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Skopelos - At a Glance

Skopelos is one of the most beautiful islands of the Sporades, but also of the entire Aegean sea. It is the second largest island (after Skiathos) in the Northern Sporades and administratively belongs to the Prefecture of Magnesia. Most of the island’s inhabitants live in Skopelos Town.

Skopelos does not belong to the islands of mass tourism and the suffocating crowd, still maintaining its tranquility in its little paradise. Characteristic of the island is the rich vegetation, being characterized as the greenest island of the Aegean Sea.

The island offers a vibrant nightlife with a wide range of choices. Taverns and small bars stretch their tables under the mulberry trees. A central road runs through the island from the south to the northwest. South of the capital, the road leads to Stafylos beach and the picturesque resort of Agnondas. Following the main road you will reach the charming town of Glossa in a hilly landscape with many traditional elements. A little further down is the port of Loutraki, the second port of the island, which is used for ships coming from the neighboring islands.

The intense elements of nature, combined with the blue waters, the excellent food and the lively nightlife, create the ideal holiday destination.


Visit: Skopelos Town (traditional settlement), the traditional village of Palio Klima, the Venetian Castle, the old Episkopi, the Folklore Museum, the Ancient Asklepion, the house of the writer Pavlos Nirvana.

Skopelos Town

Explore the narrow cobbled streets and admire its mansions

From the deck of the ship you will be able to see the picturesque white houses of Chora amphitheater that grow on the hill above the harbor.

The town of Skopelos (Chora) is also the capital of the island, built in a bay in the northern part of it. Its accommodation infrastructure is remarkable and meets all requirements. In its taverns, you will taste fresh fish and seafood and many other fine recipes. You should definitely try the famous Skopelian cheese pie, which we will definitely try. There are plenty of opportunities for activities such as Cycling, sea kayaks, diving, trips to the enchanting scenery of the island.

Skopelos Beaches

The beaches of the island are “drowned” in the green! The coexistence of crystal clear waters and rich vegetation has given Skopelos the title of the “green and blue” island. On its verdant coastline, there are a variety of landscapes. Large rocks, sheltered small bays, sandy and pebble beaches, some with white and others with colorful pebbles.

The most amazing beaches are: Velanio, Stafylos, Agnontas, Limnonari, Panormos, Panormos Linares, Andrines and Milia. Kastani, Hovolos, Klima, Armenopetra of Perivoli, Agentelet of Pethameni, Hondrogioris, Glisteri, Agios Ioannis in Spilia, Agios Konstantinos Vathias, Loutraki.

Skopelos sights


The most impressive historical monuments on Skopelos are the carved graves in Sentoukia. These are ancient carved graves at the top of Mount Karya. Access is difficult, as it requires walking for at least 20-30 minutes. The view, however, is magical, since you can see Alonissos, Euboea, Skiathos and Pelion.


Holy Monastery of Evangelistria

It is the most important post-Byzantine monuments on the island located on the mountainside of Palouki. Built on the inaccessible side of a gorge, it resembles a fortress. The monastery has a great view of the city.


Folklore Museum of Skopelos

It is the home of the elder Gianni Nikolaidis, built in 1795 and donated to the municipality by his descendants. It is located in the center of Chora and gives you the opportunity to admire the collections of embroidery, handicrafts, local traditional costumes and wood carvings, forged according to the style and tradition of the Skopelians.


Diocese of Skopelos

Two kilometers south of the town of Skopelos lie what remained of the seat of the bishop of the island. The episcopal complex is based on Venetian architecture. At its center there is a small temple from the 16th-17th century, enclosed by an imposing stone-built enclosure. This wall is a part of an old, large-scale building that began to be built during the Venetian occupation, but remained incomplete.


Agios Ioannis church

Built on a cliff rising 100 meters above sea level, the chapel of Agios Ioannis in Kastri is one of the most important sights of the island. To climb up to its top and enjoy its magnificent view, you have to climb its 105 carved steps. Made world-famous by the musical “Mamma Mia”.


Skopelos, however, over its spectacular beaches, is also an ideal place for excursions.

Sporades Marine Park

It is the largest marine park in the Mediterranean. It stretches north of Alonissos and hosts the Monachus monachus (Mediterranean Monk Seal), as well as other rare species of flora and fauna. Several boats do one-day excursions to the park’s accessible areas.


The passage to the most cosmopolitan island of the Sporades takes less than an hour. Choose a dolphin or a catamaran, on one of the many routes that take place daily to get to know Alexandros Papadiamantis’ birthplace.


If you like Skopelos, then you will fall in love with its little… neighbor. The beautiful beaches and the picturesque Chora will delight you.

Food and Nightlife

Something that will not disappoint you on the island, is the food. The town of Skopelos hides in itself many nice taverns that serve fresh fish and the famous Skopelian pie,  which you will find in many variations and with different kinds of filling. But if you want to combine your food with a walk across Chora, the ideal place is the picturesque harbor of Agnontas, where you will find amazing fish and impressive lobsters that will surely remain unforgettable.

Atmospheric bars, beer-shops, live music, fast-paced and bustling clubs are everywhere and waiting for you!


The island is ideal for cycling, exploration, strolls on impressive paths, bird watching, fishing, but also a variety of marine activities that will surely keep your days full.

How to get there

Skopelos, like the rest of the Northern Sporades, is connected by ferries to Volos and Agios Konstantinos with conventional and high-speed vessels, as well as flying dolphins of ANES, Aegean Flying Dolphins and Hellenic Seaways. Skopelos has two main ports, the main port of Skopelos and the Glossa used in bad weather. In addition, Skopelos is linked to Kymi, Skiathos, Alonissos and Skyros.

There are regular ferry services all year round from Volos and Agios Konstantinos.

In the summer there is a ferry connection with Thessaloniki as well as with Kymi in Euboea. Finally, if you arrive in August, try to book your tickets as early as possible.

For those who live in foreign countries ask for charter flights to Skiathos. Then it’s just a short hop (approximately 30 minutes) via ferry to Skopelos.

Getting Around

By Bus – Skopelos is well served by public bus. Buses run the four main routes every half-hour in the high season beginning in Skopelos and making stops at Stafilos, Agnondas, Panormos, the Adrina Beach Hotel, Milia, Elios, Klima, Glossa, and Loutraki. A Trip from Skopelos to Glossa costs 3€.

By Car & Moped — Rent a car or moped at one of the many shops on the port. A car should cost around 50-60€, including insurance. A moped should cost about 20-25€ per day.

By Taxi – The taxi stand is at the end of the waterfront.

By Boat – To visit the more isolated beaches, take one of the excursion boats. Excursion boats to Gliphoneri, Glisteri, and Sares beaches operate only in peak season (about 20€).

Useful Phones

Police (Skopelos Police Station): 24240-22235, Port Authority: 24240-22180, Skopelos Health Center: 24240-2222, Neo Kifisia Regional Office: 24240-33000, Pharmacies: Country: 24240-37003, Peripheral: 24240-37003
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