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Sidari Corfu

Sidari Corfu

Sidari Holidays

Sidari is the most famous tourist resort in north Corfu and one of the places that every visitor of the island have to see. It is one of the best-organized areas on the island. Visitors will have the chance to make the most of there holiday in one of the biggest beaches on the island, with crystal clear waters. Even the most demanding visitor will definitely be satisfied with the services of all the businesses on the beach and in the center of Sidari.

Sidari at a glance

Welcome to Sidari, A holiday destination in Corfu for families with children that need to have much to do while on Holidays. A place full of Bars, nightclubs, many Taverns, and restaurants as well as supermarkets and shops to fulfill every need of even the most demanding holidaymaker. Most of the hotels have their own swimming pool, snack bar, and some a restaurant as well. Of course, there are many bars/clubs and restaurants all over Sidari that offer drinks, entertainment, and tasty food at very reasonable prices. Sidari nightlife is definitely unbeatable.
There are many places to visit, we would highly recommend Corfu old town and the picturesque village of Kassiopi, or Paleokastritsa.
Working in Sidari can be fun! Most of the jobs are related to bars, hotels, restaurants, clubs, etc.
All in all, Sidari offers all the essential ingredients for an unforgettable holiday.
During the day, life centers along the long sandy beach, undoubtedly one of the best on the island. There are so many watersports here, including every one involving a speedboat, rope, and inflatable fruit or kite. Kids and adults can all join in the fun.
Children will love the water park and the funfair in the resort too.
Except for the best nightlife in Corfu, Sidari offers all amenities (Chemists, doctor’s surgery, petrol stations, frequent bus services, ATMs).

Peroulades - Sidari

The village’s name derives from the Peroulis family. It was founded during pre-Homeric times but there is also evidence that it was inhabited as early as the late Bronze Age period. Peroulades flourished during the Middle Ages; it possessed a guard with long-range guns for defense against pirate raids. Only a raid in 1403 caused great destruction, despite the fearless opposition of the villagers. Several important figures, such as Dontis, Koletis, and the great poet and writer Kalvos, came to Peroulades. Peroulades boasts one of the best beaches in Corfu, golden sand backed by dramatic cliffs, with a view of the three little Diapontian islands away over the wide sea to the north.
The sunset is famous, and Peroulades is lovely in the moonlight. The locals are renowned for their kindness, hospitality, and high spirits. Sidari is part of Peroulades, more specifically part of Ano Peroulades. From 1503-1505 it was an independent called Garnades or Garnavades. The modern name derives from the church of Agios Siderios. Today Sidari is one of Corfu’s top tourist resorts, famous for the Canal d’ Amour.

Sidari history

Little has been written about the history of the north-west of Corfu. Even the inhabitants are not aware of their past. Nevertheless, historical studies, as well as archaeological finds which have come to light, confirm that civilization was born in this area.
Studies, conversations with local people and cross-checks with historical records which refer to the Homeric epics prove that the adventures of Odysseus which are told in the Odyssey took place during the Mycenean period (17th century BC).

According to one interpretation, when Odysseus left the island of Calypso (said to be the little island of Othoni north-west of Corfu), he was shipwrecked and washed ashore on the coast of an island to the east (Corfu), at the bay of Sidari. Naked, he fell asleep by the river and was awoken by the arrival of Princess Nausicaa and her serving women, who had come to the river to wash their clothes. Giving him clothes and food, Nausicaa introduced herself.
She took him to her father’s palace in the City of the Phaecians, where King Alcinous organized a feast in his honor, and he admired the buildings and harbors. During the 17th century BC, the mythical city of the Phaecians flourished as one of the richest in the Mediterranean and many people believe that this city was located in the north-west of Corfu.

The discovery of tombs containing bones and jewelry 3700 years old in several locations in the municipality indicate that important people were buried there, possibly the Phaecians who offered hospitality to Odysseus. It is likely that the city was also visited by Homer and later by Plato.

