Kefalonia is known for its beaches and beauty, as many have a blue flag. Most famous, with a blue flag, a nice beach bar and water sports are the well-known Myrtos, Skala, Katelios, Platis and Makris Gialos in Lassi. Equally beautiful are the beaches of the Livathos area, such as Avithos, Ammes, Trapezaki, Lourdas, Karavados and Klimatsias in Spartia, Lixouri, the famous Petans and Xi with the reddish sandy beach. Beautiful beaches can be found in the northern part of the island.

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Kefalonia island is one of the most beautiful islands in the Ionian Sea. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece as well. It’s also the best summer destination for crazy fun!

Sandy and pebble Kefalonia beaches, both small and large, well organized, with water sports and beach bars, all with crystal clear turquoise waters, satisfy every taste, while the olives, pine and cypress forests offer a completely relaxing scenery.

Kefalonia, the largest of the Ionian Islands, is a frequent choice of Greek and foreign visitors for a summer vacation. Organized or not the unique beaches of Kefalonia promise to pleasantly surprise visitors.

Vrachinari Beach kefalonia
Koroni Beach Kefalonia
Platia Ammos Beach Kefalonia
Petani beach Kefalonia
Poros Beach Kefalonia
Poros Beach Kefalonia
Makris Gialos Beach Kefalonia
Koutsoupia Beach Kefalonia
Skala Fae Beach kefalonia
Spartia Beach Kefalonia
Megali Ammos Beach Kefalonia
Paliostafida Beach Kefalonia
Melissani Cave Kefalonia
Pessada Beach Kefalonia
Lourdas Beach Kefalonia
Xi Beach Kefalonia
Kounopetra Beach Kefalonia
Myrthos Beach Kefalonia
Village Beach Kefalonia
Paliolinos Beach Kefalonia
Foki Beach Kefaloni
Karavados Ammoudia Beach Kefalonia
Agia Paraskevi Beach Kefalonia
Antisamos Beach Kefalonia

Myrtos Beach

Just 10 km from Ayia Efimia on the western side of the island’s shores is ostensibly the best beach in Greece – ‘Myrtos’. You could spend hours both in and out of the turquoise water if visiting for the day, but for the best viewpoint and photoshot, you really need to be above on the road heading north towards Assos where you have plenty of opportunities to stop and be suitably impressed by this amazing sight. But be careful if you are a weak swimmer or if you have small children. The beach shelves steeply and the current is very strong.


One of the best natural beauty spots on the island, a spectacular view appears before you in the form of a peninsula and the enchanting hamlet of Assos. The restored architecture of the finest quality and style surrounded by older houses, amid the ruins of an age gone by. The swell of the harbor protects the elegance of the tiny square named ‘Paris’ and dedicated to the French who helped with funds to rebuild after 1953. To the right of the peninsula are two small sandy coves with more stretching along the coast to the left and all are only accessible by boat.

Kefalonia Beaches Map

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Agia Paraskevi Beach Cephalonia: 38.276332, 20.615207
Paralia Agios Thomas: 38.115758, 20.601353
Antisamos Beach Cephalonia: 38.260554, 20.674021
Avithos Beach Kefalonia: 38.102331, 20.537843
Eglina Beach Kefalonia: 38.123733, 20.490835
Foki Beach Kefalonia: 38.452586, 20.576694
Kato Lagadi Kefalonia: 38.126574, 20.800545
Karavados Ammoudia Beach Kefalonia: 38.116056, 20.599537
Koroni Beach Kefalonia: 38.080615, 20.690617
Kounopetra beach Kefalonia: 38.153655, 20.387795
Koutsoupia Beach: 38.226969, 20.710122
Lourdas Beach Kefalonia: 38.112308, 20.636058
Makris Gialos Beach Kefalonia: 38.154340, 20.480938
Megali Ammos Beach Kefalonia: 38.126797, 20.492006
Megas Lakos Beach Kefalonia: 38.161244, 20.427485
Melissani Cave Kefalonia: 38.257010, 20.623559
Myrhos Beach Kefalonia: 38.343350, 20.536309
Paliolinos beach Kefalonia: 38.096377, 20.546850
Paliostafida Beach kefalonia: 38.160559, 20.479115
Pessada Beach Kefalonia: 38.105264, 20.586307
Petani beach Kefalonia: 38.261628, 20.377575
Platia Ammos Beach Kefalonia: 38.216619, 20.354905
Poros Beach Kefalonia: 38.640997, 20.696980
Skala Fae Beach Kefalonia: 38.074008, 20.800832
Spartia beach Kefalonia: 38.102805, 20.574904
Assos Beach Kefalonia: 38.378854, 20.538899
Vrachinari Beach Kefalonia: 38.162185, 20.377567
Xi Beach Kefalonia: 38.160425, 20.413600

Top 5 Beaches of Kefalonia

The most famous beach in Kefalonia is Myrtos. Myrtos is a beautiful beach in the northeastern part of Kefalonia. It is considered one of the best in the Mediterranean. Quite large beach, with imposing beauty, combines sand and pebbles. To the right and to the left rises steep rocks.

Antisamos is also located in the northeastern part of the island, with a beautiful, peculiar landscape. Three kilometers from the village of Sami, turning to Antisamos, you see the landscape below. A sea of ​​fantastic combinations of colors, from blue and deep blue to green. And the green of the trees all around to cool your eyes.

In the province of Paliki there is the Petanoi beach. A blue flag beach. Magnificent landscape: turquoise waters with a green background of trees. Mainly pebbles and little sand. Here you can enjoy a fantastic sunset.

Beach Xi  is located in the western part of Kefallonia, near Lixouri. The most characteristic of this beach is the red sand and the white rock that surrounds it.
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