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City of Heaven

Ouranoupolis is a small town on the edge of the third leg of Halkidiki. It is the last stop before entering the orchard of the Virgin Mary – Mount Athos.

It was founded by King Cassander and his brother Alexarchus in the late 4th century BC. The modern village is built on the site of the ancient city of Sani, which was destroyed by Philip II.

Ouranoupolis at a glance

Ouranoupoli (“City of Heaven”) is also a beautiful place, one of the most favorite resorts in Halkidiki. With many accommodation options and beautiful sandy beaches, it is a favorite destination for those seeking a relaxing and tranquil holiday. The surrounding area is ideal for walks while excursions are regularly taking place in the islets Drenia, opposite Ouranoupoli, which the locals call “Gaidouronisia”.

Near the harbor, there is the office that approves the pilgrim’s licenses to visit the Mount Athos. In the summer there are excursion boats on Mount Athos and the neighboring islet of Drenia with the amazing crystal beaches.

Ouranoupolis Tower

However, the symbol of Ouranoupolis is the Byzantine tower of Prosforion. The tower is on the edge of Ouranoupolis beach and you can see it from the street. It is a monumental medieval architecture monument that has played a role until recently in events and situations in the region.

The history of the tower dates back to Byzantine times. The Tower was built in 14th century by the Byzantine emperor Andronicos II who financed many projects in Mount Athos and then became part of a “metochi” (possession) of the monastery of Vatopedi.

The building of the Ouranoupoli Tower includes the main multi-storey tower, barbakas (fortress), the arsenal and various other auxiliary buildings and warehouses.

A testimony from August 1858 informs us that the tower was empty and uninhabited, apparently burned and deserted, a situation that would have come after the destruction suffered by the whole of Chalkidiki during the Revolution of 1821. Today, Ouranoupoli Tower is an impressive sight, while it houses a small museum and various exhibitions.

Make a holiday in Halkidiki and do not forget to visit the Ouranoupoli Tower.

Tel .: +30 23770 71389, 71651 – Working hours: 15 June – 15 Oct Mon-Sun, 0900-1700 – Opened: 15 Jun – 15Oct

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