy beaches, the taverns and the beach bars. A lot of accommodation options are ready for the visitors.

It is well-known the fact that The Yachting Club of Nea Moudania has received many awards in sailing and fishing. Nea Moudania is also involved in a major cultural activity, due to the fact that it hosts the only Technical Education Institute in Halkidiki.

Afytos - Afitos

Northeast Coast


Afitos(or Afytos) is a beautiful resort, located on the northesastern side of Kassandra peninsula in Halkidiki.
Afitos offers a large variety of accommodation for tourists, who can enjoy refreshing cocktails on the beach.

This place is also known because of its history, so you can find here the ancient millstone quarries, and also the biotopes where fish species come to spawn.
Toroneos gulf is another attraction for tourists who come to visit Afitos.

Skala Fourka

west coast

skala fourka

Fourka is a village situated in the mainland of Kassandra, more exactly on the west side of Kassandra, at a distance of 103 km from Thessaloniki.

Besides the relaxation on the sandy beach which is very long, tourists can find many churches in Fourka, and two of them are known as preserved monuments.

Chanioti - Hanioti - Chaniotis - Χανιώτης Χαλκιδικής

east coast


Hanioti(or Chaniotis) is an ideal resort for families and couples, located on the south east of Kassandra peninsula. Thessaloniki is at a distance of 60 minutes drive from Hanioti. You can find a lot of hotels with all facilities included, traditional taverns and numerous bars for entertainment.

The fine white sand and the crystal water represent the main attraction of Hanioti and the souvenir shops give tourists the chance to buy all the gifts they want.Travellers can explore the village by renting a car or motorbike.

Kallithea - Καλλιθέα

east coast


Kallithea represents a great attraction for tourists, meaning “nice view”. Located at a distance of 90 km from Thessaloniki, it is a beautiful destination of Kassandra peninsula, being one of the most cosmopolitan resorts from Halkidiki.

Visitors can find beautiful beaches and an active nightlife. For those interested in history, Kallithea offers you archaeological findings like the sanctuary of Ammon Zeus, whose temple was built during the 4th century B.C. Another historical sight is represented by the sanctuary of Dionysus and the Nymphs.

Nea Skioni - Νέα Σκιώνη

southwest coast

nea skioni

Nea Skioni is located in the south-east of Kassandra peninsula, at a distance of 110 km from Thessaloniki. The white sandy beaches and the splendid blue water expect the travelers to enjoy.

The inhabitans of Nea Skioni have as principal occupations: fishing, growing of olives and the beekeeping.
Nea Skioni is also known because of its harbor which is one of the largest of the Peninsula.
In a few words this is a great place where you can enjoy relaxation.

Siviri - Σίβηρη Χαλκιδικής

west coast


Siviri is a village with luxuriant fauna, situated in the southwest of Kassandra Peninsula in Halkidiki. As location, it is placed between Kassandra and Fourka.

Tourists can enjoy the terrific beach, bars, tavernas and supermarkets in Siviri. They can also go to a movie theatre and participate to a cultural festival during the summer.

Nea Poteidaia

Norhern Coast

Nea Potidaea

Nea Potidea is right at the entrance of Kassandra, impressing with the beauty of Toroneos Gulf and Thermaikos .
Travelers are invited to find a lot of accommodation possibilities for their pleasant staying. They can also enjoy many taverns, restaurants, bars and shops.

It should not be forget to mention that Nea Potidea is an important harbor, in fact it’s the only point of access to the Kassandra Peninsula.

Nea Potidea presents touristic locations such as the remains of the castle, the church of the Taxiarches, founded in 1591 that is dependent on the Mount Athos.


northwest coast


Sani(or Sane) is a peninsula that belongs to the ecological reserves of Greece and is characterized by extremely clean sea and long sandy beaches. It is located in the southwest of Kassandra and is about 80 km from Thessaloniki.

Polichrono - Πολύχρονο Χαλκιδικής

east coast


Polychrono is located in the east of the peninsula of Kassandra. The city is located on the shores of the Aegean Sea in the Toroneos Bay, about 97 km southeast of Thessaloniki (distance through).

The beach in Polihrono is long and sandy with entering the sea where the depth is gradually increasing, which is especially suitable for children.