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Sithonia is the second peninsula of Halkidiki, located between Kassandra and Mount Athos, and surrounded by the Toronean Gulf to the east and the Singitic Gulf to the west.

From the first moment visitors are captivated by the white sandy beaches and the turquoise water. Above all this, Sithonia provides the perfect scenery of mountain and sea. Sithonia offers a variety of accommodation facilities and it is well-known for the beautiful beaches such as Marathias, Azapiko, Korakas, Kriaritsi, Kalamitsi, Tristinika.

One of the luxurious resort is Porto Carras in Neos Marmaras. We should also mention Porto Koufo, which is the largest natural harbour in Greece. The magnificent view, the dream landscapes, the picturesque fishing villages with the island breeze, as well as the examples of local architecture in many traditional villages, “tie up” with the wonderful natural environment.

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Sithonia has received the name after Sithonas, who was the son of Poseidon, which in Greek mythology is the god of the sea.

What to see

There are many picturesque villages here but also developed tourist facilities for all tastes. Most cosmopolitan is Neos Marmaras, Gerakini and Sarti, while smaller and more picturesque are Psakoudia, Metamorphosis, Parthenon, Porto Koufo, Sikia, Vourvourou and Agios Nikolaos.

Food & Beverages

The rich pine forests of Sithonia give honey of unique quality. The area also produces oil and olives, while in different villages you will find jams and sweets.

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HALKIDIKI KTEL: (210) – 8226345 or (210) – 5152548, THESSALONIKI:) 2310) -316555, (2310) -316565, (2310) -316575, POLYGYROS: (23710) -22309
POLYGYROS: (23710) -22229, AGIOS NIKOLAOS: (23750) – 31111, NEAR MARMARAS: (23750) – 71242 & 71385, WINTER: (23750) – 22200, Vourvourou: (23710) -21660

Firefighters: (23710) 22978
(23750) – 71933, VOURVOURA PORT AUTHORITY: (23750) -22666, CUSTOMS PORTOUSE COURT: (23750) – 51100, CUSTOMS CITY: (23750) – 94255
TAXI: AG. NIKOLAOU: (23750) – 31324, N. MARMARA: (23750) – 71500, WINTER: (23750) -22509, (23750) -22032, SARTI: (23750) -94621, 6977622985, ) -42130, Vourvourou: (23750) -31475, (23750) -31429, (23750) -31414

Sithonia is the peninsula of luxury and cosmic life, without being deprived of many natural beauties. You can choose between cosmopolitan and crowded tourist resorts such as Neos Marmaras, Sarti,  dream locations such as Vourvourou and Porto Koufo, or beautiful settlements such as Metamorfosi, Nikiti, Gerakini, etc.

In Sithonia there are many large and organized beaches as well as small and isolated bays. Of particular beauty are the beaches Azapiko, Tristinika, Korakas, Marathias, Kalamitsi and Karyitsi. Organized beaches are Gerakini, Ormylia, Nikiti, Agios Ioannis, Lagomandra or Ladari, Paradisos and Neos Marmaras.

Best Sithonia Beaches

Our Recommendation

East Coast


Vourvourou is considered as an ideal destination for enjoyable holidays, combining uniquely the mountain with the sea. Hiking to the summit of Mount Itamos will compensate you with panoramic views across Halkidiki, the bay of Vourvourou and much of the Aegean Sea. Its beaches are breathtaking. Diaporos and other small, uninhabited islands, hide scenic bays and enchanting beaches, surrendered to the turquoise crystal clear waters. On their quiet beaches, you will definitely enjoy swimming and tranquility. The settlement is very close to Agios Nikolaos and the bay of Panagia.




Metamorphosis has beautiful beaches that begin at the end of the pine forests and it is ideal for swimming and sunbathing. There are many taverns, cafes and restaurants. If you want to escape from the crowd, then Metamorphosis is the right choice. Nightlife almost does not exist, so it is ideal for a quiet family holiday.


NorTH WEST Coast


Nikiti is an old village of Halkidiki, located in the north part of Sithonia peninsula, at a distance of 110 km from Thessaloniki. There are two parts in Nikiti, the old one and the new one.

