Paxos Antipaxos

A small paradise in the Ionian Sea

Paxos Antipaxos at a glance

The beautiful and green islands are a small paradise in the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea and one of the most popular summer destinations in Greece. In recent years tourism has been a key factor in the island’s economy. The inhabitants also deal with fishing and agriculture as there are several olive groves (Paxos) and vineyards (Antipaxos).

Full of olives, pines, cypresses and shrubs, with splendid beaches, picturesque bays, enchanting sea caves, Paxi have settlements with samples of genuine Ionian architecture.

A landscape of wild beauty, with paradise waters that challenge you for diving!

Gaios town

Gaios is the capital of the island of Paxos. Gaios is a natural channel that looks like a small fjord. It is a very picturesque town with a very beautiful Venetian square, harbor, cafes and taverns. The best and closest beach in Gaios is Mogonissi, which is a small island connected with Paxos with stones. To visit it, you can walk through the stones and reach the best sandy beach on the island.


According to Greek mythology, the small island of Paxos and the nearby island of Antipaxos were formed when Neptune threw its trident on Corfu in order to detach a piece of it and make a beautiful peaceful island away from the Gods and people to live with Amphitrite, sea goddess.

Food & Beverages

Like all the Ionian islands, Paxos and Antipaxos, thanks to their climate, have a large production of excellent quality agricultural products: olive oil, citrus, thyme honey, grapes and excellent quality wines.

Places to be

Maps & Location

Health Services Ambulances: 166 Paxi Health Center: (+30) 26620 31466 Municipality City Hall of Gaios: (+30) 26620 32100/32207 Police Authorities Police: 100 Paxi Police Department: (+30) 26620 32222 Port Authorities Central Port Authority: (+30) 26620 32533 Fire Services/Forestry Fire Service: 199 Paxi Fire Service: (+30) 26620 31199 Transportations Paxi Bus Station: (+30) 26620 32245 Taxis Adiochos Kostas: (+30) 6974002236 Argyros Christos: (+30) 6977472747 Mourikis Tasos: (+30) 6976648486 Bogdanos Charis: (+30) 6974135660 Mourikis Nikos: (+30) 6984220011

The Paxos island is located in the Ionian sea, south of  Corfu island.

The island is approximately 13 km in length and has a population of around 2400.

You can not stay in Antipaxos. Your stay will necessarily be on Paxos island. There you will definitely find a good accommodation to stay from a hostel, hotel or even a villa.

Lakka is the second largest resort and the northernmost port of Paxos, about 8 kilometers from Gaios. The settlement is built in the depth of a closed, sheltered bay and is a very popular harbor for those who visit Paxos by boat. Dense vegetation reaches to the edge of the sea and in combination with the crystal clear aquamarine waters create beautiful images. Near to Lakka are the beaches of Monodendri and Haramis as well as some amazing caves, worth seeing. In Lakka you will find picturesque taverns that are famous for their fine cuisine and also several rooms to rent.

Loggos is a small picturesque fishing village on the eastern coast of Paxos. Around the harbor there are several taverns and bars creating a very pleasant place to sit at all hours of the day. Taverns are very popular with locals and tourists, and during the high season there are many people. Near Loggos is the Lebrechio beach that is ideal for diving and the organized Monodendri beach.

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Blue Caves Paxos - Οι γαλάζιες σπηλιές, φυσικο σε Παξούς


Blue Caves

Tripitos Arch - Paxos


Tripitos Arch

Paxos-Gaios-Agios Nikolaos

Agios Nikolaos Island

Agios Nikolaos



Vrika beach


Vrika beach

Voutoumi Beach Antipaxos


Voutoumi Beach

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