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Kassiopi Holidays

Kassiopi is one of the prettiest little harbors in Corfu. It was a thriving settlement in Roman times, then a quiet fishing village but now it’s grown into a sizable resort with lots of tourist appeal. This part of the Corfu coast is more rugged and less built-up than further south, so it appeals to people who want to get an authentic taste of the island. There is plenty of opportunities to explore the area around Kassiopi by going inland into the hills.

Kassiopi’s horse-shoe shaped harbor is still home to a local fisherman who brings in their daily haul which gives the resort plenty of character and color. There is plenty to do in Kassiopi for holidaymakers with swimming and water sports by day and good tavernas and lively bars by night.

Kassiopi at a glance

Kassiopi lies on the northeast coast of Corfu, 36 kilometers from Corfu town and views over to Albanian coasts. It is a colorful resort surrounded by lush green slopes of olive trees and little bays and has a population of about 1200 inhabitants. It’s a picturesque amphitheater shaped port, its well-preserved church, its cosmopolitan finesse, its deep blue and hospitable shores, as well as the sight of the huge Byzantine fortress that looms over the village, with the magnificent backdrop of Mount Pantokraroras, will enchant its visitors. Kassiopi has blossomed from its origins as a quiet little fishing village into a small, bustling resort in Corfu with a strong emphasis on families and couples. There are sand and shingle beaches within a ten-minute stroll of the village and the harbor itself is a center for day trips and other watersport activities.

Kassiopi boasts a wide range of shops, restaurants, and bars with something to cater for every taste. If you fancy listening to some great music whilst enjoying a relaxing drink, we can highly recommend ‘Out of the Blue’ and our favorite restaurants have got to be ‘Little Italy’ which, as the name would suggest, specializes in exquisite traditional Italian dishes and Yanni?s for great Greek food eaten ‘al fresco’ by the sea.

Lively, but certainly not rowdy, Kassiopi strikes a perfect balance for those who don’t want to have to travel too far to find plenty of entertainment but definitely aren’t interested in the nightclubs and loud music bars of bigger, more ‘touristy’ resorts.

Kassiopi Beach

The main beach of Kassiopi is pebbles. The small town square is dominated by big-screen TVs offering football, disco bars do thump until dawn and karaoke bars do offer free shots for the get-drunk-quick teenagers – but it is all done on a smallish scale and nowhere near as dreadful as places like Kavos. There’s still room for more traditional tavernas and quiet bars and regular visitors emphasize the relaxed friendliness of the locals. It has a pretty waterfront but much of Kassiopi village is thick with shops selling tourist tat. There are two large minimarkets and a couple of smaller ones.

Beach guide

You can find beautiful beaches and secluded coves around the headland of Kassiopi. There are four beaches within Kassiopi which are all small and most of them pebbly and rocky. But there are longer beaches further north, which is easy to reach on foot, such as Avlaki, Kalamionas, and Imerolia. All of the beaches are clean having EU blue flags. They are all also easily accessible –only that parking areas require a short walk. Children will enjoy the main flat beach which is safely away from traffic. The water, however, becomes quite choppy on this beach due to the northerly wind that blows up in the afternoon. There are plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas for hire on all of the beaches in Kassiopi, but showers, toilets, and changing areas are there only on the main beach at the top of Kassiopi.

Getting there

By car: Take the main northeast coastal road from Corfu town, which will take you straight into Kassiopi. There are no turnings to take until you arrive. Be careful when the roads start to narrow and bend become worse.

By bus: There is a local bus to Corfu Town throughout the week and once on Sunday. The journey lasts for about one and a half-hour.

By taxi: taxis will probably cost you a lot. So you would better use public transport or you can even hire a car or motorbike.

Kassiopi things to Do

Water Sports

There are water sports, like waterskiing and paragliding, a diving center, tennis courts and swimming pools. Horse back riding and bird watching are also worth it.


You can explore the Kassiopi coast by boat, go pony trekking, hire bikes or mopeds or walk along the many lanes leading into the beautiful surroundings. As it is an important port, Kassiopi offers also a range of interesting excursions and daily cruises starting from the harbor. Walk up the headland that flanks Kassiopi to visit the remains of the Byzantine fortress, before exploring the coves below. Take the ultimate Kassiopi holiday challenge and climb MountPantokratoras for amazing views. For children, there are many safe children’s swimming pools as well as good playgrounds.