Visitors have the possibility to relax, having a large variety of accommodation, restaurants, bars and the traditional taverns.

The famous beautiful beaches, some of them awarded with the Blue Flag and the turquoise water will entirely impress all the tourists. We should not forget that the beautiful landscape is completed by the olive groves and the pine tree forests.

Another important thing related to Nikiti, is the marathon swim of 26 km that is organized every year from the Kassandra peninsula to Nikiti., known as the “Crossing of Toroneos Gulf.”


Neos Marmaras

WEST Coast

Neos Marmaras

At the edge of the Sithonia peninsula and very close to the tourist complex of Porto Carras, is the popular town of Neos Marmaras. It is built on hills and perfectly combines the mountain with the sea. Its unique waterfront port, hosting hundreds of pleasure boats, beautiful beaches, amenities and quality infrastructure in tourism, makes the town of Neos Marmaras as one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Sithonia.




Toroni is one of the largest natural ports in Greece. Golden sandy beach 2 km long and the sea of recognizable Greek beauty offers an ideal vacation opportunity.

You can enjoy the beautiful remains of an ancient city that is an attraction of this part of the peninsula.



Porto Koufo

Porto Koufo is a charming fishing village in the south of Sithonia, and at the same time it is the largest natural port in all of Greece. The city has an impressive history. In the Middle Ages, port Porto Koufo was used by Turkish pirates, while in the Second World War, the strategic position in the Aegean Sea made Porto Koufo the base of the German navy. Surrounded by wild and uneven landscape, Porto Koufo has a small beach, ideal for families. In the surrounding area there are many other beautiful beaches, such as Tristinika and Toroni.



SOUTH coast


Kalamitsi is a little and quiet place almost ideal for anyone who wants to spend their vacation in a completely relaxing environment along a beautiful sandy beach, far from all the noise and nightlife. If you still want a little crowd, Neos Marmaras and Sarti are just 30 minutes away by car. Although small, Kalamitsi has a sufficient number of taverns and markets, so nothing will miss you here. Although we are sure that your beach in Kalamitsi will suit you, do not miss the opportunity to visit some other beaches in Sithonia that are located near this peaceful resort.

south EAST coast

Skala Sikias

The village of Sikia lies southeast, about 160km from Thessaloniki, and is divided into a village within the land and the beach Paralia Sikia. The village on the hill is quite large, with a population of about 3,000 inhabitants. The area of Sikia was once in the possession of the Atos Mountain and large estates were once financially supported by the monasteries.

The main beach in Sikia has a blue flag. There are also the beaches such as Klimataria, Kriaritsi, as the beaches Griavas, Valti and Agridia.




Sarti is a resort on the eastern side of Sithonia, 140 km southeast of Thessaloniki, overlooking the magnificent mount Atos. What makes Sarti particularly attractive is its huge, long and wide sandy beach with numerous cafes and taverns.


NorThern EAST

Ormos Panagias

It is a picturesque harbor, which is very close to Agios Nikolaos and Vourvourou. From here there are daily sailings and boats that visit the islet of Ammouliani, Ouranoupolis and make the round of Mount Athos. In the bay of Panagia you will enjoy swimming in crystal clear sea, gastronomic delights with homemade food and fresh fish, while our comfortable and pleasant stay is given since there are modern hotels and rooms to rent to meet all our requirements.


nortHERN west


Gerakini lies in the heart of Halkidiki, at the beginning of Sithonia, just 20 km from Nea Moudania and 80 km from Thessaloniki. It has very beautiful and organized beaches along the sandy shore of the Toroneos bay, famous for its white sand and crystal clear waters surrounded by hills covered with pine trees and evergreen parks.


Agios Nikolaos

Agios Nikolaos is located about 100 kilometers from Thessaloniki, at the very root of the beautiful Sithonia, facing Atos and Holy Mountain. The village Agios Nikolaos is a classical old mountain village.

The coast is sandy, 30 kilometers long, with a large number of sandy beaches, beach bars and bays.