Today, the north-west of Corfu, which comprises the communities of Agii Douli, Agrafi, Antiperni, Avliotes, Valanio, Kavalouri, Karousades, Magoulades, Peroulades, and Sidari constitutes the Municipality of Esperion, part of the larger district of Gyros and one of Corfu’s thirteen municipalities. More about their history and culture follows.

Sidari Beach

Sidari has 5 different beaches, all of them are naturally sandy and the water is generally shallow for many meters in. The main beach is about 1 km long and 200 – 300m wide, which makes it one of the safest for bathers and especially for children.
Sidari’s main beach is the most popular one. Close to the center, it is a long sandy beach with lots of umbrellas sunbeds, water sports, snack bars, and cafes at the back and easy access parking area. There are not many facilities on the beach such as changing rooms, public toilets, and showers but you can always use the toilets of the bar the showers they have made for their customers. It is suitable for children because the water is shallow and not wavy.
The beach east of the village is close to the center too. It is sandy with small stones here and there. The sea is clean if the wind blows from the North, seaweed comes out to the beach. When this happens the local council always put it away. The locals named this wind “Maistro”.
Canali is located west of Sidari. Between the remarkable cliffs and rocks, there are nice beaches with sunbeds and umbrellas. The sea is deeper and for safety, reason dives are not allowed from the cliffs.

Canal D'Amour

With a name like that, you may wonder what it is. The Canal D’amour is a rock formation in a beautiful cove. Canal D’amour is french for ‘Tunnel of Love’. There is what appears to be a cave in the rock on the left-hand side of the rock. This cave is actually a tunnel which comes out on the other side of the rock. Legend has it that if you swim through this tunnel, the first person you meet on the other side will become the love of your life! The combination of the legend and the beautiful coastline brings tourists from miles around to this spot.

Getting Around


Set on the north coast, Acharavi is a small resort offering a surprising variety of activities. Restaurants, shops, and bars are strung out along the one main road which is set back from the beach, making for a pleasant stroll in the cooler parts of the day.


Roda highly developed tourist resorts on the north side of the island. The inhabitants are strongly attached to their traditions. The coastal area of Almyros is also of great archeological interest because of the cemetery discovered which is still being excavated.


Built on a hilltop, with a history stretching back many years, Magoulades is home to The Church of Saint Theodora – the largest in the area. High on the hillside, with great views of the sea, the Monastery of Ipsili is a beautiful example of Corfu’s religious heritage.


A village situated in the less explored and unspoiled part of Corfu. The naturally beautiful village, with marked Venetian and French influences, is currently under preservation for its cultural and architectural heritage.


The village of Avliotes is located about 5 km from Sidari. It is one of the biggest and oldest village of Corfu with a population of 1600 inhabitants, very traditional, and built on a hillside over the bay of Agios Stefanos.


The famous Arillas resort is at the northern end of the west coast of Corfu, just over a mile from Agios Stefanos and 32 miles from Corfu Town and the airport. Arillas is centered on a small attractive resort reached by a road twisting down from a lush valley. Arillas resort is popular with families and couples looking for a small modest resort with the emphasis on beach relaxation with the occasional trip into the surrounding countryside.

 Agios (Sant) Stefanos

Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to relax, glorious sandy beaches or walks with breathtaking scenery, then this location has it all. However, if you’re looking for umpteen night clubs and loud raves then stay in Sidari!

Sidari things to Do

Places to visit

To the east you will find Roda – about a 10 min drive from Sidari and to the West the stunning Sunset Beach about a 15 min drive for those of you who enjoy walking, only a few steps will take you away from the busy resort to small typically Greek villages completely untouched by tourism.

Fascinating historic Corfu Town can be reached by bus, along with the resorts of Kassiopi and Aghios Stefanos. While in Sidari don’t hesitate to choose to go for excursions to Paleokastritsa and boat trips to the islands of Paxos and Erikoussa, the scenery will definitely reward you.

