North Aegean

North Aegean

Discover the Emerald Treasures

Another long-distance tourist destination in the Greek seas is the northeastern Aegean islands. Although many of the islands are relatively well known, all of them are an ideal holiday destination with a Greek character. Among them are Chios, Lesvos, Samos, islands with immense beaches, crystal clear waters and unique natural landscapes.

Each island has its own beauty and charm and offers its guests an alternative proposition, against the crowds and a wide variety of suggestions that have the biggest and popular islands.

These are the most popular islands of Greece, where the visitor can enjoy a peaceful holiday, and relax away from the stress of everyday life.

The Northeastern Aegean islands

The northeastern Aegean islands consist of the islands of Samos, Chios, Ikaria, Fournoi, Oinousses, Psara, Lesvos, Agios Efstratios and Limnos. This group also includes Thassos, which from a geographic point of view is part of Eastern Macedonia of southern Greece.
The beautiful natural scenery, the crystal clear waters, the traditional villages with the stone houses, the dense vegetation, transform all the northeast Aegean islands into an ideal destination for calm and relaxing holiday.
The beautiful lacy beaches with the clean seas, the hospitality of the residents and the enchanting natural landscape will offer you endless memories and unforgettable moments. You can visit archaeological museums, castles, monasteries and chapels that will take you back to old times.
It should be noted that the islands of the Northeast Aegean were the threshold of the union of Asia Minor Hellenism and Greece. The story begins centuries back when the islands of the North East Aegean were the center of economic and cultural development.
Chios Island is a very popular island that attracts visitors from all over the world to enjoy authentic Greek holidays.
Samos is also a destination ideal for the whole year. It has many interesting places where one can have fun and experience unforgettable moments.

North Aegean Islands - At a Glance


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