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Greek Names - Beta

β - Beta

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Bearer of good news.

Leaf of a palm tree.

A deeply glorious person.

A prophet, a seer.

Someone inspired, in a frenzy, or filled with the spirit of the god Bacchus

Possibly, a frugal person

Soothing like balsam, providing solace.

 Intractable, untamable.

Regal. Informal variant of Βασίλειος, Basil, king.

Regal. From βασιλεὺς (basileus), king.

Regal. From βασιλεὺς (basileus), king.

Avant-garde, brave.

Of noble origin and manner.

He who slays, presumably, what is evil.

Victorious. From φέρω (to bring) and νίκη (nike), victory.


Informal variant of Paraskevi, one who prepares.

 Regal. Informal variant of Vasiliki.

From the medieval  viola.

He who lives life to the fullest.

Lively. From Vioti, life, lifestyle.