Water Sports

In Sidari, you will find all sorts of watersports available. Practice your favorite watersports like water ski, banana rides, paragliding, ringos, and scuba diving and combine the stunning scenery with high levels of adrenaline!


The fields and hills are rich with trees other than olives. One of the most eye-catching is the Kockikia tree which in spring is a mass of purple flowers. There is a long river the way to Agios Ioannis, east of Sidari. The river is called titles and many fishes live in it. Along the river, there are walk paths that one can walk and relax through the green fields. The Venetians offered money to plant olive trees and to replace wild ones with cultivated ones. Within a hundred years there were more than two million and this number has increased until today. Corfu is one endless olive grove. Lots of green hills around with olive groves and fantastic views. Many walk paths for anyone who enjoys having a walk in nature – good exercise for the body and the mind.


Sidari nightlife is definitely on the lively side with a variety of tavernas and night clubs. More specifically nightlife here is relaxed, with a good choice of bars, tavernas, and excellent seafood restaurants. Find popular bars, as well as good nightclubs offering you the chance to experience unforgettable moments and combine relaxation and tranquility with an excellent quality of entertainment.


In Sidari, you will find plenty of shops that remain open until late and especially don’t hesitate to take the opportunity to walk along the cliffs and explore inland to find charming unspoiled Corfu villages full of lots of gift and jewelry shops, supermarkets and a variety of shops offering everything that you can think of.

Sidari information


Sidari ‘s sophisticated atmosphere and its wide range of restaurants and other places serving a variety of different dishes of international as well as local cuisine are welcoming you to the paradise of taste. Seafood is popular in Sidari as well as all the local delicacies.

Be aware that during your stay to the island eating generally follows the typical Greek pattern of a late lunch after 2 PM and dinner very late often after 10.


Greek is the area’s language,however, the majority of the locals speak English to a satisfactory level that secures a perfect communication.


The island has a warm Mediterranean climate. From November to March you will find that it is the rainiest period. Be aware that if you decide to visit Sidari during the winter period it is mild but the best time to visit the island is with no doubt the summer months that the island attracts a vast number of visitors from all around the globe.

Children’s Facilities

On the main beach of Sidari, you will find an energetic castle. Just before the main beach, you will find a kids car fun drive. However, you will find that the majority of hotels have kids play area. Be aware that in Sidari you will find a small horse riding center for children and for those who still feel kids on the inside.

Sidari water park

Sidari Water Ski & Wakeboard Center was founded in 1981. It is the result of a lifetime love of the sport and over twenty-five years of training.

Under perfect conditions in Corfu warm climate, it is our objective to use this experience and knowledge to operate a water-ski program which provides exceptional accommodations, skiing conditions, instruction and professionalism to ensure your progress in the fastest way possible, whether you are a novice or a professional.

Eating out

Eating out in Corfu is a pleasure. Whether dining at a local taverna or restaurant, there are hundreds of small places with exquisite food, makes you really hungry.  Much of the cooking relies on simple seasonings and fresh meat and vegetables. It’s common for Greeks to make a lunch of mezedes, typical dishes include fried meatballs, octopus, shrimp, squid, cheese, olives, stuffed vine leaves, squash balls, tzatziki, eggplant dip, small sausages, and giant beans. You can find mezedes at an ouzeri (serving ouzo, an anise-flavored liqueur or with beer.) Both of these restaurants are open only the day.

For the evening meal, Greek tavernas serve specialties as moussaka kebabs, pastitsio,stifado, and paidakia. The cost of dinner for one, not including drinks, start at 5.85 euro. A lot of restaurants, Greek Tavernas, ouzeri, you will find in all tourist areas of Corfu.

Corfu Favorite Menu:

  • Moussaka lamb, eggplant and bechamel sauce.
  • Pastitsio (lamb or goat meat with macaroni and tomatoes.
  • Sofrito which is small slices of veal cooked in spicy sauce.
  • Pastitsada which is macaroni with veal cooked in tomato sauce.
  • Bourdetto a fish cooked in a sauce with red peppers and onion.

