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Rhodes Beaches

the Island of Knights

Rhodes is one of the most beautiful islands in the Aegean Sea and is famous for its beaches.  The coast of Rhodes, features plenty of amazing beaches, some of which are world known for their golden sand and crystal clear turquoise waters. Most Rhodes beaches are on the east side of the island, which are crowded in high season.

Rhodes beaches can be reached either by car or motorbike, since the radial road network of the island starting from Rhodes Town extends almost everywhere.

With 24 of its organized beaches winning the Blue Flag this year, the Knights Island has options for both family and adventurous escapes. We present you the most popular beaches of the island and let you choose the one that best fits your tastes. Most of them are organized with sun loungers and umbrellas.

Enjoy a taste of genuine Greek summer!


Beach Anthony Quinn

The small Anthony Quinn beach is located 15 km. to the south of the capital, between famous beaches Faliraki and Ladiko, in a small bay. The official name of the bay is Vayies, but after the famous war movie “The Guns of Navarone” was filmed in the area, locals and visitors call it with the name of the famous movie’s leading actor, Anthony Quinn. It is considered -and rightly so- of the most beautiful and relatively quiet beaches in Rhodes. It is a small beach with beautiful fine sand, pebbles and lots of rocks in the sea and on the coast. The only amenities the beach offers to swimmers is umbrellas and sunbeds.

Beach Afantou

Afantou is a beach 18 km. south of the city of Rhodes. It is a long sandy beach, more than 3 km. long, with crystal clear waters, and umbrellas and sunbeds in some parts of it. Since it is such a big beach it can satisfy all kinds of tastes. It is always busy, but it doesn’t look crowded, due to its vast length. In some parts besides sand, you will find little pebbles. Also, following the coastal road, you can visit the Golf Center.

Beach Faliraki

Faliraki is a 5 km long sandy beach on the east coast of the island of Rhodes, about 12 km. from the island’s capital. Faliraki is probably the most organized beach in Rhodes and definitely the most famous one, attracting the biggest number of visitors. The beach is covered with golden sand, small rocks, darker sand or small pebbles -depending on the part you will choose. You will find umbrellas and sunbeds, but also free areas if you prefer. Just keep in mind that the parts of the beach situated in front of the hotels might be only available to their clients.

Beach Fanes

This small beach located next to the little port in Fanes is located 22 km. southwest of the capital, on the west coast of the island. It is a secluded beach with clear waters and lots of taverns along the small port serving fresh fish.

Beach Ialyssos

Ialyssos beach is located about 7-8 km. to the southwest of the capital. The beach is sandy and pebbly and well-organized in its biggest part. It has clean waters and a view of the coast of Asia Minor. There are a lot of sea activities and other sports to do along all of its area. It is very popular with windsurfing fans, so much so that locals call Ialyssos the “capital” of windsurfing. Windsurf contests take place there annually, local, national, European, even world championships.

Beach Iksia

Iksia beach is located on the west coast of Rhodes to the north, quite close to the center of the city of Rhodes, 4 km. southwest. The beach is well organized, sandy with occasionally small or bigger pebbles. It is a favorite destination for the fans of windsurf and many other sea sports. Due to its being so well organized and near Rhodes and many hotels, Iksia is always very busy. However at the end of the beach, on the road to Kremasti and Theologos, the situation is quite different from the classic picture of the busy touristic resort. The sea though is clean and crystal-clear all along the beach.
Beach Kalathos

It is a huge sandy beach, more than 4 km. long, situated 45 km. southeast of the capital. This beach with its fine sand and some small pebbles in some parts and its crystal clear waters offers all amenities in some parts, whereas others are free to everybody. The small church of Panagia dating back to the 12th century and built in the rocks is definitely worth a visit.

Beach Kalithea

Kalithea beach is located about 11 km. south of the town of Rhodes. The old hot springs facilities from the Italian occupation era, the impressive, exotic vegetation with the palm trees and the rocky coast, create a landscape reminiscent of a movie set. In the rocky bay, you can also enjoy exploring the interesting sea life. The beach offers all the comforts of an organized beach, umbrellas, sunbeds, showers and changing rooms.

Beach Kopria

The secluded Kopria beach is located on the southwest coast of Rhodes 45 km. southwest of the capital. It is a most beautiful beach with large rocky formations in its two ends, fine sand, and pebbles.

Beach Kremasti

The beach in front of Kremasti resort is located 12 km. southwest of the capital, on the northwest coast of the island.

Beach Ladiko

Ladiko beach is located at a small bay, right after the Anthony Quinn beach, about 15 km. from the capital on the east coast of the island. It is a beach of exquisite natural beauty: fine sand, beautiful pebbles and rocks, and many trees, especially pine trees, that occasionally reach up to the sea. It is a quite organized beach with umbrellas and sunbeds, showers and a picturesque tavern near the sea. It is ideal for underwater fishing due to the rocky sea bottom. During August it attracts lots of visitors daily. But the rest of the summer months Ladiko is quite peaceful, preferred by those who want to avoid the neighboring cosmopolitan beaches.

Beach Lindos

Lindos is located right beneath the Acropolis, 50 km. southeast of the capital. It is a sandy beach that offers sunbeds and umbrellas and it attracts numerous visitors daily. Its shallow waters make it ideal for families with small children. The waters are clear, crystal-like and they have an exquisite blue color.

Beach Paradissi

Paradissi beach is located 15 km. southwest of the capital. The beach offers all amenities and various sea sports.

Beach Prassonisi

Prassonisi is the southernmost point of the island, 95 km. south of the city of Rhodes. Prassonisi is an island during the winter, but it becomes a peninsula during summer -it is connected to land by a narrow sand strip, that is covered by waves during winter. Prassonisi is a meeting point for young people that like windsurfing. With its two bays on either side of the sand strip, it always offers the visitor waves on one side and a peaceful sea on the other.

Beach Psaropoula

It is a big, sandy beach on the west coast of the island, beginning right after the Aquarium. It offers all the amenities and has lots of visitors daily.

Beach Rhodes beach

The big sandy Rhodes beach is located on the northernmost part of the city and of the island of Rhodes. It is the most popular beach, spreading in front of the Casino and the city Aquarium. The beach provides all amenities and has thousands of visitors daily, offering plenty of room for everybody and for all kinds of activities. The waters are clear, crystal-like, serene most of the time and the bottom sandy.

Beach Soroni

Soroni beach is located on the west coast of the island, 25 km. southwest of the capital. For the most part it is covered with pebbles, the sea gets quite deep quite abruptly and it is usually quite wavy. The beach does not offer many comforts and it does not attract many visitors, due to the noise from the airport nearby.

Beach Theologos

Theologos beach is located 22 km. southwest of the capital. It is a sandy beach that offers umbrellas and sunbeds.

Beach Tsampika

Tsampika is a sandy beach 26 km. south of the city of Rhodes. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Rhodes. Here you will find umbrellas and sunbeds, various sea sports, golden sand, crystal clear waters -no wonder this beach has a lot of fans. Due to its sandy length it is ideal for families with small children.

Beach Vlycha

Vlycha is located 46 km. southeast of the capital, quite close to Lindos.