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Greek Names - Alpha

α - Alpha

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He who cannot be maligned or be cast a spell upon.

A courteous woman.

 A man of good character.

A woman of good character.

A person with a positive will.

A guardian angel and/or a person of good spirit.

A man of good reputation.

A man with a good character.

An admirable person.

A proud, stately woman.

Angel-like woman, messenger.

Angel-like woman, messenger.

To relay a message.

Fighting together.

Without hate.

Bucolic, pastoral.

A person of excellence.

Of shining perfection.

Related to the goddess (Artemis)

Possibly, respectable.

Possibly, respectable.

A leader.

Pure, undefiled.

Possibly, untamed horse.

Possibly, untamed horse.

Hard like a diamond, adamant.

From Adria, an Italian port close to Venice.

He who sings, name of a god.

Possibly derived from sharp and  fame.

He who addresses the Athenians.

Belonging to Athens, the city of Athena.

A fast runner.


Humble or humbling.

He who lives far from the city.

Devoid of evil. 

Hero of a remote place or mountain. 

He who dwells of a remote place or sea coast.

She who defends men.

 Brave, strong.

Brave, strong.

A productive resourceful person.

She who runs around.

Risen, resurrected.

Sunrise, the east.

An enlightened leader, an aristocrat.

Harmony. From  ἁρμὸς (harmos), joining, and νοῦς (nous), mind.

Born from the foam of the sea.

Brave, manly. Valiant.

Valiant., brave. 

She who thinks bravely.

Graceful horseman.

Opposing force to force.

She who transcends her heritage.

Given in lieu of, antidote.

She who is equally glorious.

 He who fights in the first line.

 He who fights in the first line.

Valiant, brave.

A bright opponent.

One’s equal, or one’s opponent.

Possibly, valuable.

Popular form of (Anthony).

He who fends-off presumably disagreeable people or things.

Shining, bright.

Virtuous, skilled.


Very patient and withstanding.

 To breathe.