Corfu tours & excursions


Daily entertainment with lots of fun for all ages. Besides the excitement within the WaterPark, there is also the Aqua land Village for your accommodation.

A visit to Aqua land Village will convince you that we are pioneers in the field of WaterParks and entertainment and now in accommodation.

Corfu By Coach

A shopping visit to our historical capital town Corfu is a must. Beautiful old buildings steeped in atmosphere. The old fortress, the shops and of course the Liston square as well worth a visit either by day or in the evening. You can hire a horse-drawn carriage to tour the town in comfort or just wander around the cobbled alleys.

 Coach trip to Kassiopi

Once a quaint fishing village and now one of the most popular resorts. Famous for its picturesque harbor with its waterfront tavernas. Bargain with the shopkeepers for traditional hand made lace and go for swimming in Crystal Clear Water. Only 30mins away it makes an nice diversion during your Holiday.

 Greek Night with floor Show

A truly traditional Greek night. A highly professional floorshow, not just a couple o waiters dancing! Bouzouki, Greek food, plate throwing, belly dancers and FREE flowing wine! An unforgettable evening!!

 Paleokastritsa and Bella Vista

One of the most exquisite spots in the island. A full day trip by coach to one of the most popular places in Corfu. The trip starts with a stop at the distillery well known for the islands local Kumquat liqueurs and wines, which you will be able to sample. A visit to the 13th Century working monastery. With there is a 3 hr stop at Paleokastritsa for lunch, swimming, sunbathing or visit the caves by taxi boat. On the way admire the breathtaking scenery high above Paleo at Bella Vista, where we stay for half an hour for refreshments.  Lastly, we stop at Makrades where you can purchase local wines, herbs, honey, and olive oil at low prices.

 Paleokastritsa Express

A day trip straight from Sidari to Paleokastritsa. You have all the time you need to enjoy yourself. Visit the most beautiful caves of Corfu by taxi boat or just relax on the beach and swim in the crystal clear water. Don’t forget to visit the 13th working monastery with its church, museum and Wishing well. Take your lunch at one of the many tavernas overlooking the bay.  

 Grand  Island Tour

Starting from Sidari this guided tour in English will leave a lasting impression on you. After the picturesque resorts of Kassiopi, kouloura, Kalami, Nissaki, Ipsos, and Dassia you come to Corfu Island and Mouse Island. Next stop is the Achillion Palace where you have a guided tour of this magnificent museum, which was built by the Empress of Austria. The distillery, the 13th Century monastery, and Paleokastritsa are our next stops before you experience the breathtaking Bella Vista and Makrades.

 The Fortress Experience

Our trip takes you on a journey through traditional Greek villages, surrounded by some of the most beautiful countrysides you will see anywhere in Corfu. The Fortress of Angelokastro sits high on a rocky hilltop and dates from the Byzantine period. We then move to the Bella Vista which boasts the best views of the West Coasts of Corfu. If you are looking for a trip with beauty and history this is the one.

 Mountain Safari, Pantocrator

An evening with a difference. Travel to Pantocrator, the highest mountain on Corfu where we meet our guy and enjoy the view of the whole island. Visit the ancient monastery and browse old icons and paintings. We then take you down to the unspoiled village of Strinilas where you have a traditional Greek meal in the local taverna that used to be an olive mill. Here you will be charmed by the spectacular views from the restaurant and the majestic beauty of the mountains. Take a  walk around the village and the gift shops selling local olive wood. On the way home, you pass through unspoiled villages where you stop to have a drink in local ‘kafeneon’ Coffee Shop.

Horse Riding

Adia horse riding club is one of the only clubs in Sidari that takes you for a two-hour trip along the North beach and through the countryside and olive grooves stopping for a free soft drink along the way.