Kassiopi has a lively nightlife appealing many young visitors, but without the excesses of some other notorious party spots in Greece –or even in Corfu. Parents and families can easily find peace, quiet and beauty within a short walk resort’s center. A good eatery or a wine bar is also a good choice. Teenagers and groups will show more interest in heading for the harbor where nightlife is noisier. ‘Plattia’ or village square is also a place where the teenagers ‘hang out’ at night. Déjà vu is one of these bars that stay open later than most. Angelo’s Bar is a great place where cocktails are popular. Sit and watch the hustle and bustle of the harbor. Popular is also the regular pop quiz nights and the nights in front of satellite TV.

Out of the Blue Café is an enjoyable wine bar and café, where you can amuse yourself and at the same time check your e-mails or surf the internet. Remember that Kassiopi is not in the same league as other places in Corfu. So if you find Kassiopi too quiet at night, take a taxi to Sidari, Ipsos or Kavos, where nightlife is what you are after.

Eating out

Taverns and restaurants are in abundance in Kassiopi. There is a wide range of cuisine to choose from. From Mexican, Chinese, Italian to traditional Greek dishes with fresh fish thanks to fishermen.

Some of your choices are:

  • Poco Loco (Tex-Mex restaurant)
  • Castello (diverse cuisine)
  • Petrino (traditional restaurant)
  • Janis Restaurant (traditional food)
  • Porto (a tavern with fresh fish)
  • Strofilia Taverna (a tavern with Greek and international dishes)
  • Szechuan Chinese Restaurant
  • The Three Brothers (typical Greek dishes)


Kassiopi has many shops including bakeries and supermarkets, tourist shops, selling leather goods and souvenirs, clothes shops, shops with locally produced lace and crocheted items, ceramics, jewelers and English newspapers. There is also a stationery shop providing internet facilities, photocopying and faxing. 

Local events

In Kassiopi tradition is lively preserved in festivals and celebrations accompanied by local dance and music. Don’t miss the 8th of May and the 15th of August, The Dormition of the Virgin Mary.

What to see

There are some places worth visiting, such as:

  • The harbor
  • Kassiopi Castle

Observe also the magnificent view of the huge Byzantine fortress above the village and the natural landscape of the slopes of Mt. Pantokratoras.

Having the tradition of a fishing village, you can still find fishermen bringing home the morning catch down at the harbor. The harbor with its little square is today the focal point of the town’s social life by day and a trendy music center by night. Just sit and watch the world go by!

As you walk around the harbor glance up to your left and on the hillside you will see the remains of KassiopiCastle. The remains overlook the harbor and continue around the headland. The castle has Roman foundations but the remains above the ground which are visible are Byzantine. You can walk among the ruins and the top ramparts offer an excellent view of the Albanian coastline. Emperor Nero is believed to have visited it.

Kassiopi information

Living there

Kassiopi is an attractive place for tourists since it combines it all. A visitor enjoys relaxing and also lively lifestyle, a combination of traditional, local identity with modern influences, all in a wonderful landscape.

That’s why many of them decide to buy a property in Kassiopi either for a holiday home or for permanent living. There is a wide offer of houses and apartments at reasonable prices. So why not make an investment in this lovely resort?

Working in…

Jobs in Kassiopi are not in a wide range available. Most of the inhabitants are occupied with agriculture cultivating olives and other products. There are also traditional fishermen who sell their fish for a living since Kassiopi is an exceptionally fishing village. Certainly, there are also jobs during the tourist period (in shops, cafes, hotels etc.).

So if you are after working in Kassiopi, you would better search the region before coming or just get a part-time job uring your vacations. Otherwise, for those who like tackling with fields and fishing, the place is simply ideal.

Local services

In Kassiopi, there are many tourist shops and travel centers to exchange money, either travelers’ cheques or cash. You will also find cash machines at the center of the town, while card phones and post boxes are available throughout the town. There is also a police station.

Useful numbers

  • Here are some telephone numbers you may need:
  • Police Station: 26630 81240
  • Taxi (Main Office): 26610 33811 Operate 24/24