 Hydropolis Family Fun Day

Don’t miss this day for all the family, magician, juggler, acrobatics, and clowns, plenty of games to keep you entertained until we prepare your BBQ which include( Mix – grill, salad bar, and soft drinks).


Corfu’s newest water park and only 10 minutes by coach from you, great slides and pool areas also leisure facilities. A fun day for all the family.

 East Coast Cruise

Visit the area which has been the setting for James Bond’s film “For your eyes only”. The cruise starts from Kassiopi and heads down the East Coast stopping at various locations for swimming and sunbathing. On the way back you also visit the submerged BLUE CAVES a cruise on the most scenic coast of Corfu.

 Ericousa Cruise

Visit the beautiful island of Ericousa, a different world only an hour away from Sidari. Explore around and get the best views of the Ionian Sea. Relax, swim in crystal water and sunbathe at the unique beach with the pink sand.

 Northern Islands: Ericousa and Mathraki

This trip leaves from Sidari and takes just 45 minutes the first stop at Mathraki Island. Here we stop 2 1/2  hours giving you enough time to wander around, relax on the beach take a swim or sit with a cold drink in one of the tavernas by the harbor from where you can admire Corfu’s coastline. Next, we sail onto Ericousa Island for another 21/2  stop. A peaceful island with long sandy beaches and crystal clear water.

 Sunset  Cruise From Sidari

Departing from the local jetty in Sidari. We will sail for 1 hour along the west coast passing the famous cliffs from Canal D’ amour. While the sun is going Down we will arrive in the fishing village of San Stefanos. We will take you to a local traditional Greek taverna by coach, where you’ ill enjoy a lovely meal. During the meal, we will entertain you with Greek dancing. Professional Dancer’s will perform all the famous traditional Greek dances.

 BBQ With The Glass Bottom Boat In Paleokastritsa

If you want to enjoy the underwater life and the depth of the most turquoise blue clear water of Paleokastritsa combined with a wonderful trip along the west coast, then this is for you. We take you to the caves of Paleo, the Vinti caves where the captain actually drives the boat into them so you can marvel at the sight and drive into the crystal clear waters. We pass the stone ship of Odysseus and the eagle’s nest where our expert tour guide will tell you the legends of the rocks. Then we stop off at Ermones bay before finally arriving at paradise beach where a huge mouth-watering B.B.Q awaits you. 

 Corfu Town By Boat

What better combination; sightseeing and Shopping while stopping up that all-important tan for a refreshing swim at Kerassia on Corfu’s east Coast sailing along the east coast you can admire the views of Kouloura, Kalami, Ipsos a Dassia with 3 hours in town for Shopping.

Water sports in Sidari

Most places have water sports facilities that provide visitors with endless hours of fun.

You will find activities such as:

Who is the resort for

Sidari is ideal for those looking for a busy resort,  larger than neighboring Roda, with plenty of shops and entertainment along with a choice of three beaches, since  Sidari beach is divided into three parts.! Offered to cover all different sort of tastes, whether you wish to stay at a modest accommodation or you wish to benefit from the most luxurious holidays of your life on all-inclusive basis offering you a variety of facilities, here you will find the best deals that will take your breath away! A wide range of the most updated hotel resorts at your disposal is inviting you to meet the true colors of Sidari.

Why the British love Corfu

A favorite since Victorian times Corfu is still the most popular Greek island for Brits. Around 490,000 went at the last count, more than Crete or Rhodes and 10,000 Brits now live there. Cheap air travel once made it a major target of downmarket package holiday firms and in the 70s its lager-and-chips reputation was a byword for the vulgar face of the British abroad. Cement replaced cypress as heartless hotels and sprawling holiday resorts proliferated. Corfu beaches were scarred and once-peaceful hamlets heaved with the cream of the UK’s brain dead drunks. Fortunately, the worst was contained along the narrow coastal strip north and south of Corfu town, leaving many parts of the island relatively unscathed. That said beaches are some of the best in Greece and with 31 of them designated blue flag, they are the cleanest and safest.